End Of The Magic Era Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Links Return


Shit The more Leon thought about it, the more afraid he felt. He wished he could bury his head under the table When he suddenly noticed that the middle-aged man next to him was recklessly raising his hand!

Leon was terrified.

You are crazy! Leons expression changed as he kept his head lowered while desperately shooting his companion meaningful looks.


Leon Merlins gaze wasnt easy to understand.

The middle-aged man seemed doubtful as he noticed Leons gaze. Whats going on with Young Master Leon? Does he have something in his eye? Or is he trying to tell me something? Right, he is definitely trying to tell me something!

The middle-aged man suddenly understood. Leon had gone to Thousand Sails City and had run into some trouble there. He was completely changed when he came back. Isnt that Mafa from Thousand Sails City? It looks like the trouble Young Master Leon had was most likely related to him

As he thought of this, the middle-aged nodded to Leon in a way that seemed to say, "be at ease."

Looks like he isnt too stupid. Leon visibly relaxed when he saw that.


Leon didnt feel that way for long. He watched as the middle-aged man stood up and said in a loud voice, "I agree with Elder Logans suggestion. It would be a huge loss to the Merlin Family to leave the Gilded Rose in the hands of the young Mafa Merlin"

After saying that, he threw a provocative glance at Lin Yun

"" Leon watched this scene unfold, dumbstruck. He could only hear thunder rumbling in his mind. Leon threw a dull glance at that middle-aged man, weeping and smiling mixing together on his face.

"Young Master Leon, rest assured" After announcing his stance, the middle-aged man softly whispered to Leon.

Fuck, rest assured what! Leon almost went crazy. You nutjob, how could you make me feel at ease? Are you afraid I wouldnt die fast enough without your help? Im already in such a miserable state, yet you are trying to push me into the fire? Would I ever feel at peace if that monster thinks that I was the one who instructed you to say those words?

Shit, how could I have such a pig-like teammate You are truly digging a hole for me

Its bad, this is bad, I have to clear my name or I might not be able to walk out of the Merlin Family Manor alive once the Elder Council is over.

Leon clenched his teeth as he looked at the middle-aged man next to him while shifting uncomfortably in his chair to lower his head even more

He then started thinking hard

Hearing all these Elders supporting his suggestion, Logan pressed on. "Mafa Merlin, we are doing this for the benefit of the Merlin Family." Hiding a proud smile, he added, "This isnt something I decided, this is something the entire Elder Council decided."

"Thats right, Mafa Merlin!" Aube stood up after Logan was done talking. "You are still too young! You cant control the Gilded Rose, and you are only a 1st Rank High Mage. That power might be decent in Thousand Sails City, but open your eyes, this is the core of the Andlusa Kingdom, this is Okland! What does the strength of a 1st Rank High Mage amount to in this place

"Look at Ross, he is a 5th Rank High Mage, yet he was easily defeated by Stan Watson in the Raging Flame Plane" Aube took a convenient shot at Ross.

"Haha" To everyones surprise, Ross, who had been unjustly attacked, didnt take offense and only issued a sneer.

Because Ross knew that he didnt need to do anything. His cousin would naturally settle it all

Ross only wanted to tell Aube, Its sad that you dont know that Stan Watson didnt even last ten seconds in front of this 1st Rank High Mage

Aube kept chattering endlessly because of his ignorance.

"Think about it, if your Gilded Rose is one day targeted by some force, one that has at least a few 5th Rank High Mages and a few dozen Great Mages This wouldnt even be a major force in Okland, itd be a second-rate one. Yet, if such a power attacks your Gilded Rose, would you be able to protect it with your strength as a 1st Rank High Mage?"

"Indeed" Logan echoed Aubes words. The previously quarrelling duo was now in sync. "Mafa Merlin, truth to be told, your Gilded Rose wont be able to survive without the protection of the Merlin Family. It would be swallowed by someone sooner or later"

As the two talked, a thin silhouette wearing black leather armor abruptly entered the Familys conference hall

He seemed to be in his thirties and had an ordinary face that gave a familiar feeling to everyone who saw him. He also had a pale countenance and his armor was worn down.

"Shameful! Is the Familys conference hall a place you can charge inside? Hurry up and disappear from my sight!" Logan was quite annoyed at being interrupted by a stranger after he had built up so much momentum. It was natural for Logan to be extremely rude here.

"Elder Logan, please sit down." Ofran frowned before surprisingly exerting his authority as the Patriarch.

"Yes?" Logan froze. In fact, Ofran had assumed his authority as the Patriarch for over twenty years, but he had always been patient and accommodating towards the Elder Council, to the point that Logan and many Elders seemed to have forgotten that Ofran was the Patriarch.

It took some time for Logan to react when seeing Ofran suddenly use his authority, but he ended up sitting down.

"What is it?" After sitting down, Ofran calmly nodded and indicated to the man who had just entered the conference hall that he could start talking.

Only Ofran himself knew what kind of mood he was in He wasnt as calm as he face let on.

This was because the man who had just barged in the Elder Councils meeting was Link.

Yes, the Link who had followed Santon Merlin and had been guarding the Family for the past three centuries.

He had originally sent Link to keep an eye on Mafa in order to stop this youth from doing anything stupid, but he hadnt expected Link to go missing for all this time, even when the news of Stan Watsons death spread the next day.

For over a month, Ofran had been wondering where Link had been, and how exactly Stan Watson had died.

Unfortunately, these questions couldnt be answered until Link came returned.

But now he was back.

And although Link had yet to say anything, Ofran could feel that something big must have happened

This feeling made Ofrans mood unstable.

Under the puzzled looks of the Elders, Link took a few steps to reach Ofrans side and whispered a few words.

"Yes?" At first, Ofran only nodded perfunctorily, but the more he heard, the more his expression changed. He was pale and appalled as he looked at Link, his eyes filled with disbelief. "Really?"

"Yes" Links emotionless face was showing a hint of anger for the first time

"Uhh" Ofran let out a cold breath. If Links words were true, then todays Elder Council might trigger a calamity for the Merlin Family.

What should I do, what should I do

"Patriarch Ofran, the Elder Council finished voting. The patriarch should decide the final outcome" Logan grew impatient at the delay being caused by this stranger when they were on the verge of getting the Gilded Rose.

"Hold on, hold on" Ofran, who had turned a blind eye to this situation so far, now seemed to be struggling with something.

Only Ofran knew the terrifying scenes that had been seen by Link, who had been missing for over a month.

Link had seen two things.

One of them had nothing to do with todays Elder Council, but the other one was enough to make Ofrans blood run cold.

Link clearly described this Mafa Merlins terrifying strength.

The Red Dragon Mercenary Groups fifty elites, the 5th Rank Expert Swordswoman Anna, as well as the 8th Rank High Mage Stan Watson. This group could take down an Archmage.


Link told Ofran that this group didnt even last ten seconds in front of Mafa Merlin. All along, Mafa Merlin seemed to have been walking down his own hallway as he casually took Stan Watsons life.

Ofran felt his mind going numb as he heard that

Originally, Ofran thought that a 1st Rank High Mage in his early twenties was quite formidable, especially since he came from Thousand Sails City, so Ofran had always regarded Mafa Merlin as very important.