End Of The Magic Era Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Gaugass King


"Yes, complete"

"How could it be possible!?" Ross was startled.

He had been practicing the first section of the Elemental Tide for a while, so how could he not know how formidable the Meditation Law Set was? It was hardly an exaggeration to say that if the Elemental Tide was completed, it would have at least thirteen formulas and be one of the top-tier Meditation Law Sets in Noscent. It would crush any of the core Meditation Law Sets used by Oklands forces, including the Cloud Towers, the Black Towers, Okland Magic Schools, as well as all the others. None of them had a Meditation Law Set that could reach thirteen formulas.

Even the Black Horn chamber of commerce, which was a top tier force in all of Noscent, didnt have a thirteen-formula Meditation Law Set.

That Meditation Law Set could only be described as invaluable. Any force obtaining such a thing would treat it as their most important and core secret. If news of such a thing leaked, it would lead to a war that would result in the death of millions. Even a powerhouse like Jouyi would be drawn into such a bloodbath.

Ross had learned that this distant younger cousin was far from being as simple as he seemed to be. Moreover, the more he stayed around him, the more he felt that his younger cousin was unfathomable. Ross felt heavy pressure just by standing before him, because he would never be able to predict what kind of shocking action he would do next.

Just like in the battle earlier.

Ross hadnt expected such an outcome.

Two 9th Rank Phantom Archers and a 5th Rank High Mage quickly died, and Hanson, who incarnated that monster, gaining the power of an Archmage and a Sword Saint, still ended up being killed too. The only one left standing was his younger cousin. By himself, he managed to have four powerhouses stronger than him killed.

Whether it was wealth or power, everything made Ross feel terrible.

But, regardless of how formidable he was, Ross didnt believe that he would be able to complete the Elemental Tide.

This was too outrageous. Even if Heaven Rank powerhouses personally took care of this, they might not necessarily be able to complete a powerful Meditation Law Set like the Elemental Tide. His cousin Mafa was barely twenty, so no matter how unfathomable he was, how could he be more formidable than a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

"You dont believe me?"

"Its not that I dont believe But, William, this is too too" Ross repeated the word a few times, but he didnt know what to say after that.

"I know you dont believe me" William smiled. He stretched his hand out and let a flame appear. "Do you know what this is?"

"This" Ross doubtfully examined the flame, but strangely, that flame seemed rather gentle, and didnt have an astonishing temperature. The scary part was that it had no trace of impurities, as if it had been condensed directly from the fire elements.

Thinking of this, Ross probingly asked, "This is your Meditation Law Set?"

"Yes, this is the Crimson Heart, a Meditation Law Set containing 9 formulas"

"Nine formulas!" Hearing this, Ross suddenly understood.

No wonder William improved so much in half a year. He had advanced to the High Mage realm when he was originally a 5th Rank Great Mage, and his fighting strength wasnt much inferior to Ross own. He even defeated him once.

In the past few days, Ross had been wondering how William had gotten such a powerup.

It all made sense now.

It turned out that everything was due to this Crimson Heart.

A nine-formula Meditation Law Set already surpassed all the Meditation Law Sets that the Merlin Family possessed. It even surpassed the first section of his Elemental Tide.

The first section of the Elemental Tide only had eight formulas, while Williams Crimson Heart had nine.

Thinking of this, Ross suddenly asked, "You mean Your Crimson Heart Cousin Mafa Cousin Mafa completed it for you?"

"No" William shook his head.

Just as Ross let out a relieved sigh, thinking that he had guessed wrong, William explained, "Cousin Mafa taught me this Crimson Heart for practice. Once I get used to it, he will give me the true Meditation Law Set. Its a Meditation Law Set with thirteen formulas Alright, alright, you dont need to show me such an expression, you didnt mishear, it is a thirteen-formula Meditation Law Set, which Cousin Mafa said he will be teaching me"

"Heavens" Ross held his breath

"Now, do you understand what Cousin Mafa just said?"


