End Of The Magic Era Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Unstoppable


But Secret Wolves were experts when it came to hiding their tracks, they could escape in the shadows anytime, even the most skilled hunters couldnt find their tracks, even with their wolf incarnation ability.

Lin Yun had captured the aura of the Secret Wolf with his Magic Array among the countless mana fluctuations. But this aura had already thoroughly disappeared. In other words, the Secret Wolf might have already sensed that he was being tracked and snuck among the Frost Wolves.

This was definitely a headache

There were thousands upon thousands of Frost Wolves, finding a Secret Wolf among them was impossible, even if Lin Yun was that formidable.

But he was truly reluctant to give up.

Secret Wolves were very rare.

Only one in millions of wolf-kind magic beast would be born a Secret Wolf, this was an incomparably rare magic beast and could be said to be a rare treasure. Secret Wolves blood could be used as a main material to make no less than seven kinds of precious potions, their fur could also be made into top-rate hiding cloaks.

As for Secret Wolves mana crystals

They were called Truth Gems.

Countless years ago, the Heaven Mage who shook Noscent, Sky Eyes Oliver, was longing for a Truth Gem, because the Truth Gem could substantially strengthen the power of his Sky Eyes, and genuinely make him able to see through the fog of time.

Unfortunately, Oliver never found one.

Oliver was never able to make up for this regret up till his death.

It could be seen how formidable and rare the mana crystal of the Secret Wolf was from this.

But that mana crystal had a special importance to Lin Yun, it would become the 8th Augment of the Doom Staff. Secret Wolves innately had Truth power and could push the power of the Doom Staff to a whole new level, and it was also an essential part of birthing the Magic Tool Incarnation.

Thats why Lin Yun was determined to beat that Secret Wolf.

The six Mage Eyes turned into twelve, as they did another search, and another, and another.

Every centimeter of the battlefield was meticulously searched by Lin Yun.

Nothing, nothing, still nothing

"This" Lin Yun was getting annoyed, this was a Secret Wolf, a beast even Sky Eyes Oliver longed for It would have been fine had he not noticed, but he had clearly noticed it and wasnt able to kill it, this was hard to accept

Do I really have to give up?

Lin Yun was unresigned, he increased the number of Mage Eyes to sixteen, this was the limit of what Lin Yun could actively control, but this time, Lin Yuns search range expanded crazily, he hoped he could find the Secret Wolf before he exhausted his mana.

But at this time, Xiuban let out a surprised exclamation, "Sir, look!"

"" Killing intent filled Lin Yuns mind.

After this is over, I must get Syudos to have a chat with him, for sure!

Shit, I just started controlling sixteen Mage Eyes, surprising me at this time could even partly paralyze me!

"Sir, look, quick, quick!" The Draconic Beastman simply didnt know that he just ran out of luck as he kept making a fuss while pointing in the distance, trying to make Lin Yun look over.

"What is it?" Lin Yun sighed before scattering the sixteen Mage Eyes he just released as he helplessly looked in the direction the Draconic Beastman was pointing

The outcome startled Lin Yun

A fierce battle was happening where the Draconic Beastman was pointing, one Frost Wolf as tall as a man was frenziedly attacking that Sword Saint.

"The Wolf King!" Lin Yun was startled. That Sword Saint was actually skilled, he did find the Frost Wolf.


That Frost Wolfs power was too frightening

From his position, Lin Yun could see the golden radiance flowing around the body of that snow white Wolf King, that was the sign that a magic beast had broken through Level 30. In other words, this Wolf King was at least level 30.

From this battle between man and wolf, it could be seen that although the Sword Saint was at 1st Rank, the one-handed sword in his hand was most likely a True Spirit Magic Tool whose characteristics were completely complementary to him, with it, the power he displayed was roughly around 3rd Rank, yet he didnt get any advantage when fighting that wolf.

No, it wasnt as simple as not having an advantage.

