End Of The Magic Era Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Ghost Evil Dragon


Herman immediately decided to consider this young mage as a Battle Mage from Gaugass, accusing the Mercury Tower of harboring a Battle Mage. By using the hatred of the Black Tower, he would start a war on a shocking scale. At that time, whether it was in exchange for his achievements or through something else, he would be able to get the Gold Forest Planes coordinates.

As for whether that young mage actually came from Gaugass, Herman simply didnt care.

In any case, once he was locked in the Black Towers Obsidian Prison, the methods of those crazy mages would force him to admit any criminal charges that they wanted.

At first, Herman had felt that his plan would be sure to succeed.

The only mistake he made was to underestimate that young mage

The problem was that this one mistake was a huge one.

Fuck. Who would have ever thought that a twenty-something mage would have such formidable power? He managed to stand tall against an Archmage like me and burst with strange and extreme mana at the critical moment. Shit, that strange mana fucked me It felt wrong the moment his weapon broke That mana was too murky, it felt as if it came from a dozen mages

It was a true poison for the Devouring Hand

After the Devouring Hand consumed the opponents mana, it would be stored in Hermans Mana Whirlpool. He wasnt a Heaven Mage, so he couldnt contain world power. He had no problem with one mages mana, and the mana of two mages wouldnt be too difficult, but the mana of three mages or more crammed in his Mana Whirlpool would become tumultuous. Who could control it?

Moreover, the mana that poured into his Mana Whirlpool didnt just amount to that of three or four mages, it was as much as the full reserves of at least ten mages

The outcome was unsurprising.

As he thought of this, Herman felt regretful. Had he known earlier, he wouldnt have used the Devouring Hand. Who knew who would have won in a fair fight? But instead, he used his trump card and was unable to retaliate, ending up paralyzed by that endless pit of mana.

And he wasnt in a good state now.

His Mana Whirlpool was heavily damaged and full of holes after being wrecked by those dozen streams of mana. He would now have the strength of an 8th Rank or a 9th Rank High Mage before he could fully recover. Let alone Suyass, even that strange young mage would be able to crush him easily.

Herman was very long-winded and spent half an hour explaining everything while Lin Yun was listening patiently, that smile never leaving his face. But Lin Yun couldnt help frowning when Herman mentioned the Eye of Calamity.

"Are you certain you can get the 2nd eyeball?" Lin Yun knew some things regarding Abyssal Evil Dragons. It was written that after their deaths, all the evil and resentment of an Abyssal Evil Dragon would be released. And upon release, it would fuse with a ghost and transform into a terrifying Ghost Evil Dragon.

The power of the newly formed Ghost Evil Dragon wouldnt be too great, perhaps at most at the Archmage realm. But after a long time, the power that the Abyss Evil Dragon held during its life would slowly be inherited by the Ghost Evil Dragon, and it would mature to a frightening realm. Lin Yun knew that the fiercest Ghost Evil Dragon in Noscent was Salla, the one who caused the Bombeii Massacre. Salla was comparable to Undead Monarch Sandro in terms of power.

This was the only Undead lifeform that Sandro hadnt managed to conquer during his life.

It was said that Sandro and Salla wrecked three Abyssal Planes during their fight before Sandro paid a huge price to open a door to the Undead Plane and used his endless army of Undead creatures to seriously injure Salla.

But Salla didnt acknowledge allegiance after being seriously hurt, and instead let out a loud Dragon Roar before charging into a crack of an Abyssal Plane, disappearing without a trace.

Lin Yun didnt know how Herman came across the first Abyssal Evil Dragons eyeball, but if he wanted to get the second one, that Archmage might have to face a Ghost Evil Dragon. Such an enemy wasnt to be trifled with. It could be close to Heaven Rank, or if unlucky, it might even actually be at the Heaven Rank. Let alone Herman, even Harren might not be able to survive against such a monster.

"I.." Hearing Lin Yuns question, Herman hesitated once again.

"What? Sir Herman is really missing Lord Shawn?"

"I I know a secret." Herman hesitated for a long time before making a firm decision. "But you have to guarantee my safety after I come out, and not make things difficult for me!"

