End Of The Magic Era Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Smoothly


"Hmm?" Just as Dean tried his best to persuade Xiuban, Lin Yun noticed the ashen shadow from the corner of his eyes.

Secret Wolf!

Lin Yuns senses reached their peak, and under these impossible circumstances, he grabbed that fleeting opportunity and instantly revolved his Magic Array, locking onto the Secret Wolfs aura for the third time.

Lin Yun felt that this chance was legendary. He was having actually having a cat and mouse chase with a Secret Wolf, this magic beast that could disappear and reappear unpredictably.

But this ought to be the last time!

In that split second, Lin Yun raised his control to his limit, and as he locked onto the Secret Wolf, three Mage Eyes flew out.

The 3rd Mage Eye ultimately locked onto the Secret Wolfs position as it was roaming through the battlefield between the Thunderbird and the Wolf King.

"You can really hide" Lin Yun cursed while grinding his teeth. The Secret Wolf was worthy of its name. Even under such circumstances, it still found a place that was hard for others to notice it. ( Box novel.c om )

Behind the Secret Wolf was the battle of the Thunderbird and Wolf King, and in front of it was the besieging pack of Frost Wolves. Both sides were great obstacles.

But this didnt pose a problem for Lin Yun.

"Xiuban, open up that Frost Wolf pack!" Lin Yun pointed to the group of Frost Wolves ahead.

"Yes, Sir!" Following Lin Yuns order, the Draconic Beastman didnt even think before picking up Carnage and rushing over.

Then, a bloody scene played out. Because of the poaching situation, Xiuban was afraid that Lin Yun would take his anger out on him. Now that he had the opportunity to show off, how could he not do so?

He took Carnage and charged the Frost Wolves, pushing himself to his limit. With the remaining effect of the Dragon Strength, the power Xiuban displayed could only be described as terrifying. The large swarm of Frost Wolves simply couldnt stop him from committing a massacre and immediately take a dozen Frost Wolves lives with the first swing.

"Kid, you shouldnt be so selfish" Dean stood there and watched as Xiuban charged into the Frost Wolves, his eyes carrying unconcealed envy.

This was truly a top-rate unpolished diamond.

The Beastman had terrifying power alongside a Beastmans craving and instinct for battle. He was an innate soldier. In Deans hands, he would enter the Sword Saint realm within ten years. At that time, he would become a cornerstone of the Temple Knights and might even be able to challenge the Heaven realm.

But unfortunately, that unpolished diamond was following the wrong person.

It could be seen from what this young High Mage was like

Being forced to hunt in the Aurij Mountains as a young High Mage showed that he had no background, or he wouldnt take such risks.

His equipment showed that he had some financial resources. His magic staff was emitting powerful mana fluctuations, and the two rings flickered with alluring radiance, so they were probably some decent Magic Tools.

But he was acting so selfishly He had such good equipment, yet the Beastman at this side only had one convenient weapon. And besides being hard and heavy enough, Dean couldnt see anything outstanding about that weapon. It was years apart from that young mages Magic Tools.

And more importantly.

In order to rouse the Beastmans fighting power, that young mage kept feeding him some sort of medicine.

This was the part Dean couldnt tolerate

Everyone knew that although potions could temporarily increase fighting power, they absolutely couldnt be used frequently. If the potions of alchemists beneath the Master Alchemist realm were frequently used, harm would inevitably be brought to ones body. In some severe cases, it could even lead to ones strength becoming stagnant.

In Deans eyes, this was simply a crime.

This Beastman with endless future potential was being force-fed potions by that young mage. ( Box novel.c om )

How could he not know that it would destroy his talents?

This was too selfish

Dean thought that it wasnt worth it for that Beastman to follow such a selfish mage.

Now, he was even hindering him from joining the Temple Knights

Perhaps that young mage already knew that even if he joined the Temple Knights, he wouldnt be put in an important position, so he just decided to hinder the Beastman, stopping him from leaving.

Thinking of this, Dean felt that this seemingly refined young mage looked a bit disgusting

"Alright, kid, dont beat around the bush. What are your conditions? I can agree to a few of your conditions as long as you are willing to let your companion join the Temple Knights, but dont be excessive"

"No time." Lin Yun was truly busy because he was operating the Mage Eye to follow the Secret Wolf while revolving his Magic Array to lock onto the aura. How could he have time to discuss conditions?

