End Of The Magic Era Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Introduction


Suyass still couldnt understand how the battle ended.

It looked like Herman who had the whole situation under control and was just toying with Lin Yun suddenly fell to the ground, struggling, while the young mage who should have ended up suffering from mana exhaustion won in a baffling way.

This was too strange, too unimaginable.

Suyass didnt know what just happened.

The whole fight ended in an inexplicable way.

Suyass felt that he couldnt see through that young High Mage

When looking at his youthful face, he would feel an inexplicable fear.

"What is it, Sir Suyass?"

"Eh, nothing" Suyass shook his head, throwing these chaotic thoughts out of his mind before regaining the poise of an Archmage, "I truly hadnt expected that batch of magic materials to be yours, Merlin"

"Ah? Sir Karon didnt specify it?" Lin Yun felt a bit strange. Karon should have known he was familiar with Suyass, so why did he not mention it when organizing the task

"Ahah, Karon is too busy recently" A bitter smile appeared on Suyass face, "There has been some trouble in the Gold Forest Plane. Teacher has to remain there and Karon became very busy, supporting the Gold Forest Plane while managing the Mercury Tower. I didnt exchange more than ten sentences with Karon in the past two months. When he arranged the task, he only said that these magic materials were very important"

"No wonder" Hearing this, Lin Yun couldnt help sighing. Karon was very good towards him He still helped him take care of his batch of magic materials.

"Oh right, I heard you met some trouble while refining the Darkness Evil Python Skin?"

"Eh" Suyass froze, before looking at Lin Yun with a happy expression.

Damn, why didnt I think about it before

Isnt he a peak Master Alchemist?

Moreover, the alchemy knowledge he displayed in Vaughns ruins was far superior to mine Me not being able to solve the solidification process of the Darkness Evil Pythons Skin didnt mean that he couldnt

Had it been someone else, Suyass might have had apprehensions. After all, wasnt it shameful to ask for help from another Master Alchemist as a Master Alchemist?

But there was no issue if it was this person, Suyass felt no shame asking him for help.

Not to mention, this batch of magic materials originally was his, he was most welcome to come and help.

Thus, Suyass didnt think much before saying, "Merlin, how about you give us some pointers"

"Eh" Lin Yun hadnt thought that Suyass would be so direct.

But it didnt bother him, after all, it was his magic materials.

"Giving pointers is fine, but this isnt the best place for this. Suyass can you help me with the current issue?" Lin Yun looked around. The surroundings had been ruined by the Devouring Hand, and Herman who had been laying on the ground had been dragged to a corner by Shawn. Lin Yun helplessly shook his head, "Well, its fine, lets change room first. We can borrow Sir Karons laboratory"

"Good, Ill immediately send someone to put it in order." After Suyass said those words, he turned to glance at the dumbstruck Barlow, "Still not moving?!"

"Yes, yes, yes" Barlow shook as if he had just woken up from a dream. He fearfully glanced at Lin Yun before quickly lowering his head and leaving the laboratory, as if he was fleeing from a predator.

After going through the laboratory doors, Barlow let out a long sigh of relief.

He carefully closed the doors, his back drenched in cold sweat.

Barlow truly didnt know how he managed to leave that laboratory alive

He also didnt know when he became so bold.

Too frightening

Barlow only felt fear as he thought about it, how could he dare attack such a monster? how could he accuse him of being a Battle Mage?

Thankfully Suyass had appeared.

Barlow only understood now why Suyass was acting like that when he came in, it wasnt because Suyass loathed him, but rather, because Suyass wanted to save his life.

And the ridiculous part was that he hadnt understood and inwardly cursed Suyass a few times.

Now that he thought about it, he had overdone it a bit. If not for Suyass timely arrival, Barlow would have ended in the same state as Herman.

I was so lucky

Barlow patted his chest as he went to the top floor of the Mercury Tower to sort out Karons laboratory.

At that time, Suyass gathered the alchemists.

There had been about twenty alchemists tasked by Karon, five of which were Master Alchemists while the rest were pretty good Great Alchemists.

It could be seen from this that Karon did his best for Lin Yuns matter. Suyass, Barlow and five more Master Alchemists, this was a total of 7 Master Alchemists, along with over a dozen outstanding Great Alchemists. This kind of line-up could be described as luxurious.

These were the elites of the Mercury Tower.

After being notified by Suyass, the alchemists came to Karons laboratory one after the other, most of them carrying a puzzled expression as they looked at Suyass and Lin Yun.

"This is Mafa Merlin, from Thousand Sails City" Suyass took a step back, moving a bit to let Lin Yun stand out, "He is the owner of the magic materials you are working on"

Suyass words led to a commotion.

Many people had been guessing who the owner of those magic materials was after Karon gave them their task.

They were wondering because the price of these magic materials was shockingly high.

They could even be described as priceless.

They had privately estimated the price of that batch of magic materials to be at least ten million golds.

Ten million golds

This was no joke, this was a crazy price even in a place like Okland, it would be very strenuous even for a force like the Mercury Tower to gather that amount of golds to buy magic materials.

Thus, they all thought that these magic materials belonged to one of Oklands peak forces like the Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, Okland Magic School, or the two Great Families.

Only these millennial forces could spend ten million golds without blinking.

In any case, these magic materials shook the Mercury Tower far more than Lin Yun could have imagined.

And they could finally see the owner today

A young man in his early twenties

The alchemists all flared up, they all started whispering among themselves, making conjectures on that young mages identity.

"How could he be so wealthy? That was ten million golds after all"

"Wait, Sir Suyass introduced him as Mafa Merlin"

"Mafa Merlin, Mafa Merlin"

"Could he be someone of the Merlin Family?"

They thought it made sense. As one of the three Great Families, the wealth the Merlin Family gathered over a millennium could only be described as terrifying, it wouldnt be too strange for them to take out magic materials worth ten millions.

But Mafa Merlins name seemed a bit strange

The name of the three great geniuses of the Merlin Family had widely spread in the last few years, Ross Merlin, Aube Merlin, Leon Merlin. These three geniuses had became High Mages at a young age and could be considered famous among the various major forces.

But Mafa Merlin

No one ever heard of this Merlin.

"Is he the newest genius of the Merlin Family?"

"No matter how talented he is, its unlikely that the ten million golds came from his hand"

"And he does look very familiar with Sir Suyass."

"Oh, could he be Sir Suyass disciple?"

A few Master Alchemists quickly reacted and thought of this possibility.

They considered it and felt that it was highly possible. Everyone in the Mercury Tower knew of Fran and Suyass trip to Thousand Sails City, moreover, not a word of what happened in Thousand Sails City was leaked, and no one was willing to ask them.

"Could Sir Suyas have accepted this disciple on that trip?"

"Then, this Mafa Merlin relied on Sir Suyass fame to be valued by the Merlin Family?"

"No wonder"

Suyass was a newly advanced Archmage as well as a peak Master Alchemist, he was currently in the limelight and even peak Archmages would be polite towards him.

Mafa Merlin would definitely be valued by the Merlin Family if Suyass was his teacher, it wouldnt be strange for him to take care of this batch of magic materials.