"Thats fine." Lin Yun didnt need to consider before answering. In any case, he hadnt planned to kill Herman. After all, Hermans Mana Whirlpool was severely damaged, so he was not much different from a cripple. Who knew how many months and years it would take him to recover? He would have no chance to retaliate in this life, and killing him would definitely draw the ire of the Black Tower.

"I know a way to circumvent the Ghost Evil Dragon"

"Hmm?" Lin Yun was truly interested. After all, the Mercury Tower spent so much effort on the Seven Great Magic Cities because of that Ghost Evil Dragon.

That existence made of evil and resentment was too formidable.

The Mercury Tower thought of a way to weaken it, and that method was to control the Seven Great Magic Cities to cut off the Ghost Evil Dragons source of power.

But if there was a way to circumvent the Ghost Evil Dragon to obtain the Abyssal Evil Dragons corpse, the Mercury Tower would definitely become feverish with excitement.

He hadnt expected Herman to know of such a method. Lin Yuns eyes shone.

But Hermans words were like a splash of cold water in his face.

"However, there are some huge restrictions. One would at most get a few scales, or if lucky like last time, an eyeball."

"" Lin Yun felt discouraged.

Whatever Getting an eye would be a shockingly good harvest.

After all, getting both of the eyes would let one form the Eyes of Calamity.

That would be a peak True Spirit Magic Tool that would be ten times stronger than the Evil Dragon Eye!

Moreover, Lin Yun had the advantage.

Shawn was already fusing with one of the Eyes of Calamity, so as long as he obtained the other one, Lin Yun could even omit the processing and let Shawn fuse with it again. At that time, if Shawn was lucky enough, he would be able to gain the Eyes of Calamity!

"Alright, tell me the way to circumvent the Ghost Dragon, then you can leave"

An hour later, Herman limped out of the Mercury Tower.

And Lin Yun once again got himself busy in the laboratory.

He spent almost two days peeling off the Elemental Amber from the Spiritual Magic Tool.

During the fight two days ago, Lin Yun had used the Spiritual Magic Staff to touch the Devouring Hand. Suyass, who had spectated that fight, had thought that this was a very stupid move. It was because Suyass felt that Lin Yun had a lot of ways to deal with the Devouring Hand, such as increasing the distance between them or suppressing its mana. In any case, the worst solution was to directly touch the Devouring Hand.

At the end, Lin Yun used the Magic Array and the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools to make Herman collapse. Suyass still stubbornly believed that Lin Yuns previous move was the biggest mistake of that fight.

But Lin Yun hadnt told Suyass that he had been doing that on purpose.

Indeed, on purpose.

In fact, Lin Yuns Magic Array had already made a complete analysis of the Devouring Hand when it appeared, so how could he not know how it functioned? In reality, Lin Yun had plenty of ways to break through the Devouring Hand, some of which didnt even require the Magic Array.

But in the end, Lin Yun chose this course of action.


It was because Lin Yun wanted to use the Devouring Hands property to disintegrate the Spiritual Magic Staffs arrays and reduce it to an ordinary item.

This sounded a bit unbelievable.

Why would someone deliberately damage a perfect Spiritual Magic Tool?

No one would believe it if they heard such a story.

But this was exactly what Lin Yun wanted.

Because the Doom Staff was already approaching completion, and the Spiritual Magic Staff no longer had any meaning. The only use left for it was the Elemental Ambers mana recovery function.

But Elemental Ambers had a lot of uses and didnt necessarily need to be placed in weapons, so Lin Yun had already been considering how to take the Elemental Amber out of the staff, but without success. After all, the Spiritual Magic staff was a peak Spiritual Magic Tool. If the Elemental Amber was forcibly removed, it might damage the amber.

Thus, Lin Yun came up with this method on the fly when he saw the attack.

Using the Devouring Hand to collapse the arrays of the Spiritual Magic Tool, completely taking it apart. It was the only way he could take out the Elemental Amber whole.

But after taking it out, Lin Yun was still hesitating on where to place it.

With the lesson of the Spiritual Magic Staff, Lin Yun wasnt willing to use the Elemental Amber on an ordinary Magic Tool. After all, ordinary Magic Tools would rarely see any use in Lin Yuns hands. And he might not have a mage with the Devouring Hand to help him destroy the arrays next time, so it would be better to embed the Elemental Amber on an important Magic Tool.