End Of The Magic Era Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Lively And Energetic


The two of them having a discussion about a secret of the Mercury Tower that no more than ten people were qualified to participate in. Thus, they were busy whispering in a corner, to the point that they didnt even notice that the laboratory was bustling with noise and excitement.

The pair of them were stunned when they finally paid attention to the others.

"What happened?" Griffith seemed unhappy. In the eyes of that inflexible old man, this was a clear disregard for the rules.

But then, Griffith found out that it was all because of those two thin stacks of paper.

Those papers passed between the Master Alchemists and the Great Alchemists. Each time they changed hands, they would lead to an alarmed shout, as if they were seeing something they werent normally allowed to see.

They all started discussing this

And at the core of those discussions was the young Master Alchemist, Mafa Merlin, who had come up with what was written there.

Is he really that formidable?

Although he had already heard from Suyass that this Mafa Merlin was a peak Master Alchemist, Griffith couldnt really accept the fact that he could create such a stir with just these papers. He hesitated a bit before quietly pulling a Master Alchemist aside, mostly out of curiosity, but also out of doubt.

"Whats written on those two stacks of papers?"

"Too amazing, too formidable" That Master alchemist was in his fifties and appeared to be in the prime of his life. He had clearly been startled greatly by what he had seen. He wanted to answer to Griffith, but couldnt figure out where he should start.

"Dont be so chaotic, just say the important part!" Griffiths expression darkened.

"Eh, eh, the important part"Just like Suyass, that Master Alchemist used to be an assistant in Griffiths laboratory. He had also been devastated by the experience, and it had left a huge shadow in his heart. Although he had already become a Master Alchemist, he immediately started sweating when he saw Griffiths severe expression.

"This Mafa Merlin didnt lie, he wrote two methods that can truly take care of the solidification problem of the Darkness Evil Python Skin, but"

"But what?"

"But these two methods are very strange."

"What do you mean?"

"There are two methods, one is simple, one is complicated, and they have completely different styles"

The middle-aged man stopped there because he couldnt figure out how to explain it better, so he waved a colleague to bring the papers over before giving one to Griffith. "You should check this one first, it has a total of seven formulas interlocked, it also has countless variables, and in these, an astronomical amount of things had to be calculated"

"Hmm" Griffith looked through the stack of paper in his had as he nodded. The middle-aged mans explanation was spot-on. The method Mafa Merlin described there was certainly extremely complicated, and a frightening quantity of calculations were packed in this solution.

"Check this one next"

"Hmm?" Griffith was a bit surprised when he took the second stack of paper. "This This is this simple?"

"Yes, simple to the point of being frightening" The middle-aged man shook his head, the expression on his face somewhat desolate. He had read these papers no less than ten times, but he would still be startled every time.

"" Griffith didnt know what to say for a while.

If the first method had reached the peak of complexity, then the second method reached the peak of simplicity. It was a kind of rough simplicity It didnt have any principles, it was purely an unconstrained thought. Find one gap and ignore everything else to settle the issue.

One complex, one simple.

Two completely different styles came from the same alchemist.

And that alchemist was so young.

This kind of ability qualified him to occupy a place at the grand meeting of the Starry Sky College.

As Griffith was discussing it with the others, Lin Yun quietly left the alchemy laboratory. Giving them the two solutions was enough for Lin Yun because he knew that the Mercury Tower would naturally work out the details.

He had something more important to deal with.

Lin Yun left Karons laboratory and went to the lower floor once again, to the place where he fought Herman.

"Hmm?" Lin Yun noticed a thick smell of blood just as he was about to enter.

No way? Lin Yun was startled as he though, Shawn wouldnt have killed him, right? That wouldnt be good.

No matter what, Herman was still an important person in the Black Tower. From what Suyass had said, he was like Masons uncle and would most likely join the Black Towers Elder Council soon.

That was the core of the Black Tower. Once one entered the Elder Council, they would have the power to control countless mages prospects and fates. If that kind of person died in the Mercury Tower, would the Black Tower leave the matter at that?

To be honest, Lin Yun dreaded the Black Tower a bit.

In the Magic Hands gathering in the Ash Tower, the master of the Black Tower that Jouyi had called "Ladyboy" left a profound expression in Lin Yuns mind. That was someone who could do anything to get what he wanted. He might even shake the hand of someone that he considered his mortal enemy for some benefits. The Black Tower was definitely troublesome when led by this person.


No one in this era understood more than Lin Yun how fearsome the Black Tower would become in the future. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that the future Black Tower, and the Cloud Tower as well, would crush all the other forces of Andlusa and become one of the peak powers of Noscent.

Unless he absolutely couldnt avoid it, Lin Yun would rather not become their enemies.

As he thought about this, Lin Yun rushed in and found a dying Herman in the corner of the laboratory.

Shawn was truly vicious and merciless, and Herman was now laying on the ground. He had no visible wounds, but his mind had already collapsed. His eyes were empty, and there was no anger, no emotion. He didnt react at all when Lin Yun walked over. If Lin Yun hadnt noticed his faint breathing, he might really have thought that this Archmage from the Black Tower was dead.

His breathing was weak and rough, and he looked like a corpse. When Lin Yun yelled at Herman to try to rouse him, he didnt get a response.

"I did say that no answer could be hidden from me" At this time, the figure of the Ghost Wolf appeared from the shadows and looked just as brazen as usual.

"Hey, Lord Shawn, arent you a bit too ruthless? This guy is almost dead. He is an important figure of the Black Tower, how would I be able to explain if you kill him" Lin Yun was a bit worried.

Herman took the initiative to attack him and ended up shooting himself in the foot. He was in the wrong for that and even if Harren personally came over to confront him, he wouldnt become hostile with him because of this.


Death was another matter altogether.

After all, that was someone who would enter the Black Towers Elder Council.

"Rest assured, Lord Shawn knows how to act. If you are worried, I can make him lively and energetic" After saying that, Shawn chanted a few words and some soul power struck Herman.

This caused the corpse laying on the ground to suddenly jump up.

Herman let out a blood-curdling scream as he rose, and Lin Yun couldnt help showing a sympathetic expression.

"See, lively and energetic!" Shawns voice was full of pride.

"" But Lin Yuns expression was rather dull.

"Oh right, I had him make a copy of the Meditation Law Set you wanted, its on the refining table there, you should check it out first. I still have some things to take care of"

After Shawn finished, he directly transformed into smoke, wanting to go back in the Soul Walker.

"Stop." Lin Yun wasnt a fool. How could he let him run away? Before Shawn got close to the Soul Walker, Lin Yun had already raised his hand. Sparks appeared all around as ten blazing rays interweaved together, forming a decently-sized cage around Shawn.

"Fuck, what are you doing? Biting the hand that fed you?"

"Lord Shawn, you seem to have forgotten to ask for your reward?" Lin Yun ignored Shawns curse and only looked at that flaming cage as he asked with a smile, "This isnt your style, thats a Level 25 mana crystal"

"" Shawn was sluggish and evasive as he turned towards Lin Yun, but Shawn was still Shawn. Even under such circumstances, he wouldnt feel guilty and wouldnt admit any mistakes. " What about it? Im in a good mood today and I dont need that reward, is there a problem with that?"

"Haha, Lord Shawn, your words might trick others, but how could you trick me? You would never let off a Level 5 mana crystal, yet you arent even caring about a Level 25 mana crystal? I wonder what this means?"