End Of The Magic Era Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Summon


"Finished so soon?" Enderfa asked with amazement as he sensed the mana fluctuations of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel after waking up.

At first, Enderfa thought that it would take this young mage a few years to complete a True Spirit Magic Tool, but only a few months had passed and he was now presenting a True Spirit Magic Tool. This Magic Tool would become a perfect True Spirit Magic Tool once Enderfa took a place in it.

"How is it? Are you pleased with this new body?"

"Not bad" Sensing the powerful mana fluctuations coming from the Spell Wheel, even the greedy Enderfa couldnt help clicking his tongue while exclaiming, "Indeed, not bad, kid. I truly hadnt thought that you were such a brilliant alchemist, and a fortunate one too. Latour Gold, Elemental Amber, and surprisingly, a Star Gem. Those are magic materials that can be found, but not sought"

"Haha, Im indeed quite fortunate."

"Good, then according to what we said, Ill become the Magic Tool Incarnation of this True Spirit Magic Tool for a hundred years, and youll let me go in a hundred years!"


Enderfa was straightforward. After obtaining Lin Yuns agreement, he directly transformed into a black mist and flew out of the Magic Array. Lin Yun didnt dare to be careless and urged the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Boundless light illuminated the room as fierce mana fluctuations rose up, stronger and stronger, making the surrounding elements flare up.

It was also the first time Enderfa showed his true power. A Dragon Roar could be heard as a huge force rose up to the rotating Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The dazzling lights and fierce mana fluctuations suddenly seemed to have been frozen. The black fog could be seen rushing into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and disappearing within in a split second.

"Wondrous power!" With Enderfa integrating with the Spell Wheel, Lin Yun noticed that the fierce mana fluctuations became stronger. The power of this True Spirit Magic Tool grew more and more, up until this newly created True Spirit Magic Tool shockingly became a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool.

This kind of power was comparable to that of a 4th Rank Archmage.

Just a bit more and it could break the limit and contend against a 5th Rank Archmage.


With Enderfas integration, Lin Yun, for the first time, could feel a very familiar feeling with the Ten Thousand Spell Law. It felt as if he was the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was him.

This was the first True Spirit Magic Tool that truly belonged to him.

Shawn hadnt been made by his own hands, and although Syudos was similar to a True Spirit Magic Tool in both power and utility, he still wasnt something Lin Yun had crafted with his own two hands. They had both been subdued and controlled through contracts, and although they would do as he pleased, there would always be that contract between them, so they would never reach this near-fusion state.

And the Book of Death didnt even need to be mentioned.

In fact, Lin Yun had yet to truly master the Book of Death. All he could do right now was to borrow part of its power.

But the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel

Lin Yun crafted it, and it could be said that Enderfa was linked to his 10th Magic Array. Now that he had become the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Magic Array, he could easily connect between the Magic Array and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, allowing Lin Yun to transfer power to the Ten Thousand Spell wheel with just a thought.

That feeling was really pleasant.

It took Lin Yun an hour before he had the feeling of being able to cast spells at will. Later on, he suddenly recalled one matter.

"Hey, Enderfa"

"What is it?" Enderfa was also taking advantage of this time to adapt to his new body. This True Spirit Magic Tools level power was quite unexpected, leaving Enderfa feeling pleasantly surprised. If it werent for the fact that he was shouldering an important mission, Enderfa would have already given up on that hundred-year agreement and truly become the Magic Tool Incarnation of that True Spirit Magic Tool.

"How much do you know about the Tulan Mountains"

"Hmm?" Vigilance could be in Enderfas voice as he responded, "Why are you asking this?"

"Its nothing" How could Lin Yun not notice this vigilant tone? After hearing it, he knew that he was right. "You should have noticed that I havent chosen my own Meditation Law Set while you were sleeping in my Magic Array. There is now an opportunity for me to get a very formidable Meditation Law Set, but it requires me to go to the core of the Tulan Mountains"

"By all means, dont go!"


