End Of The Magic Era Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Processing Plan


Lin Yun remained in Karons alchemy lab for a few days, discarding all the disturbance of the outside world as he devoted himself to the processing of that Star Gem that he had paid 20,000,000 golds for.

This was a very difficult endeavor.

It was rumored to be the crystallization of a part of the essence of a star that fell. Although it was only a small part, this small part had the power of a world, which is what made Star Gems so precious.

To Lin Yun, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel wasnt just a True Spirit Magic Tool. It was related to the Magic Array and the foundation of his magic path. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheels embryonic form had already been completed, and now only needed the core to transform it. As for what stage it would reach after transforming, that would depend on the quality of the core.

The quality of a Star Gem couldnt be denied, considering it contained a bit of the power of a world. Lin Yun felt that this part was practically tailor-made for the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The Star Gem would let it reach the True Spirit Magic Tool realm, and most importantly, it would give a bit of world power to the Spell Wheel.

This bit of world power might not bring much influence at first, but as time slowly passed, and Lin Yuns strength grew greater and greater, there would sooner or later be a day where he would tread on the path to Heaven rank. At that time, this bit of world power would make it super convenient for him. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that by relying on this bit of world power, that path that Lin Yun would have to traverse would be greatly shortened.

This was the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. With the Star Gem as its core, it would let Lin Yun come into contact with world power a lot earlier than any Archmage would.


It was also because of that bit of world power that the Star Gems processing was too complicated. It couldnt be helped, as world power wasnt something Lin Yun could touch right now. He could only rely on his era-transcending knowledge and techniques to do his best to make up for the difference in ranks.

Lin Yun would normally need at least a month to complete the processing of the Star Gem.

But fortunately, he was in the Andlusa Kingdoms most advanced laboratory workshop. All the facilities inside this laboratory were truly excellent. It only took Lin Yun three days to complete the Star Gems polishing and carving.

One shouldnt look down on the polishing and carving steps.

It was half of the processing already, especially carving the mana patterns. Since it had a bit of world power, the Star Gem was very sensitive to all forms of energy. If it was triggered, the Star Gem might release its power. Even Lin Yun wouldnt be able to resist the outburst of energy unless he had a Runic Shield active.

But the problem was that Runic Shields couldnt be kept up all the time.

Thus, he had to be very careful while carving mana patterns on the Star Gem. If there was a mistake, he would lose his life.

Lin Yun spent three days completing these two nerve-wracking tasks with the help of the advanced facilities.

He spent the rest of the day in a short meditation session before opening his eyes once again. He planned to look for a mana crystal when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." Lin Yun knew that the person knocking could only be Karon.

Sure enough, as the door was pushed open, Karon walked in with an unpleasant expression.

"Something happened?"

"Well" Karon hesitated before saying, "Merlin, there has been a small problem during the processing of your Darkness Evil Python skin. I came to consult you regarding this and to see if we can alter the processing plan."

"Alter the processing plan?" Lin Yun frowned when he heard this. If he only needed to make an ordinary Augment, there would be no issue in altering the processing plan. It would at most lose some power or maybe alter a function But the group of magic materials had to be prepared for a custom-designed Doom Staff. They were all part of a complete system, so if any of them had an error, the whole system would collapse.

"Yes, you see" Karon fished some papers from his pocket and gave it to him. On the very top was drawn the Annihilation Black Hole Solidification Array. "After peeling it off with this Annihilation Black Hole, it can no longer solidify. Thus, I was wondering if we should inlay a Malin Ray to make up for the flaw caused by the Annihilation Black Hole"

"No." After just a single glance, Lin Yun shook his head to reject Karons proposal.


"This is really impossible. Sir Karon, although the effects of a Malin Ray are more or less the same as those of the Annihilation Black Hole, as far as Im concerned, if this cannot solidify an Annihilation Black Hole, the entire Darkness Evil Python skin will become useless to me"

"Merlin, its only using a Malin Ray instead, there is no need to object so fiercely" Karon frowned as he heard Lin Yuns answer. He originally agreed to help as a favor, but now, solidification of an Annihilation Black Hole had already become too much. His Master Alchemist subordinates had already started becoming noisy because of it. They felt that this kind of processing was making things too difficult and a few of them even quit working on the project. When he managed to appease them with great difficulty and said that he would consult with the young High Mage and see if everyone could take a step back, he hadnt expected the client to be so unreasonable.

Lin Yun saw Karons expression and understood the gist of it.

After thinking about it, Karons reaction was quite normal.

In the end, he only had himself to blame for not considering the difference between the two eras

Solidification of an Annihilation Black Hole wasnt considered too troublesome of a task during the peak of the magic era. Any Master Alchemist could do this. But the state of alchemy was currently countless years behind that era, making this a difficult problem for the current Master Alchemists.

Realizing this, Lin Yun softly sighed. "Well, Sir Karon, there is no problem with solidifying an Annihilation Black Hole, as long as"

"Hold on" Karons expression changed before Lin Yun could finish his sentence.

He immediately fetched an eyeball-sized crystal ball from his pocket.

The crystal ball was flickering with a dazzling red light as it showed a scene, and a faint smoke filled the battlefield.

"Shit, something happened in the Gold Forest Plane. I have to go help right away. Merlin, if there is nothing else, you should stay in the Mercury Tower for now and we can continue this discussion on how to solve the problem of the solidification of the Annihilation Black Hole when I come back"

"Ah" Lin Yun felt worried when he heard that. Planar Wars could easily take months or years If he waited until Karon was back, wouldnt he be wasting his time? He needed the Doom Staff to explore the Tulan Mountains Thinking of this, Lin Yun immediately stopped the leaving Karon. "How about I discuss the problem of solidifying the Annihilation Black Hole with the Master Alchemists of the Mercury Tower?"

"Good, good, you go talk with them, they are in the laboratory underneath this one." Karon couldnt spend any more time on this and hurriedly left, casting the incantation to open the Planar Path before disappearing into the void.

"Hey" Lin Yun was stunned. How could he be like this? I didnt even finish talking Forget it, time to discuss the processing plans.

Lin Yun sighed and gave up on his plan to charge the Star Gem to its limits. He hastily cleaned up the laboratory before leaving the room and going downstairs.

At this time, the laboratory on the lower floor had already stopped working due to the problem with the Annihilation Black Hole. When Lin Yun walked in, he only saw one middle-aged Master Alchemist watching the Dark Evil Python Skin attentively while thinking deeply.

"What are you doing?" Hearing the footsteps, the middle-aged man suddenly frowned before scolding, "Do you think this is a place that just anyone can visit?"

"Ah?" Lin Yun was stunned, and before he could react, the middle-aged man continued.

"What do you mean, ah?" When he noticed that Lin Yun had yet to leave, the middle-aged alchemists frown deepened. "Whose disciple are you? How could you not understand the rules? The alchemy tools here are the most advanced in the kingdom, all the magic materials here are invaluable. You could ruin something by carelessly coming in. You couldnt afford it if you broke something, hurry up and get out of here"

"I am Sir Karons-" Lin Yun started, originally wanting to say, I am Sir Karons friend.

But before he could finish his sentence, that middle-aged man interrupted him. "Sir Karons disciple? Who are you trying to trick? You think I dont know that Sir Karon hasnt taken on a disciple in a dozen years? Tell me, who are you!? Why did you burst in here!?"


"What? You dont want to tell me? Good, wait till I catch you. Ill make your teacher come over. There are more and more people not following the rules, I want to see who taught such a kid"

After saying that, the middle-aged alchemist stood up, before wordlessly raising his hand. The surrounding mana transformed into shackles surrounding Lin Yun.