End Of The Magic Era Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Assimilation


"No time, I want to sleep!" Shawn started struggling in his black smoke form, looking around the cages of flame rays for a way to escape.

But it was a cage made by Lin Yun, so how could escaping be easy? Shawn circled inside the cage for a few minutes but didnt find a way to break through, so he finally gave up, transforming back into a Ghost Wolf before lazily resting on his stomach, pretending to be sleepy.

"Haha, lets talk about it" Lin Yun obviously knew about this guys character. He didnt get angry and only extended a hand. "The Evil Dragon Eye?"

It was a simple sentence, but Shawn twitched a bit when he heard it. After nervously looking at Lin Yun for a while, he realized that hed reacted too strongly and went back to pretending to sleep. But the next time he talked wasnt as natural as before.

"What What Evil Dragon Eye? I dont understand what you are saying!"

"Dont pretend. Herman has a True Spirit Magic Tool on him called the Evil Dragon Eye. It is made from the eye of an Abyssal Evil Dragon from the Gold Forest Plane and he would flaunt it pretty often. Every child in Okland knows about it, do you think you can hide it from me?"


"Eh what? Take it out quickly."

Shawns eyes were wide open for a while before he suddenly let out, "I cant take it out anymore"

"Dont joke with me" Lin Yuns voice rose a few notches.

"I truly cant take it out" Shawns voice started carrying a sobbing tone. "You think I really want that Evil Dragon Eye? The problem is that I cant take it out, I have no way to do so. Can you take out the Evil Dragon Eye for me?"

"You are saying the truth?"

"Of course"

"Tell me, what the hell happened!" A vein was pulsating on Lin Yuns forehead. The Evil Dragon Eye was a True Spirit Magic Tool. It was invaluable in this era, having power equivalent to that of an Archmage.

Even if Lin Yun could take out ten million golds, he would only be able to get some magic materials

If he truly wanted to buy a True Spirit Magic Tool, ten or twenty million wouldnt be enough. After all, a Spiritual Magic Tool could start a long war, so how could Lin Yun not be angry now that a True Spirit Magic Tool went missing, how could he not fly into a rage?

Shawn had a dejected expression as he was glared at by Lin Yun.

"I really dont know, I only felt that this guy seemed to be hiding a very strange aura that might have come from the Abyss or Hell. It was a very sinister aura, and I swear that I was just a little curious"

"Just a little curious?"

"I swear!" After Shawn made his solemn vow, he didnt forget to flaunt, "Lord Shawn is also a True Spirit Magic Tool, so I know how to act I wouldnt dare go for such a small thing that you coveted."

"" The vein on Lin Yuns forehead pulsated faster. This great True Spirit Magic Tool was likened to trash in your mouth.

"In any case, this aura felt very familiar, and as you know, Lord Shawn has always been someone meticulous, so I would naturally study this interesting aura meticulously. Thus, Lord Shawn tore open this guys soul and found the source of that aura"

"" Lin Yun couldnt help sympathizing with Herman when he heard this.

That Archmage was truly unlucky.

In hindsight, dying might be better than being left at the mercy of Lord Shawn.

Tearing a soul open

Anyone with a bit of understanding of souls would know how cruel and ruthless these casual words were. The feeling of having ones soul being torn open was worse than any torture in this world. No wonder Herman had been half-dead on the ground

"Then, I found out a huge eyeball embedded tightly in his chest, and it seemed to have been refined through alchemy. I tried to dig up the eyeball, but without any success. It actually made that guy bleed and some of his bones even broke"

"" Lin Yun took a deep breath, feeling as if he had already become numb to it all as he said, "Continue"

"But I didnt give up, you know, Lord Shawn is dedicated to research" Shawn kept pretending as he explained, "Thus, I thought of a way and looked for the connection between the eyeball and him. And I have to say, it took me less than ten minutes to find it. It was a lot simpler afterwards, I broke the soul connection, separating him from the eyeball, and sure enough, the eyeball immediately fell from his chest"

"You are truly"

"Truly smart, arent I? Haha, I also think so. I dont know what was going on with that eyeball, but after separating from his chest, it directly turned into ashes"

"Into ashes?"

"Yes, into ashes"

"Nonsense!" How could Lin Yun believe this? That eyeball was a True Spirit Magic Tool made from the eye of an Abyssal Evil Dragon. That was an item with power on par with that of Archmages, how could it turn to ashes for no reason?

"I am telling the truth! It truly turned to ashes"


"Im telling you the truth, if you dont believe me, check yourself"

Lin Yun looked suspiciously at Shawn.

He observed him closely for several minutes.

But in the end, Lin Yun couldnt help sighing. The two of them had a master-slave contract, one of the closest types of connections. If Shawn lied to Lin Yun, he certainly wouldnt be able to conceal it from him

But Lin Yun couldnt feel anything off from him.

This meant that what Lord Shawn was saying might actually be true that the True Spirit Magic Tool truly turned to ashes.

Hold on

After initially feeling dejected, Lin Yun suddenly felt that something was wrong

There was a faint light flickering on Shawns forehead.

"What is this?" Lin Yun looked at Shawn strangely, a grave expression on his face. "Could it be"

"Hey, why are you looking at me like that?" Shawn was scared by Lin Yuns gaze and his voice was a bit shaky


"No!" When the scared Shawn was beckoned over by Lin Yun, immediately withdrawing in fear.

"Be less annoying!" Lin Yun was interested in that light and reached out his hand through the barrier made of flaming rays to grab Shawn.

"Let go! Fuck! Let go! You pervert! What do you think you are doing!?"

"Dont move!" Lin Yun impatiently scolded as he stopped Shawn before carefully looking at that weak light.

Lin Yun could see it clearly now.

There was a faint ray of light flickering on Shawns forehead, it just wasnt very distinct. If one didnt pay attention, they simply wouldnt notice that this light had a special shape, the shape of an eyeball.

Yes, an eyeball!

"Alright, go back" After confirming that the light on Shawns forehead had the shape of an eyeball, Lin Yun roughly understood what had happened and no longer had any interest in the troublesome Shawn. He waved his hand and the cage made of flaming rays flew over, sending Shawn into the Soul Walker Ring.

"Hey" Shawn didnt have time to finish his words before Lin Yun cut off the mental connection between them.

But after going through all this, Lin Yun wasnt in a hurry to deal with the dying Herman. Instead, he picked up the copy of the Meditation Law Set that Herman had personally written.

He could see how formidable Shawn had been.

He was worthy of being an expert in the field of souls.

When it came to extortion, he was far sharper than Syudos, who was more useful when it came to raw power, as could be seen from what he had gotten out of Herman.

It was scarily thorough and detailed.

Who would tell their deepest secrets so thoroughly if they werent truly filled with terror?

Shawns fighting strength wasnt that great, but he was among the best out of Lin Yuns True Spirit Magic Tools.

Lin Yun chuckled as he thought about it.

In the field of power

It might not take long before Shawns flaw was fixed.

Lin Yun was almost certain that the faint light on Shawns forehead was Hermans famous Evil Dragon Eye.

But before Lin Yun knew it, it had actually taken a liking to Shawn.

Lin Yun was certain that the power of the Evil Dragon Eye was already fusing with the incarnation. This must have been why the eyeball had instantly turned to ashes.

No matter how powerful a True Spirit Magic Tool was, it would just become an ordinary item if it lost its incarnation and power.

Just what kind of result would this change bring? Lin Yun himself didnt know. He could only let Shawn return to the Soul Walkers protection to slowly assimilate the Evil Dragon Eyes power and incarnation.