End Of The Magic Era Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Mercenary King


Lin Yun was already strong enough to kill an Archmage, and the Secret Wolf was a magic beast with poor fighting strength, so it was no match for Lin Yuns Vine. The palm-sized Secret Wolf fell into Lin Yuns hands very easily.

"Awooo, owooo, owooooooo" The Secret Wolf was struggling in Lin Yuns hands while letting out some desperate howls, dissatisfied by being caught and gnawing Lin Yuns hands with its teeth.

But gnawing was only gnawing. Lin Yun had already fused ten Magic Arrays and his magic was very versatile. He had no less than ten defensive buffs on him. When the Secret Wolf started gnawing, it felt like it was biting into stone, and it almost lost its teeth.

"Awooooo" Pained, the Secret Wolf brandished its claws instead, wanting to scratch Lin Yun in retaliation

But Lin Yun had already been prepared. It didnt have time to slash down before Lin Yun let out a circle of mana and locked the Secret Wolf in magical shackles.

"Behave" After making sure that the Secret Wolf wouldnt struggle any longer, Lin Yun started observing it carefully.

Sure enough

Lin Yun only needed a few seconds to confirm that he hadnt made a mistake, and that there was indeed a red imprint on the forehead of the Secret Wolf.

This red imprint was very small, as small as the tip of his fingertip. One could carelessly confuse it with a splash of blood, but Lin Yun used his hand to wipe it twice and didnt find any signs of it fading away. In other words, this imprint was truly part of the Secret Wolf.

Its truly a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf Lin Yun was dumbstruck.

It was rumored that the king of Secret Wolves innately had three eyes, and before reaching adulthood, the third eye would only be a red imprint. It wouldnt have any special effects for other monsters, but once the Secret Wolf grew into adulthood, the 3rd Eye would truly open and it would break his own limits. It would keep breaking through in a very short time before stepping into the Heaven Realm.

But this wasnt the most important thing.

The most important part was that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs 3rd Eye had unfathomable power. It could see through many things that ordinary people couldnt. Some people said that the 3rd Eye could see through another world, and even into the future.

There were all kinds of rumors around the 3rd Eye of the Secret Wolf. Lin Yun had read about seventeen versions, but only seven Three-Eyed Secret Wolves had been confirmed in Noscents history.

The most famous person tied to it was Bujam, the famous Mercenary King during the peak of the magic era. That Mercenarys life was an epic tale in itself. At the time, his father was the master of the Cloud Tower, the Sea Sage named Aimonsus. At seven, the numerous Heaven Mages of the Cloud Tower unanimously acknowledged Bujams incredible magical talents, even believing that he would be the next powerhouse among Heaven Mages after Charles the Conqueror.

In fact, it was indeed going towards this path.

At 8, Bujam became a Magic Apprentice. He then became a Mage at 10, a Great Mage at 11, and a High Mage at the young age of 15. Even during the peak of the magic era, such talent could only be described as horrifying. At that time, the entire Cloud Tower put great hopes on him.


No one thought that an accident would happen when Bujam was sixteen.

At sixteen, Bujam was already a 9th Rank High Mage, and once he progressed a bit further, he would be able to enter the Archmage realm. At the time, the entire Cloud Tower was already prepared to hold a big celebratory feast for Bujam.

But, on the night of Bujams 16th birthday, that unrivalled magic genius went missing.


Bujam suddenly disappeared, making the entire Cloud Tower go crazy and scour all Okland, almost leading to a war among the major forces. But regretfully, they couldnt find him, he was simply nowhere to be seen.

Time gradually passed, and fifteen years later, when everyone thought that the exceptional genius had disappeared, Bujam returned to Okland.

And he returned as the leader of a 3rd rate Mercenary Group, with a palm-sized gray pup at his side and leading a group of weak and disabled mercenaries as he swaggered into Okland.

What most people couldnt understand was

Bujam was wearing leather armor and carrying a longbow with a quiver hanging at his waist

And no mana fluctuations were coming from his body!

