End Of The Magic Era Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Secret Wolf


"Its fine, its just some people on the same path" Lin Yun shook his head with a smile, hinting to William that he should be at ease. He had already heard those voices. It looked as if Lin Yun was only clasping his hand behind his back as he leisurely moved up the mountain range, but in reality, Lin Yun was already urging his Magic Array to its limits. He could notice any minute mana fluctuations within several kilometers. Nothing could escape his senses.

Just like how he could sense a dozen mages casting spells a kilometer away. Although they were mostly Great Mages, and the most powerful were three High Mages who werent particularly outstanding, the power released would be frightening when they cast together.

Moreover, these mages definitely went through strict training, seeming very coordinated. It looked as if a dozen mages were simultaneously casting magic, but the mana fluctuations emitted were actually uniform, and no chaos could be seen. This wasnt a level that an ordinary team of mages could reach. They had definitely spent a lot of time to practice and reach this level.

And their enemies were Frost Wolves.

Mournful howls over the frozen forest Even if they were over a kilometer apart, Lin Yun could see the countless Frost Wolves rushing in from every direction like a terrible avalanche.

This was definitely a mercenary group that came to hunt in the Aurij Mountains.

And it was a very powerful group.

A mage team with three High Mages wasnt something that typical mercenary group could have. It could be seen from the Silver Moon Mercenary Group. Of the thousand men, there were only three Expert Swordsmen and two High Mages. Lin Yun estimated that the group fighting with the Frost Wolves should belong to one of the top 6 Mercenary Groups in Okland.

But this time, their enemy was somewhat troublesome Several hundred Frost Wolves, even if their levels were lower, was a huge amount, and it could make any team flinch.

"Xiuban, speed up, speed up!" Lin Yun looked at the color of the sky and once again urged Xiuban to go faster.

As for that battle against the several hundred Frost Wolves, Lin Yun simply didnt care about it. The Frost Wolves werent threatening his own group, so why would he go over? There would be dozens of such battles everyday in the Aurij Mountain. How would he be able to take care of his own matter if he tried to help everyone they passed?

"Roar!" After letting out this cry, Xiuban smashed Carnage against an Armored Frost Rhino, causing cracks to appear on its armor, which quickly spread and deepened until finally, the Armored Frost Rhino let out a mournful scream and exploded into pieces.

"Phew" Xiuban took a long breath after the last one finally died. That fight had been the fiercest fight since Xiuban had entered the Aurij Mountain Range. Seven Armored Frost Rhinos, the weakest of which was Level 23, and the strongest being Level 26 this was more terrifying than a pack of Thunderbeasts.


After the battle was finished, that damned Mafa Merlin stood next to him, not to help him, not to let him take a break, but buzzing like a fly as he scolded him and pointed out his mistakes before urging him to hurry up.

Damn, I made my life hell by signing with that man

But while the Draconic Beastman was inwardly complaining, Lin Yun suddenly seemed to notice something as he hurriedly told William, "Cousin William, help me handle those Armored Frost Rhinos corpses." He then turned to Xiuban and said, "Xiuban, follow me!"

"Eh?" The pitiful Draconic Beastman had barely regained his breath and was still covered in sweat when he was suddenly called. "Why is it always me!"

"Because your luck is the worst" Lin Yun didnt explain as he cast Haste on both of them before going through the jungle

"The most unfortunate thing in my life was signing this damned soul contract" The Draconic Beastman swore as he got on the move, not daring to delay as he followed Lin Yun towards the previous battlefield

Now that Lin Yun had fused his ten Magic Arrays and was a true High Mage, his Hastes were ten times more potent, making the two of them flash like lightning. It took them a short time to arrive near the battlefield.

Sure enough, this battle was just as Lin Yun had guessed. A hundred-man mercenary team was in a desperate struggle with Frost Wolves

This Mercenary Team definitely wasnt weak. There were roughly 70 Great Swordsmen, 20 Spirit Archers, three 5th or 6th Rank High Mages, one 5th Rank Expert Swordsman, and one 5th Rank Divine Archer. This kind of lineup could only be described as luxurious. But this wasnt all. What truly startled Lin Yun was the swordsman leading the group. That was a genuine Sword Saint!