The Wolf King was under the protection of his pack, Lin Yun noticed that whenever the Wolf King would hide within his pack, a howl would echo and innate Ice Spells would come out before crashing onto the Sword Saint. If not for the Sword Saints fast reflexes, he might have eaten a loss several times.

Moreover, the Sword Saint was surrounded by Frost Wolves. Even if they were only Level 15 Frost Wolves that couldnt grievously injure him, he couldnt avoid being troubled by their constant harassment. He might be able to endure it a few times, but ten times, twenty times This would definitely irritate someone.

Before long, Lin Yun actually noticed that this Sword Saint started losing

In a few minutes, a lot of wounds appeared on the body of the Sword Saint. If it wasnt for the Sword Saint being protected by aura, he might have already died under the sharp claws of the Wolf King.

"Too impulsive" Lin Yun shook his head, the Sword Saint was truly too impulsive, even Sword Saint could fall when they rashly challenged a Wolf King existence without making preparations.

If it was me

I would have found a way to lure the Wolf King away from the Wolves before attacking, only then would I truly attack it

But it was too late now, the Sword Saint was being suppressed by the Wolf King, and his situation was becoming more and more dangerous.

"Eh!?" LinYun suddenly discovered an ashen shadow flitting by in a distant group of Frost Wolves.

There was several thousand Frost Wolves still fighting, and with all the corpses, the battlefield was messy and chaotic, and that ashen shadow only flashed past for one second.

But Lin Yun grabbed this second

"Lets go!" How could Lin Yun let go of this opportunity. He slapped Xiubans body while casting two more Hastes. Under the great increase of speed, the two lighting rushed into the battlefield.

The Draconic Beastman opened the path, waving Carnage and taking the lives of quite a few Frost Wolves. All kinds of runes appeared on his crimson skin, and although he didnt make any gesture nor chanted any incantation, when Draconic Beastmen needed them, the spells present in their bloodline would automatically be released.

Innate Might and Innate Magic, these two power present in Xiuban made him unstoppable.

"Hell, go where there are less Frost Wolves" Lin Yun was trailing behind Xiuban, and although he hadnt made a move, he hadnt been stingy in casting all kinds of Buffs on Xiuban, one after the other.

But maybe due to the Draconic Beastman being undefeated, he was high on adrenaline and rushed to the area with the most Frost Wolves.

Thus, this caused a strange scene on the battlefield.

Numerous groups of Frost Wolves gathered together when feeling the crisis, while Xiuban was rushing like a headless chicken

The mercenaries hadnt discovered these two unexpected guests at first, but after Xiuban went through two large groups of wolves, making a path with Carnage, their existences were discovered by the mercenaries.

What kind of people were those mercenaries?

They had experience in the battlefield, especially those able to enter such a top-tier Mercenary Group, it wasnt too far-fetched to describe them as veterans. Their grasp on the battlefield situation was closer to instinct, when they detected Lin Yun and Xiuban, their first reaction was to draw closer to them.

Nothing could be done about it, who asked Xiuban to look so brave.

He was now sweeping through wolves, his Carnage drenched in blood, leaving corpses in his wake. Why wouldnt the Mercenary draw close to him when he showed such power?

Thus, after a short dozen minutes, several dozen mercenaries reached the side of the Draconic Beastman, this even included those three High Mages.

To these three High Mages, Xiuban was invincible in close combat, he was a natural shield. By relying on Xiubans close range abilities as a shield, they had more time and more space to cast, they could display all their magic power.

Thus, a strange scene appeared.

The mercenary group that had been in a desperate situation recovered from their inferior position after joining Lin Yun and Xiuban. Now, Xiuban was charging forward while slaughtering Frost Wolves while a dozen Great Swordsmen were on his sides, covering him, behind were the three High Mages and a dozen Great Mage continuously casting. This formation was like a large wheeled-magic cannon crushing the Frost Wolves in its path.

But this wasnt what Lin Yun planned to do.

Lin Yun wanted to capture the Secret Wolf, not save the mercenary group

Lin Yun was dumbstruck, Xiuban managed to profit from misfortune and save the day