End Of The Magic Era Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Underhanded Schemes


To Lin Yun, this most important Magic Tool was obviously the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel carried Lin Yuns path of magic. After turning it into a True Spirit Magic Tool and transplanting Enderfa into it, it would have a complete Magic Tool Incarnation. Lin Yun even felt that the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could become an Extraordinary Magic Tool in the future.

Thus, he once again changed the plans concerning the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

The new version would have two gem connectors. One would be for the Star Gem while the other would be for the Elemental Amber. This small change would completely transform the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The Elemental Amber would give it a large source of mana, so it wouldnt rely on Lin Yun supplying mana like before.

But this change also brought troubles.

Once the Spell Wheel had its own source of mana, Lin Yuns control over Enderfa would be greatly reduced. At first, Lin Yun had planned to control Enderfa using mana, just like with Shawn. If he planned anything funny, Lin Yun would directly cut off the supply of mana and turn this True Spirit Magic Tool into trash.

But now, the Spell Wheel would be complete on its own, and therefore, it would be self-sufficient. Enderfa could completely ignore Lin Yun.

A True Spirit Magic Tool ought to have a source of mana, a framework, and a Magic Tool Incarnation. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would have all of the above.

Well, its fine Lin Yun threw these worries to the back of his mind after thinking about it for a bit more.

Because he had already considered it carefully.

He couldnt leave a flaw on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel just to guard against Enderfa. This was a True Spirit Magic Tool that would be linked to Lin Yuns future, making it even more important than the Book of Death.

Not to mention

How could Enderfa think of betraying him as long as he was powerful enough?

If Enderfa one day broke away from his control, it would only mean that he wasnt strong enough.

If he, who had come to this era from 30,000 years in the future, who transcended all magic knowledge of the current era, couldnt control a True Spirit Magic Tool and couldnt suppress Enderfa, then he would only have himself to blame.

After reaching this conclusion, Lin Yun no longer hesitated and embedded that large Elemental Amber into the new Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Dazzling rays of light flickered, and Lin Yun even felt a deep connection being established with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel on the refining table. He knew that it was a sign of spirituality and that the recently created Magic Tool was giving birth to a Magic Tool Spirit. Who knew how many people would be terrified if news of this spread?

But this was far from enough for Lin Yun.

In the next dozen days, Lin Yun spent all his time on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, sleeping and eating in the laboratory.

But even the closed doors of the laboratory couldnt stop those crazy alchemists of the Mercury Tower from chasing after him.

Lin Yuns previous display had been too domineering

He solved the Fess Formula in a few minutes, startling Griffith silly, before taking out two solutions to the magic solidification problem. He quickly became someone that the entire Mercury Tower aspired to be like. A few Master Alchemists even considered these two solutions as authoritative texts and took a few days to research and analyze them.

The people of the Mercury Tower were worshipping Lin Yun like fanatics.

More importantly, due to the frenzied interest of these alchemists, some matters involving Lin Yun had been dug up.

Soon, everyone learnt that this young Master Alchemist had a huge alchemy store in Thousand Sails City and had a monopoly over the eastern market. In a short year, he overturned the alchemy market and various unprecedented items came out of that store on Victorious Return Street, creating one miracle after another.

Suyass, who had been harassed constantly by questions, couldnt help but leak out a few secrets.

Thus, everyone knew that this young Master Alchemist had once entered Vaughns ruins with Suyass and cracked various complex alchemy arrays while also beating one powerful opponent after another, and even Fran, who had managed to obtain the power of an Archmage for a while, had been defeated by him.

And he had only been a Great Mage at the time.

In a short ten days, Lin Yun completely conquered the hearts of these prideful alchemists.

If not for the doors being tightly locked, a few of the alchemists might have already rushed in to see that amazing youth with their own eyes.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was completed a month later.