Although he was only a 1st Rank Sword Saint and was far inferior to Thorne, he was still a Sword Saint!

In all of Okland, few Mercenary Groups had Sword Saints in their ranks.

Moreover, such a top-tier Mercenary Group had actually fallen into a plight

It was too bad that their enemy was so formidable.

Lin Yun took one look and understood that he had underestimated the size of the pack of Frost Wolves. There were actually several thousand Frost Wolves, they were omnipresent. The Frost Wolves dashing down while signalling to their companions looked like an avalanche ready to swallow that mercenary team.

The most frightening part was that this Wolf Pack clearly had a Wolf King.

Anyone with a decent understanding of wolven magic beasts would know that wolf packs and wolf packs with a Wolf King were completely different. A Frost Wolf would be around level 15 usually, but a Wolf King could reach a frighteningly high level of 30!

Level 30, that was the realm of Sword Saints and Archmages.

At this realm, even if the Frost Wolf was a low-tier magic beast, it would inevitably have high intelligence. Under its lead, the packs strength would grow exponentially

As could be seen from this battlefield.

The Frost Wolves holding the numerical advantage werent fighting like magic beasts, it looked as if they had been trained as an army, thrusting forward, flanking, surrounding. The battle was quickly progressing, but it looked like it was leaning towards the Frost Wolves.

"Sir, where do we attack from?" The Draconic Beastman held Carnage, seemingly eager to dive in.

"Sit down!" Lin Yun laid down on his stomach, unhappily scolding Xiuban, "Who told you we would attack?"

"Ah?" Xiuban was stunned. "But you made us rush over, wasnt it to save those humans?"

"" Lin Yun angrily rolled his eyes. "Save? Save what? Do you know them? Do I know them? Moreover, havent you seen that the Sword Saint has yet to make a move? He is waiting for the Wolf King to appear. This battle will be over as long as he kills the Wolf King, they dont need us to meddle in their business"

"Oh" Xiuban nodded while still feeling puzzled. "Then what was I brought here for?"

"To look for something," Lin Yun softly said while quietly casting a Mage Eye.

Whether it was the Mercenary Group or the Frost Wolves Pack, they were both entangled in a desperate struggle, to the point that no one noticed a few Mage Eyes stealthily entering the battlefield, sticking to the trees on the edge of the melee as they quickly scrutinized that area.

"Ah, looking for something"

"Just stay well-behaved and stop asking questions, you wouldnt understand even if I told you" Lin Yun unhappily scolded him again. The Draconic Beastman seemed itchy after sleeping for a few months. He thought the words he muttered earlier fell into deaf ears, and he kept asking questions. It looks like I need to find some time to let him have a chat with Syudos

The Draconic Beast didnt know that he was close to running out of luck. He just looked around with a curious expression, trying to see what that damn Mafa Merlin wanted to find while thinking, I wont understand? Let me see if there is something in this world the Great Xiuban cant understand!

Strange The six Mage Eyes attention were divided to six sections of the battlefield. After a thorough grid-pattern search, Lin Yun surprisingly discovered that he hadnt found what he was looking for.

This was a bit irrational

"Damn!" After checking the area again, Lin Yun cursed. He really couldnt find it In other words, the thing he was looking for might have already escaped.

If it was an ordinary thing, Lin Yun wouldnt worry about it running away and would keep tracking it. But this time, Lin Yun was looking for a Secret Wolf. It was rumored to only appear once among countless Wolf-kinds.

To the current Lin Yun, the Secret Wolfs power wasnt worth mentioning. It would at most be Level 20, equivalent to a 1st Rank Expert Swordsman or a 1st Rank High Mage. With that power, Lin Yun would be able to easily crush it.