End Of The Magic Era Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Elemental Tide


"A part?" William frowned.

"Yes, a part of a Meditation Law. To be more precise, it was a third of a Meditation law Set"

"What use is there in a third?" William didnt understand. Meditation Law Sets were different from spells. Spells usually consist of a few modules linked together. If one obtained one or two modules, even if they couldnt complete the spell, they would be able to use these two modules in other spells.

But Meditation Law Sets

It consisted of Meditation Laws complementing each other, let alone two thirds, even a few characters missing could lead to the Meditation Law not working.

As he thought about this, William couldnt help doubtfully looking at Lin Yun but when he saw Lin Yun nodding, he didnt question it.

William didnt really understand, could a Meditation Law Set missing two-thirds of its content really work?

"First section of the Elemental Tide?"

"C Cousin Mafa, you You How could you know!" Lin Yuns simple words made Ross stand up as he stood up in panic, pointing at Lin Yun while violently shaking.

"Whats so strange about it" Lin Yun shook his head with a smile, "There are seventeen Meditation Law Sets that could operate with two-thirds missing, of those, only three wont clash with the Endless Spring, those three are the Elemental Tide, the Scarlet Storm, and the Blue Moon Song. The Scarlet Storm would lead to the eyes turning red, and your eyes are normal, so its definitely not the Scarlet Storm. As for the Blue Moon Song, well, you would already be a 9th Rank High Mage if you had it and you would have already gotten that map from him"

"This" Ross stood there in a daze while listening to Lin Yuns calm analysis. He only felt cold crawling up his back, this was too frightening. Just based on a few sentences, he managed to figure out his biggest secret. Ross felt as if he was standing naked in front of this younger cousin, he simply couldnt hide anything.

"Alright, keep going."

"Okay" Ross composed himself before continuing, "My thoughts at the time were the same as William just now, I didnt see any use in a third of a Meditation Law Set. Even if that Meditation Law Set was very powerful, it was only a third. Even if it could work normally, what if a problem happened? I kept that Meditation Law Set for two years. During these twoyears, I strived to reach 5th Rank Mage, but in these two years, I only reached 3rd Rank Mage. It was then that I realized that I wasnt gifted enough. Even my teacher tactfully advised me to find another path. But I was unwilling to give up. I didnt want to give up"

"I see, I understand" Lin Yun nodded. Ross circumstances were similar to that of the original Mafa Merlin.

"Thus, after pondering overnight, I finally picked up that Meditation Law Set. I decided to gamble. If I won, I would reach 5th Rank Mage, and maybe even Great Mage. If I lost, I wouldnt have to bother with it anymore, I decided to gamble everything on whether I would be able to continue on the path of magic or not"

"And then you won the gamble."

"Yes, I won. In a few years, I kept progressing without being stopped, from 3rd Rank Mage to 5th Rank High Mage, it took me less than ten years. It was to the point that I began to be complacent with the help of that Meditation Law Set and the Merlin Familys strongest Endless Spring, I began to think that there was no genius in Okland that was more powerful than I was Up until I entered the Raging Flame Plane and fought Stan Watson. I lost that fight miserably and was ridiculed by everyone, but I was unwilling! I thought of every possible way to become more powerful, but Stan Watson was progressing too fast. It made me despair. In the end, I returned to the Palatin Library and found a torn page in the area I found the Meditation Law Set"


"Through that page, I learnt that the Meditation Law Set I was using was the Elemental Tide. The Elemental Tide had 13 formulas, this was a top tier Meditation Law Set in Noscent, I would obtain terrifying power if I could complete it. But I only had the first section of the Elemental Tide, which was the foundation section. Moreover, that page mentioned a map which could lead me to clues to the complete Elemental Tide. But that map had been lost among the planes"

"So you started looking for that map?"

"Yes" Ross nodded, "A few years later, I kept actively participating in the Merlin Familys planar expansion, I walked through countless planes to look for that map mentioned in that torn off page, before finally finding clues in a Dark Elven Shrine while helping the Mercury Tower. There was the diary of an Archmage called Dean, and through reading his notes, I learnt that Sir Dean had also been studying the Elemental Tide, and the second section of the Elemental Tide. He was also looking for that map, and had made shocking progress. But unfortunately, he didnt find that map quickly enough and fell in the Gold Forest Plane, only leaving behind his diary. His last notes said that the map was most likely in the Raging Flame Plane"

"No wonder!" Hearing this, William couldnt help have an understanding expression on his face, "No wonder you always asked the Elder Council to participate in the Raging Flame Plane struggle. At the time, we all thought that you wanted to take your revenge on Stan Watson. It turns out you wanted to look for that map"

"Thats right, it took a lot of effort to convince the Elder Council, but when I rushed to the Raging Flame Plane, I found out that the map had already been taken away by Stan Watson"

When he finished, Ross suddenly bent down and bowed at Lin Yun, "Cousin Mafa, I know we had some disagreements. I apologize for what Ive done. But can you let me have this map? Cousin Mafa, you should know that the Elemental Tide need to be learnt during the Great Mage realm, if you miss that period, the Elemental Tide would be nothing more than trash"

"Elemental Tide?" Lin Yun smiled when he heard that, "Indeed, as far as Im concerned, the Elemental Tide isnt important"

"Thank you, Cousin Mafa." A happy expression appeared on Ross face.


"Eh?" The smile on Ross face suddenly froze, "There is still a but?"

"Yes, as far as Im concerned, the Elemental Tide isnt important, but I cannot give you that map like that"


"Are you retarded?" William intervened from the side, "Why are you still not thanking Cousin Mafa."

"Eh?" Ross was confused when he heard that.

"" If not for Lin Yun still being there, William would have already hit Ross on the head to see if it could knock some sense into it.

Shit, are you really retarded?

Cousin Mafa is already making it very clear, the Elemental Tide isnt important to him, can you not infer what that means?

"Shit, Ross, you should clean your ears, Cousin Mafa just said that the map is still useful to him"

"But, but"

"Forget it, you are too stupid" William didnt know what to say.

Its so obvious

Cousin Mafa clearly said that the Elemental Tide isnt important, yet the map is. In other words, as long as Cousin Mafa is willing, he could let you obtain the full Elemental Tide Meditation Law Set anytime. How could you not see that? Is your brain even working? You could gain a full Meditation Law Set yet you cant see it

"Im going to the Mercury Tower tomorrow. I might stay there for a few days. You should use that time to sort out the first section of the Elemental Tide so I can see whether I can help you complete it with the second and third sections. In any case, its late, Im going to rest"

"Cousin Mafa, that map" Lin Yuns silhouette already disappeared to the 2nd floor. Although Ross still wanted to argue, William managed to stop him on time.

"Ross, are you really a 5th Rank High Mage?"

"Yes, I am, what about it?"

"You should let me know how you managed to become one while being so retarded"

"You are retarded!" Ross instantly answered.

"If you werent retarded, how could you not understand what Cousin Mafa just said? Complete, do you know what this word means? Do you know what completing it with the second and third sections means? How could you not understand?"

"But the map" Ross was still thinking of arguing when he suddenly froze, "Wait, you meanCousin Mafa can complete the Elemental Tide?"