End Of The Magic Era Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Sword Aura


"Mafa, dont be impetuous" Ofran bitterly smiled.

There were so many people in the conference hall, but only a few people, including Ofran, knew how frightening that voice was.

Because Ofran had heard it clearly.

Each of the words of the sentence, "Who wants to harm Aube," sounded closer than the previous. The first one sounded more distant while the last one sounded louder.

What did this mean?

This meant that Thorne was rushing over at an astonishing speed and would soon arrive. From this it could be seen how unimaginably powerful Thorne was.

Ofran couldnt help sighing as he thought of this.

Although his position as the patriarch gave him a lot of authority, it had no benefits when it came to the study of magic. He was very hardworking and diligent, but compared to Thorne, who had been hovering on the line between life and death in the Raging Flame Plane, Ofran was too inferior.

After all, when Ofran became an Archmage, Thorne had been an 8th Rank Expert Swordsman.

Hearing that voice, Ofran knew that Thorne was stronger than him now.

But this was fine.

( Boxno vel. co m ) Thorne Merlins strength would be able to intimidate that maverick Mafa Merlin. Otherwise, who knew who else would die today?

"Yes, Cousin Mafa, dont be impulsive" At this time, even Leon, who was doing his best to shrink away his existence, couldnt help weakly advising him.

As for the other Elders, they were afraid of saying anything that would get Aube killed. If that happened, they would become the targets of Thornes anger.

"Look, Mafa Merlin, Ill give you one last chance! Immediately hand over the Gilded Rose before my father arrives, or else" As he sensed that familiar aura drawing closer, Aube became more confident.

He smiled proudly, no longer caring about that revolving disk, straightening the robe soaked in cold sweat before calmly sitting down.

Aube knew that his father would arrive within a minute.

And once his father arrived, the meeting of the Elder Council would become a joke. Even Ofran, as the patriarch, wouldnt dare to stand off against this Planar Legion Commander, let alone Mafa Merlin.

"You should hurry up and make your decision, you dont have much time left"

"Indeed" After thinking about it, Lin Yun raised his hand and collected the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as he nodded, agreeing with Aubes point of view.

"Phew" Seeing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel stopping its rotations, all the Elders seemed to let out a relieved sigh.

Especially the Elders who had previously denounced Lin Yun.

It couldnt be helped, because they all felt too much pressure when facing the madman who killed three Elders. No one knew if he was addicted to killing and might try to get rid of all the Elders in the conference hall.

"Fortunately" Ofran sighed in relief.

As the Merlin Family Patriarch, Ofran was thinking far ahead of the other Elders.

To the other Elders, Lin Yun stopping meant that they were safe, but to the Patriarch, it meant that the Merlin Family had escaped from a disaster.

The news that Link brought was too shocking

Ofran became aware that there was most likely a horrifying backer behind Mafa Merlin. If he killed Aube, Thorne would definitely retaliate, and at that time, even greater trouble would come. If Mafa Merlins backer came out, the entire Merlin Family might sink into chaos.

Fortunately, fortunately Thankfully, Mafa Merlin is rational enough and decided to withdraw at such a critical time.

Thinking of this, Ofran couldnt help letting out another relieved sigh.

"See, you are smart enough Mafa" As he saw the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel stopping, the smile on Aubes face gradually widened. "Im not like Logan, I am a very fair person. I dont want to monopolize your Gilded Rose. We can go with my previous proposal, 3,000,000 golds for 40% of the shares of the Gilded Rose"

"Sorry, Cousin Aube" Lin Yun smiled as he shook his head, putting away his Ten Thousand Spell Wheel while chuckling. "I dont like to collaborate with the dead."

"Hmmm?" Aube froze, the smile on his face stiffening. "What do you mean!"

"Im saying that time is running out" After saying this, Lin Yun opened up his right hand. It was followed by a ball of fire fiercely rising up. It was only the size of a fist, but the mana fluctuations it emitted made everyone tremble with fear

"You What are you doing?!" Aube Merlin was deathly pale. Even if he reacted slowly, he could already feel the ball of fire carrying an aura of destruction.

Unfortunately, Aube understood too late

Just as he shouted, that ball of flame split in two and turned into two straight Fire Bolts, intersecting like sharp scissors as they ferociously fell on Aubes body.

These two straight Fire Bolts were too fast. No one was able to react, and even Aube, a 5th Rank High Mage, only had time to erect a Runic Shield.

But the Runic Shield melted like butter when faced with those two Fire Bolts. Under the blazing temperature, Aube Merlins robe instantly turned to ashes.

"Link!" In a moment of desperation, Ofran called Link, who hadnt made a move in several decades.

In that split second, Link came out and displayed his own strength. A second earlier, he had been standing beside Ofran with a wooden face, but the next second, he was at Aubes side like a shadow. No one saw him move, nor did they see how the two dazzling scimitars appeared.

Only a dazzling spark could be seen.

The two Fire Bolts met the two scimitars

Links scimitars had been made out of Meteorite Magic Iron, a top-notch material for weapon forging. It could easily create an Inheritance rank weapon. Moreover, these two scimitars had complex arrays carved onto them, indicating that they were at least Spiritual Rank Magic Tools.

But now, these Spiritual Rank Magic Tools only lasted three seconds under the pressure of those two Fire Bolts before melting.

But these three seconds gave Aube a rare opportunity to breathe.

Aube cast an Ice Fire Shield.

He couldnt control the Ice Shield and Fire Shield individually at this moment, so he just used both to welcome the Fire Bolts while urgently retreating.

The scene was shocking. Aube had retreated a few meters just as the Ice Fire Shield came into contact with the Fire Bolts.

"Phew" After doing this, Aube finally let out a sigh of relief.

To Aube, these several meters were the difference between life and death. If he had stayed a moment longer the Fire Bolts would have instantly engulfed him, but everything was different after managing to retreat a few meters.

Besides being a 5th Rank High Mage, he was a genuine Master Alchemist. As long as there was enough distance between them, he would have enough ways to stall for time.

As he thought of this, a smile once again appeared on Aubes face.

"Mafa Merlin, I shall let you know what the title of Master Alchemist means!" Aube had already finished drawing an array in the air after saying those words. The array was stable and surrounded the two Fire Bolts.

"Flame Inhibiting Array?" One of the Elders shouted this name.

Indeed, Aube had drawn the Flame Inhibiting Array.

It was a simple array with only one effect.

It only suppressed the activity of the fire elements. Any fire spell would be greatly weakened when under the effect of the Flame Inhibiting Array.

This rarely used array was now Aubes answer to save his life.

As the Flame Inhibiting Array was completed, the two Fire Bolts truly weakened.

"Let me see if you still have any tricks left!" Aube sneered while casting various defensive spells on himself.


The sneer didnt last long before Aube saw a bright light.

The flame rose up and illuminated the entire conference hall. The fire elements in the atmosphere were simply flaring up as everyone suddenly felt an aura of devastation.

"Stay your hand!" At the same time, an angry shout echoed outside the conference hall, followed by a majestic Sword Aura tearing through the air, carrying a terrifying temperature as it tore through the walls of the conference hall.

Everyone froze