"To tell you the truth, Ross, our cousin is a hundred times more frightening than youre imagining. Do you know Suyass of the Mercury Tower? Oklands most recent Archmage? He doesnt dare to talk loudly in front of our cousin. You heard of Karon? The future master of the Mercury Tower? He had to be respectful in front of Cousin Mafa. Has Karon ever been polite when talking to Patriarch Ofran? Dont think that there are no powerful people in Thousand Sails City just because its a small place. Our cousin is far more formidable than you could ever imagine.

Ross and William talked for a long time, and when the next day arrived, Ross was itching to look for his younger cousin to complete the Elemental Tide Meditation Law Set, but William dragged him away as he was about to knock on the door.

"Did you forget what Cousin Mafa told you yesterday? He told you to use the next few days to carefully sort out the first section of the Elemental Tide. What are you in a hurry for?"

"But I"

"Listen here, keep the buts for yourself, I spent half a year in Thousand Sails City and learnt a very simple rule. Do you want to know what that is?"

"What is it?"

"Do what Cousin Mafa wants you to do, or else youll definitely regret it."


Lin Yun left the Merlin Family Manor around noon, only taking William with him as Ross was left behind. This was mainly because Lin Yun wanted Ross to prepare the first section of the Elemental Tide.

He actually needed that step, because Lin Yun truly didnt remember the details of the Elemental Tide. Although he could find the Elemental Tide Meditation Law Set in the decaying library, this Meditation Law Set with thirteen formulas was of little value to Lin Yun.

The biggest effect of the Elemental Tide was the expansion of the Mana Whirlpool. If practiced in the Meditation Law Set, the mana Whirlpool could expand a hundred times. At that time, the mana that one could hold would be boundless, and along with the Endless Spring, or the advanced shape of the Endless Spring, the Magic Ocean, Ross would be able to never run out of mana.


At the time, Lin Yuns surroundings were very harsh, Noscent was on the brink of destruction, and the mana in the atmosphere had already been completely dried up. What use was there in having a Mana Whirlpool that was a hundred times larger? He couldnt absorb any mana, itd be completely useless.

Thus, Lin Yun couldnt simply teach the Elemental Tides Meditation Law Set to Ross.

He could only send Ross to sort out the first section of the Elemental Tide. The rest still had to be completed, so he would have to infer the 2nd and 3rd sections based on the first section.

"Oh right, Cousin, didnt you say that map led to a dangerous place?" The two had been sitting in the carriage for a long time before William asked something that had been bothering him.

"Indeed, it is very dangerous" Lin Yun nodded, showing a wan smile. "But nothing can be done about it"


"I finally chose my Meditation Law Set," Lin Yun smiled and reminded him.

Because the Magic Array was too special, Lin Yun had never chosen his own Meditation Law Set. But he could no longer wait because his ten Magic Arrays had fused together. If he didnt choose a Meditation Law Set, dangers would remain on his magic path.

In fact, that matter was already in Lin Yuns schedule. Before leaving for Okland, he had started choosing among the many Meditation Law Sets he knew.

And what Lin Yun chose wasnt an eleven-formula, twelve-formula, or thirteen-formula Meditation Law Set. What attracted his eyes was a fourteen-formula one. That was Noscents peak Meditation Law Set! Each part was deep and each Law was powerful, to the point that Lin Yun had spent a long time considering it and had yet to make his mind.

Up until today.

Lin Yun heard about the Magic Ocean from Ross Merlin and the existence of the Elemental Tide. He then realized that he might have the opportunity to challenge it again.

No, no, it wasnt the Magic Ocean and Elemental Tide.

The Magic Ocean couldnt compare to Lin Yuns Magic Array in terms of power, and although the Elemental Tide was powerful, it only had thirteen formulas.

But behind the Magic Ocean and the Magic Tide was hidden a famous Heaven Rank powerhouse who left his name in history.

In the middle of the third dynasty, a Heaven Rank powerhouse that would shake the entirety of Noscent appeared in Gaugass. That person was called Jason Wagrein, Gaugass king, and was also known as the famous Prince Wagrein. He had been a close friend and rival to Emperor Zhantui for a long time. In his youth, he studied at the Okland Magic School together with Emperor Zhantui. Later on, he returned to Gaugass and declared its independence, bringing thirty years of chaos to the empire.