This news shocked all of Okland.

This was like an earthquake. Who would have thought that the mage that had been shocking the entire Noscent would come back with a bow and arrows and no mana fluctuations?

Thus, many rumors about Bujam spread through Okland. The one that spread the most, and the one that most people believed, was that after Bujam went missing, he met an enemy outside Okland and suffered a serious injury. His mana had been scattered, leaving him a cripple.

But this didnt influence Bujam. He returned to the Cloud Tower once before leaving again for the city to buy a large place to station his mercenary group. He then led his 3rd-rate mercenary group and completed all kinds of tasks in Okland.

This confirmed the previous rumor

Bujam was Oklands pride before, an existence so dazzling that one couldnt look straight at him. How could he have fallen to leading a 3rd-rate mercenary group?

At first, many people looked at Bujam with sympathy, feeling that such a genius falling to such a level was truly a pity. Naturally, there were also those who gloated in his misfortune. When Bujam was at his peak, his proud nature made him offend many people. These people were joining up to sneer at the mercenary group Bujam associated himself with.

But Bujam still went on his own way. Pity? Sure. Sneer? Alright. It was as if nothing affected him

As days passed, people discovered that something strange.

Because, Bujams luck was very good, too good.

He had some unexpected harvests in almost every mission, especially the last two when his mercenary group dug up two ruins of the 3rd Dynasty not far from Okland!

This caused a bit of a stir.

After all, this was near the end of the peak of the magic era! That crazy gravedigging era had already passed, and the remaining ruins of the 3rd Dynasty in Noscent could be counted on ones fingers. In a short two months, Bujam found two of them, what kind of concept was that?

Not to mention, they were near Okland

Many rumors concerning Bujam started spreading again.

And Bujam started relying on his massive wealth to recruit mercenaries. It only took a year for him to lead his 3rd-rate mercenary group to become one of the top three mercenary groups of Okland.

The most frightening part was that Bujams heaven-defying luck still persisted. He would gain something special during each mission, covering his entire mercenary group in a halo of fortune. And after half a year, Bujams mercenary group ultimately discovered a ruin from the Nesser Dynasty and had a decisive battle against Oklands number one mercenary group which had been holding back from suppressing the newcomers for far too long.

That was the first fight Bujam personally took part in, a year and a half since he came back to Okland.

Well, describing it as a fight might be an exaggeration.

Because Bujam only used one arrow.

He used one arrow to shoot all the powerhouses of the number one mercenary group of Okland, and the confrontation then became a one-sided slaughter.

After this arrow, Bujams mercenary group directly jumped up to the 1st rank, and Bujam himself was given an altar in Okland.

For the next several hundred years, Bujam took his mercenary group to fight on all sides and they were undefeated, earning him the title of Mercenary King.

Bujams name gradually spread through bards and minstrels, and his colorful life was recounted to everyone. Everyone started to learn that the palm-sized gray pup at Bujams side wasnt just a normal pup, but rather a frightening Heaven Rank magic beast, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

And Bujams heaven-defying luck came from this Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, because its 3rd Eye could see things that no other people could, it could even see through the fog of time and space.

This was the most famous story about a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in Noscent.

Lin Yun had read this story quite a few times because time-wise, that story took place very close to the end of the world.

Thus, Lin Yuns previous move wasnt strange.

He was originally prepared to cast his Frost Lance, but when he noticed that red mark, Lin Yuns heart shook and he realized that this might be a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

Now, he was certain. He would have to rely on Shawn for the rest

As he thought of this, Lin Yun gently rubbed the ring on his finger.

But Shawn didnt answer for a while

"Hmm?" Lin Yun was a bit surprised, before recalling that Shawn had absorbed the Evil Dragon Eye and was still slumbering

Forget it, in any case, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs fighting strength is not worth mentioning before it grows to adulthood.

Besides being careful not to let it escape, he didnt have too much to be anxious about.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun no longer worried about it and directly put the pup sealed by a ring of mana into his pocket, despite its pitiful howls.