End Of The Magic Era Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Mysterious Law


For those thirty years, the empire was filled with the chaos of war. Almost everyone thought that the empire was in a hopeless situation, but Emperor Zhantui inherited the throne at the most critical moment, fought hard against the tumultuous situation and used an iron fist to suppress all opposing forces before walking with Jason Wagrein into the Tulan Mountains, staying there for a full three days.

No one ever found out what happened during those three days.

Three days later, Emperor Zhantui left the Tulan Mountains, holding the magic staff of the Gaugass King in his hand and ending the thirty-year war.

From that point on, Jason Wagrein never appeared again.

But strangely, even after several decades, Emperor Zhantui would refuse to admit that he defeated Jason Wagrein, and he would also refuse to acknowledge his death.

But one time

When Emperor Zhantui was seriously ill, he said something strange about the Gaugass King. According to the people at Emperor Zhantuis side, Emperor Zhantui was saying that Jason had left and that he himself felt very envious.

These strange words seemed contradictory, as leaving clearly seemed to mean death. How could there be anything worth envying in that?

But the legend about the king of Gaugass spread throughout Noscent, and even this day, there were many traces all over Gaugass.

He was the most powerful Battle Mage in Noscents history.

Ever since then, no Battle Mage reached his level.

In those years, he had already reached Heaven Rank when he entered the Tulan Mountains with the Emperor. Many people believed that he was at the peak of the Heaven Rank. Whether it was Gaugass King or the Emperor, their strength far exceeded that of their contemporaries.

Especially the Gaugass King. Who knew how many mages studied him after countless years?This Gaugass King could only be described as terrifying. He almost exerted his dominance over an entire era, and if not for Emperor Zhantui being alive at the same time, the King of Gaugass would have been the most powerful person of that era.

The magic research conducted during the peak of the magic era was more developed than it was now.

Mages had already searched for some time and had ended up concluding that using the method of Battle Mages wouldnt work.

Although focusing on both the martial path and the magic path would lead to transcendent fighting power, the further they went in that direction, the harder it became to rise. In the thousands of years of Gaugass history, countless Battle Mages had appeared, but only a few reached Heaven Rank, and the Gaugass King, Jason Wagrein, became unique and unmatched. Thousands of years of history led to this.

At first, the mages thought that it was due to Jason Wagreins talent, but as the research continued, they gradually discovered that Jasons natural talent wasnt as good as theyd thought. This result tossed everything into disarray. In the next twenty years, mages kept researching this matter. They wanted to know how Jason managed to reach that level with his level of inherent talent.

There was almost no secret to be had in front of these crazy mages. Jasons life was excavated, every detail, every trivial matter. They were all scrutinized, and later on, the mages found out that Jason Wagreins Meditation Law Set was very special.

Most of the mages only practiced one Meditation Law Set, and if nothing unexpected happened, that Meditation Law Set would decide the extent of their future accomplishments. Yet, a small part of the mages could have two or more Meditation Law Sets, or just like William, start with one at first before being taught a different one later. He would soon replace it with the thirteen-formula Meditation Law Set.

But even William Merlin could only master the latter Meditation Law Set. In other words, William would only have one.

However, Jason Wagrain, that Gaugass King, had three meditation Law Sets!

Yes, he truly had three!

The Elemental Tide set, which brought him frightening mana storage, and the Runestorm set, which gave him frightening power.

When that information was dug up, it created a stir in Noscent.

After all, whether it was the Elemental Tide or the Runestorm, they both had 13 formulas and would normally be unable to coexist. No mage could carry such a burden.

Thus, the mages became more focused on studying Jason Wagrains power.

They discovered that the third Meditation Law set was key. In the thousand years of history in Noscent, it only appeared once, on Jason Wagrein. After the Gaugass King disappeared in the Tulan Mountains, no one else appeared with that Meditation Law Set.

It was quite funny.

That Meditation Law Set only had six formulas, and even if it was shown in the current world of Noscent, it would only be considered an inferior Meditation Law Set. It would perhaps be the kind that Lin Yun could have gotten from Seth as a student. Yet it was this Meditation Law Set that enabled Jason to use three Meditation Law Sets concurrently.

The results of that research made all of Noscent go crazy, and countless mages joined the ranks of the researchers, wanting to let this mystical Meditation Law Set reappear.

This was no joke.

Who didnt want to be able to use three Meditation Law Sets?

For hundreds of years, mages looked for everything related to Jason Wagrein.

But unfortunately

There was still no result after several hundred years. Every single thing that happened in Jason Wagrains life had been studied thoroughly, yet they couldnt find this mystical Meditation Law Set.

If not for so much information being clearly noted down, people would have forgotten that Jason Wagrain indeed had three Meditation Law Sets.

This drive for Jasons story continued for countless years. It was another several centuries before Sovereign of Death Sandro emerged and drew the attention away from the Gaugass King.

Naturally, that was another story.

In other words, Jason Wagrains 3rd Meditation Law Set was another unsolved mystery of Noscent. Even Lin Yun only knew that the reason that Gaugass king reached such an outrageous realm was the 3rd Meditation Law Sets existence.

At first, Lin Yun wasnt very concerned with it.

But when Ross mentioned that the map might relate to the Elemental Tide, Lin Yun suddenly recalled that the complete Elemental Tide had been something the Gaugass King had mastered.

To be more precise

It was the Elemental Tide and the Endless Spring forming a completely new Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Sea. Once Jason obtained this, he became unmatched.

Ross said that they would likely obtain the rest of the inheritance by following the map.

To be honest, Lin Yun didnt really care about a complete Elemental Tide. As long as Lin Yun was willing, he could take out a more powerful Meditation Law. But Lin Yun felt that this map wouldnt just lead him to the Elemental Tide.

This was what he hoped.

In fact, almost everyone knew that the Gaugass King died in the Tulan Mountains.

And the map in Lin Yuns hands led in that direction, it led to the Tulan Mountains.

Tulan Mountains, Elemental Tide, Magic Ocean.

Everything pointed to the same person, Jason Wagrein!

It also pointed to that lost six-formula Meditation Law Set!

This tempted Lin Yun too much.

And which mage didnt want to be able to hold a lot more in his inventory?

Thus, Lin Yun firmly made his decision, resolving that he would visit the mountains no matter what.

Naturally, he had to make some preparations first.

Such as upgrading the Doom Staff.

"Cousin, we are finally here."

Just as Lin Yun was thinking of that, the carriage parked outside the Mercury Tower.

The Mercury Tower was situated in the north of Okland, near the land of Ice and Fire, Xiulan. This was the holy land of alchemists, standing tall in the verdant forest while the Yasen River slowly flowed down next to it. Green hills and clear waters stood at the foot of the tower. Alchemy puppets in humanoid form were standing guard at the entrance, looking seemingly sleepy.

But Lin Yun knew.

Each of these puppets held shocking power, and if the tower was invaded one day, these puppets would instantly activate. Under the firepower that they would rain down, even High Mages might not be able to escape unscathed.

"Hi, I am Mafa Merlin. I come from Thousand Sails City and was invited by Sir Karon. Could you please inform him of my arrival?"

"Please wait a moment." A respectful expression appeared on the guards face when he heard this.

Soon, the guard led Karon over.

"Haha, Merlin, you finally came" Karon welcomed Lin Yun warmly. "Unfortunately, some issues came up in the Gold Forest Plane and Teacher went over to deal with it. He would have been overjoyed to see you."