End Of The Magic Era Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Cold Hearted


“Sir, where are we going now?” The Draconic Beastman was in high-spirits, both hands gripping onto Carnage as the runes danced all over his body, a bunch of mercenaries following him, that feeling was simply to invigorating, the Draconic Beast had never felt so great…

“Go have a chat with Syudos.” Lin Yun’s face was dark as he said unhappily.


“Eh what? Hurry up and shake them off, you think you are a Heaven Sword Saint that can go through thousands of Frost Wolves? Look at your surroundings, there are more and more Frost Wolves, there will be a few thousand by the time they surround us, that’s enough to kill ten of you”

“No way” The originally high-spirited Draconic Beastman became clear-headed after Lin Yun poured cold water over him. He looked around and he almost pissed his pants. Countless Frost Wolves were rushing over, stepping over the bodies of their fallen pack members.

And even more Frost Wolves were looking over here.

Mournful wolf howls, biting cold winds, this made the Draconic Beastman dumbstruck, ‘How did I provoke so many? I was only passing by, this wasn’t my business, aren’t your enemies the mercenaries?’

‘Hold on, mercenaries’

Xiuban finally reacted.

‘Shit, those mercenaries are all behind me now!’

Now, that hundred-man group was like a tail tightly hanging behind the Draconic Beastman. If he went east, they would go east, if he went west, they would go west.

Even if Xiuban wasn’t the brightest light, he knew that he was being used as a shield.

The problem is that this tail couldn’t be left behind. Although the Draconic Beastman was very powerful, each step taken through that sea of Frost Wolves was incomparably hard. Unless he could sprout wings, he wouldn’t be able to cut off that tail.

Thus, the Draconic Beastman could only look at Lin Yun, asking for help.


“You are a shame” Lin Yun scolded him before taking out a potion from his pocket and giving it to the Draconic Beastman, “You only have three minutes, if you can’t get out within three minutes, then you just have to wait to be buried by the Frost Wolf”

“Yes, yes” The Draconic Beastman didn’t wait and quickly opened the lid before pouring the potion in his mouth.

Xiuban then felt Carnage lighten by quite a bit. The hammer that originally needed both hands to be swung could now be casually swung with one hand.

More importantly…

The Draconic Beastman clearly saw the runes rushing out from his body radiating with a golden radiance as they emitted shocking power and formed some sort of body armor wrapping around his whole body.

Xiuban stood there, stupefied, feeling that unimaginable power filling his body. He didn’t know how to react at first. He looked at the Runic Armor around his body and the light Carnage, and after some time, he suddenly let out a roar before rushing into the Frost Wolves pack.

“I’m sorry everyone, the free ride stops here, we have something to do so we will go on ahead.” Lin Yun recast a Haste and instantly rushed into the pack, only leaving a blur behind.

Lin Yun and Xiuban running away caught the mercenary trailing them off guard. They were instantly surrounded by Frost Wolves. They were originally fighting smaller groups of wolves, several dozens to a hundred wolves, but after following behind Lin Yun and Xiuban they ended up being surrounded by over a thousand Wolves…

The mercenaries instantly struggled with their lives as they cursed.

“Scoundrel, why don’t you let us follow you!”

“Yeah, we are in the same boat, your selfishness is a disgrace to Okland!”

“Hey, shut up, scolding is useless, and are you blind? That kid’s fighting strength is not worth considering, he is barely keeping his life, so what’s the use in talking to him? That Beastman is the only one able to withstand this Frost Wolves pack”

Naturally, some of the mercenaries had keener eyes and noticed that Lin Yun had yet to make a move…

When reminded, the other mercenaries reacted.

“Yes! Brother Beastman, Brother Beastman!” Worried, the mercenaries didn’t mind calling a Beastman brother, they were resisting the attacks of the Frost Wolves while shouting for help, “Brother Beastman, help us out, we are from Okland’s Temple Knight Mercenary Group, if you help us, you can come to Okland and find us if you need anything, moreover, after returning we will heavily thank you!”