"Kid, stop before you go too far, dont make this end up in a loss for both of us." Dean didnt give up, but his tone gradually turned ruder.

"Alright" Lin Yun sighed. This Dean is too clingy, he thought, before saying, "First, Sir Dean, can you take your bird and leave as far as possible?"

"What are you saying" Dean had never met such a rude person his life. A forty-year-old Sword Saint was already considered a powerhouse in Okland. At the same time, he was the first vice leader of the Temple Knight Mercenary Group. He was already standing at the peak of Okland whether it was because of his strength or his identity. The leaders of every major force would politely greet Dean when they saw him.

Dean actually didnt think that a young mage in the Aurij Mountains would repeatedly tell him to take his bird and leave.

This young man was looking down on him!

"Very well" Sean took a few seconds to restrain himself, letting out a long breath. But his gaze towards Lin Yun was ice-cold. "Thats good, since you are insisting so much, I wont force you. But youd best leave this battlefield immediately. Since we arent friends, I dont know if youll threaten the safety of the Mercenary Group. I might choose to get rid of a hidden danger at a crucial time"

"Haha" Lin Yun laughed. The threat in Deans words was very transparent.

But this threat was meaningless to Lin Yun.

The Wolf King was already fighting the Thunderbird, and it was apparent that the Thunderbird was at a disadvantage. Dean had a few dozen seconds at most, after which he would have no other but to share the pressure of the Wolf King.

Lin Yun was waiting precisely for this opportunity.

Once Xiuban pierced through the Frost Wolves and Dean was entangled with the Wolf King, Lin Yun would be able to make a move to immediately kill the Secret Wolf.

And sure enough

It only took thirty seconds before the Thunderbird needed Deans help. After being unable to avoid a few attacks, its wings were bitten by the Wolf King, and even if the Thunderbird was a True Spirit Magic Tools Incarnation and didnt really have a body made of flesh, the Wolf Kings bite wasnt something it could handle.

It took only a split second before the wings of the Thunderbird were frozen into ice cubes

Although the Thunderbird burst with lightning and smashed the ice, the effect still lingered. The Wolf King lashed down and tore off a large piece of flesh. This time, the Thunderbird suffered heavily and let out a mournful howl, soaring up in the sky. It didnt dare to dive down to the Wolf King for now.

"Shit" Dean swore. If he didnt go help, the long sword that he had obtained with such difficulty might very well lose its Magic Tool Incarnation.

After cursing, Dean looked at Lin Yun with a hateful expression, before pouncing towards the Wolf King with his lightning Aura.

At the same time, Xiuban had finished opening a path through the Frost Wolves. Only corpses could be seen on the way, as well as overflowing blood. Xiuban stood amidst the corpses, covered in blood, just like a god of war.

"The opportunity is there!" This was an extremely rare opportunity for Lin Yun. He couldnt afford to alarm the Secret Wolf again and immediately used Ice Elemental Incarnation, casting two Frost Flashes in a row, rushing through the cemetery of Frost Wolves, standing in front of that sly wolf.

They were only ten meters away from each other.

Lin Yun could kill the Secret Wolf anytime. Even if a Heaven rank powerhouse arrived, they wouldnt be able to stop Lin Yuns spell. One Frost Lance appeared in his hands, and with a gentle attack, the magic beast that Sky Eyes Oliver had longed for would fall down in a pool of blood.

At this time, the Secret Wolf seemed to have noticed some danger. It only heard a howl and gently removed its appearance as a Frost Wolf. After regaining its original look, the Secret Wolf didnt seem bigger than the palm of Lin Yuns hands, with an ashen body. It looked like a pup that had yet to grow. It stared at Lin Yun with its puppy eyes while retreating away.

"Eh!?" Just as Lin Yun was about to cast that Frost Lance, he suddenly let out an amazed sound. He stopped and watched the Secret Wolf for five seconds before surprisingly getting rid of the Frost Lance in his hands and casting a Vine instead, which coiled around the retreating Secret Wolf.