"Dont ask me why. Just dont go" After saying this, Enderfa realized that his words were somewhat improper and thus eased his tone. "The Tulan Mountains are far more dangerous than you can imagine. I dont know how many powerful mages have fallen there, but not even a bone will be left if you go there with your current strength"

"Isnt this why I have you?"

"Wh What about me? I cant help you, Im only a Magic Tool Incarnation. I followed Vaughn for a lifetime and I still have to wait a century before you free me" The lack of confidence could be heard from Enderfas voice.

"Haha, Enderfa, you are not being sincere"

"What are you saying? I cant understand. Ehhh, its no good, I used too much power, I have to slumber" After he was done, Enderfa quickly sank into the depths of the Spell Wheel, and no matter how much Lin Yun called for him, he didnt let out the slightest sound

"" Lin Yun could only be dumbstruck as he held onto the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

How could he Well, whatever

Although Enderfa didnt acknowledge it, Lin Yun was 70 to 80% sure that the origin of that mysterious Magic Tool Incarnation was linked to the Tulan Mountains.

It didnt matter if he didnt admit it now

Once they reached the Tulan Mountains, Lin Yun would have a hundred ways to make him admit it.

Lin Yun hadnt forgotten the world-shaking Dragon Roar that Enderfa had let out when integrating with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

For the next few days, the three mages inside that house were all busy with their own matters. Lin Yun was getting familiar with the power of the Doom Staff and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, while William and Ross were meticulously studying the Meditation Law Set with heart and soul.

A week passed like this.

That day, Lin Yun had been calling Enderfas name after his meditation, as per usual, but unfortunately, he still didnt get an answer. But Lin Yun wasnt too worried about it. He only smiled wryly before putting the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel back in his pocket. He then took out the Doom Staff and began focusing his mind into the depths of the staff while silently mouthing those mysterious characters from the Book of Death.

This was the work Lin Yun did every day.

The Doom Staff and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel were different.

All of the arrays of the Spell Wheel were made for carving runes and mana, which meant that Lin Yun could easily add runes from the Book of Death in the future. One day, he could even use this to perfectly copy the Magic Array!

But it wouldnt work with the Doom Staff.

The Doom Staffs arrays already completed their own system. If those mysterious characters were carved into it, they could instantly destroy that system, so Lin Yun could only use a very subtle method to make the Doom Staff remember those characters

This wouldnt work in the short term, but a year or two, or maybe even ten or twenty years later, when the Doom Staff thoroughly registered those mysterious characters, the effects brought about would exceed all expectations.

"Knock, knock, knock" But unfortunately, Lin Yun was interrupted by a hurried knocking halfway through his work.

"Come in." Lin Yun frowned. The feeling of being interrupted while busy made him twitchy.

"Hell, this place is quite difficult to find" A short and plump middle-aged man in his forties entered and wiped his sweat while complaining, "Mafa Merlin right? Put aside anything you are doing, and come with me, the Elders want to question you"

"Oh?" Lin Yuns eyes faintly squinted as he curiously asked, "What do the Elders want to ask me?"

Lin Yun had casually asked this question, not really expecting a proper answer, but it looked as if it struck a nerve

"Impudent!" The chubby man was startled. He pointed at Lin Yun with a finger, almost poking his nose. "You should understand your status, Mafa Merlin! Who do you think you are? The Elders want to ask you something, do you think they have to give you an account of themselves first? The younger generation is truly unreasonable. Back in my days, we would follow the Elders words even if we had to go through extreme dangers, how could we be as long-winded as you? Still not moving? What are you waiting for? Do you think Im gonna serve you breakfast?"

"" Lin Yun scratched his cheek. He truly didnt know how he had set that middle-aged man off.

"Joseph, do you have a problem with the younger generation of the Merlin Family?" The door was opened once again by someone.