“Sir, they are They are putting the blame on us?” The Draconic Beastman was spinning his Carnage like a pinwheel. After crushing the skull of a Frost Wolf, he asked in disbelief.

It was difficult even for the very cowardly Draconic Beastman to understand the behavior of those mercenaries.

“You finally get it” Lin Yun’s mouth twitched. Lin Yun knew a lot about mercenaries, these guys were old foxes, they would be shameless enough to do anything in order to survive a bit longer

“I do, I do” Xiuban had some lingering fear. If not for Lin Yun reminding him, he might have been thrown away as cannon fodder by these humans he had taken in.

As he thought of this, Xiuban shook his head and no longer paid attention to those mercenaries and instead followed Lin Yun’s instructions to get out of that siege.

“Bastard! You have the nerve to say that you are human!?” As they saw their last hope running away, the mercenaries angrily shouted. In their eyes, that Beastman Brother wasn’t rescuing them because of the mage accompanying him.

“You cold-hearted bastard! You are worse than a Beastman! If I can return to Okland, I’ll humiliate you!”

The mercenaries were only angrily shouting at this point.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun and Xiuban could no longer hear them.

The power of the Draconic Beastman was far more than doubled after drinking Dragon Strength. Lin Yun estimated that Xiuban would even be able to face a Sword Saint, with his amplified strength and runic defense, Xiuban could now be classified as an armored vehicle as he cut a bloody path out of the battlefield.

“Pant Pant Pant” The effect of the medicine vanished three seconds later, but the two had already rushed out of the Frost Wolves encirclement. Xiuban was now collapsed there, gasping for air.

Lin Yun knew that this was the aftereffects of the Dragon Strength Potion, thus he didn’t hurry and urge Xiuban, he instead cast another Mage Eye to look for the ashen shadow that flashed past earlier.

Only white could be seen as the Frost Wolves filled the battlefield, one simply couldn’t see any ashen shadow, it was clear that the Secret Wolf had once again taken on the appearance of a Frost Wolf and was hiding among a group of wolves.

But Lin Yun wasn’t worried, because it was different now. He had already locked onto the aura of the Secret Wolf with the Magic Array, and no matter how much he changed, he wouldn’t be able to avoid being tracked by the Magic Array.

All Lin Yun had to do now was to spend some time to find its position from among the Frost Wolves.

‘Found!’ He found that aura when he sent out the 3rd Mage Eye.

‘Hmm?’ But Lin Yun froze when he saw its location.

‘Worthy of being called a Secret Wolf…’

‘He would choose such a place even when hiding…’

The third Mage Eye was looking at the battle between the Wolf King and the Sword Saint. As the batter was becoming fiercer and fiercer, the Sword Saint ultimately released the Magic Tool Incarnation of his sword. Lightning flashed above the blade of the sword as a Thunderbird could be seen lingering on the shoulder of the Sword Saint.

The Thunderbird wasn’t huge, it was an ant compared to the one Lin Yun killed in Vaughn’s laboratory, but in terms of power, it felt was stronger to Lin Yun.

Now, the Sword Saint relied on the help of the Thunderbird to forcibly reverse the situation. After some time, regardless of whether it was the Sword Saint or the Wolf King, they were both unable to stop this fight from being in a deadlock.

No one apart from Lin Yun found out that a snow white Frost Wolf was drifting among the pack of Frost Wolves. It looked very vicious and let off some mana fluctuations when it howled, but he never got close to the center of the battle.

“Hey, Xiuban, between you and him, who do you think is the most cowardly?”


After teasing Xiuban, Lin Yun didn’t tarry and cast Ice Elemental Incarnation, transforming into an Ice Elemental. Frost Wolves were everywhere and their howls roused ice elements. This was simply the best cover for Lin Yun’s Ice Elemental Incarnation. He used two Frost Flashes and crossed over several hundred meters.

He was holding a Frost Lance in his hand, as long as he was within range, he would instantly pierce that crafty Secret Wolf.