Even if Lin Yun deliberately suppressed them, the mana fluctuations caused by the advancement of the Spell wheel to True Spirit Rank alarmed quite a few people, including Suyass and Griffith. At the time, the two were in the Mercury Towers library, consulting some books. Shock and disbelief appeared on their faces when they suddenly sensed those fluctuations. They looked at each other, at a loss for words, before silently lowering their heads and continuing to consult their books as if nothing had happened.

A week later, the Mercury Tower finished the processing of the six magic materials. On that night, the Doom Staff reached the True Spirit Rank. Suyass and Griffith had been busy refining in the laboratory above Lin Yun. The beakers that they had been using shattered when the new fluctuations spread to them.

LinYun finally left the Mercury Tower the next day.

Suyass and Griffith personally accompanied him to the door, followed by a group of Master Alchemists and Great Alchemists.

It was noon when he returned to the Merlin Family. William and Ross were there, next to a sleeping Draconic Beastman.

Ever since he had absorbed that drop of blood, Xiubans sleeping time had greatly increased, from about six hours to twelve hours. Lin Yun even wondered if that drop of blood had a hypnotic effect

But the effects were quite visible.

After reaching Okland, Xiuban spent most of his time sleeping, yet his power quickly increased at a visible pace. He already had the strength of a 3rd Rank Expert Swordsman. And he wasnt to be underestimated; the blood of Dragons and Beastmen flowed within Xiuban, giving him a natural mastery over both the martial and the magic path. In terms of power, a 5th Rank Expert Swordsman wouldnt be his match.

Lin Yun conservatively estimated that the current Xiuban was at least comparable to a 7th or 8th Rank Expert Swordsman.

Xiuban might be able to contend against a Sword Saint once he broke through the 5th Rank.

In contrast, William looked weaker

Nothing could be done about it. Although William had accepted the soul inheritance from that damaged crest, he needed time to digest it. Williams strength wouldnt just increase on his own while he slept like it did for Xiuban. He had recently advanced to become a 2nd Rank High Mage and was quite far from the 5th Rank.

But William had thoroughly studied the Crimson Heart. Lin Yun checked him and was quite satisfied with Williams progress. He was already thinking about whether he should give that 11-formula Meditation Law Set to William ahead of time.

The three of them found a place to sit down. Lin Yun reminded Ross to go pick up the Meditation Law Set he had prepared while he chatted with William. He learnt of some matters that had been happening in the Merlin Family in the past month. When Ross came back, he heard the contents of the discussion and couldnt help adding a few words of his own.

"Cousin, the assembly of the Merlin Familys Elder Council will happen in a few days, you should be careful"

"Oh?" Lin Yun had just taken the Meditation Law Set that Ross had prepared for him, but Ross words made him frown. "Whats going on?"

"Well" Ross hesitated for a moment before continuing, "I heard that some people are using underhanded schemes and are trying to convince others to rise against you at the assembly"

"Rise against me?"

"Yeah" Ross nodded, "After all, the Gilded Rose is making them jealous. You hold a monopoly over the eastern part of the kingdom and can even expand to Okland. An alchemy store that can produce such a huge amount of expensive goods every day Its fairly normal for others to be jealous. Moreover, your display in the Black Horn Auction last month made some of them go crazy with envy"

"So you are saying that in this Elder Council assembly, some people will try to force me to hand over the Gilded Rose?"

"Something like that"

Lin Yun nodded but remained silent. But William let out a disdainful sneer when he heard this. "They are courting death"

William hadnt been valued by the Elder Council before. Everything he had gotten now was thanks to this cousin he met in Thousand Sails City, so when he heard that the Elder Council wanted to scheme against this younger cousins properties, his first reaction was to be dismissive of them.

"This might not be the case" But Ross saw things differently. He had a seat at the Elder Council and his understanding of the Elder Council far surpassed Williams. Thus, when he heard William, he immediately shook his head. "The Elder Council is backed by the Ancestral Land, how else could those greedy geezers keep obstructing Ofran up until now?"