End Of The Magic Era Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Vote


Soon, Logans group came to a decision.

Unexpectedly, the first one to express an opinion was Logan himself. That old man with meticulously groomed white hair helped himself off his chair and slowly stood up. "Patriarch Ofran, I have to cautiously remind you, 30,000,000 golds isnt a small amount. The Merlin Family doesnt have such stable resources that they can support a Planar Legion setting root in the Raging Flame Plane. I believe that we should write a letter to Thorne and tell him that his mission is to gain wealth for the Family instead of using the Familys wealth in war."

"Elder Logan" Aube stood up with dissatisfaction on his face just as Logan finished talking. "My father has been doing expeditions in the Raging Flame Plane for many years. Hes never made any decisions going against the interests of the Family, has he? If it werent for the Raging Flame Beastmen launching a fierce offensive and causing dire losses to the Planar Legion, would my father request reinforcements?"

"Haha, Aube, you are worried about your fathers safety, I can understand this. But you should understand that the Merlin Family doesnt just serve the interests of one individual. Everyone knows how much your father brought to the Family in the Raging Flame Plane. But we are talking about 30,000,000 golds. If only the Merlin Family were specializing in making money Let me tell you, the Merlin Familys finances are very tight, we simply cant take out 30,000,000 golds. If you have the ability, you should scrape together that amount yourself. I would help you convince the Elder Council to use it as your investment, and make it so that you would get all the earnings if the Merlin Family earns anything from the Raging Flame Plane!"

"You!" Aube turned red from anger, but he didnt say anything else.

He couldnt say anything else, as this was Aubes weak spot.

He was an alchemist.

Everyone knew that an astronomical amount of resources was needed to nurture an alchemist, especially one like Aube. He had been supported by the Family as he became a Master Alchemist and his consumption could only be described as frightening. It could be said that the profits his father, Thorne, had gained from the Raging Flame Plane had all been invested in Aube. Now, let alone 30 million, the father and son duo couldnt even take out a tenth of that

This was also the true reason Aube wanted to invest in the Gilded Rose.

Aube needed such a gold-making machine.

Unfortunately, that Mafa Merlin wasnt agreeable.

"In short, the Merlin Familys finances cant allow us to reinforce the Raging Flame Plane. Thus, I personally recommend that we limit the amount used for reinforcing to 5,000,000 golds. Anything more can only wait for the Merlin Familys financial situation to improve"



Seven Elders quickly showed support for Logans motion. They were all around Logan, clearly part of his faction.

"Elders, I believe that you all understand the situation in the Raging Flame Plane more than I do. I only want to say that all the forces of Okland are vying over the Raging Flame Plane, and it could be said that whichever one ends up controlling the Raging Flame Planes will become the number 1 force of Okland. My father is currently leading the Planar Legion to struggle in the Raging Flame Plane, arduously resisting the fierce attacks of the Raging Flame Beastmen. He only needs some support from the family, just 30,000,000 golds. The Family has some savings, dont tell me that they cant even take out this amount? This sum would guarantee that the Merlin Family doesnt end up being kicked out of the Raging Flame Plane and keep the chance to become the number 1 force in Okland. Elders, are those 30,000,000 golds not worth spending?"

Aubes words clearly got reactions from some Elders

Thus, the Elder Council became noisy.

Besides Leons side and Ross abstaining from voting, the remaining 14 Elders were divided into two factions, arguing endlessly on whether they should spend 30,000,000 golds or not.

This was an eye opener for Lin Yun

The dignified Elder Council had turned into a food market. Those well-groomed Elders became haggling aunties and peddlers, spluttering and pulling on each others sleeves because of those 30,000,000 golds.

An hour later

The argument had yet to be resolved.

In the end, neither side could convince the other.

"Okay, this subject will be put aside temporarily" After an hour, Ofran, who had been massaging his temples, couldnt help intervening as both sides were taking an instant to regain their breaths.

No one objected to this decision.

They all knew that nothing would come of continuing with this argument. After all, none of them had anything to pressure the other side with, unless they could get Ofran to step in and use his authority as the Patriarch to make the final decision.


No one wanted to do so.

Even when the argument was at its fiercest, neither Logan nor Aube asked Ofran to step in. This was a tacit understanding of the Elder Council. Whoever disregarded it would end up being pushed aside by all the others, because getting Ofran to intervene would give him the opportunity to interfere with the Elder Council.

This wasnt a matter of 30,000,000 golds or 50,000,000 golds

Thus, they tacitly agreed to put aside this argument for now.

Ofran knew what they were all thinking and sighed before bringing up the second topic. "The next subject was brought up by 13 Elders. Thousand Sails Citys Mafa Merlin is too young and lacks experience. He is also lacking in ability and cannot run the Gilded Rose by himself, so it is suggested that he hand over the authority over the Gilded Rose and let it be supervised by the Elder Council. It would be given back once Mafa Merlin matures. What does everyone think?"

The hall was surprisingly quiet this time.

All the Elders remained seated, and no one discussed with the others, because there was no need to discuss this. This was the decision of the entire Elder Council.

"I approve." Logan stood up once again. "I shall first declare, Mafa Merlin, Im expressing my approval not because Im resentful towards you, but rather for the interest of the entire Merlin Family. You are too young, and I was still worried over a few thousand golds when I was your age, yet you already control the Gilded Rose, you control such huge wealth"

After saying that, Logans words changed. "But you dont have the ability to use your wealth. Look at what you did in Okland! A month ago, you spent 37,000,000 golds in the Black Horn Auction just to buy a few magic materials, especially the Star Gem. Just because of a grudge with the Charlotte Family, you spent an entire 20,000,000 golds on it. You heard the first subject of this meeting, so you should understand what having 20,000,000 golds means. It means a large amount of equipment, a large number of warriors, and the ability to handle the fierce attacks of the Raging Flame Beastmen"

"Thats right." Aube, who had been quarrelling with Logan, now looked as if he had forgotten their previous disagreement and nodded with a smile, expressing his support for Logan.

"Haha, you see, Aube is not only better than you, he is also a lot more sensible. Mafa Merlin, do you really think that spending 20,000,000 golds to get back at Hanson Charlotte is worth it? I really think that you cannot control the Gilded Rose with your personality, so I agree with the Elder Councils suggestion to let us manage the Gilded Rose until you are mature and sensible enough to think over the interests of the Merlin Family. Only then would you have the Gilded Rose back"




This was a lot more lively than the first subject. This time, fourteen of the remaining sixteen Elders raised their hands in approval.

Only two remained

Ross and Leon

It was quite normal for Ross because he was already part of Lin Yuns faction. As for Leon, it was because he was terrified.

In fact, when the second subject was brought up, Leons face turned paler and paler.

Because Leon had heard something

It turned out that Patriarch Ofran was the one who had persuaded him to return to the Family.

Thinking of this, Leon wanted to curse

Patriarch, oh Patriarch, is your vision deteriorating with age? Why would you recall someone like him who would cause trouble to the Merlin Family

And this wasnt the worst thing.

What made Leon go crazy was that in the first Elder Council he had participated in months, they started talking about taking over the Gilded Rose from Mafa Merlins hands.

You are fucking insane! You want to take over his Gilded Rose? Are you tired of living? How about I find you a rope instead so you dont draw me into this?

Leon Merlin had been shaking the entire time. When Logan made everyone vote, Leon was even more terrified. He wished he could drill a hole under the table How could he raise his hand in approval?