End Of The Magic Era Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Thunder And Lightning


"Hey" Lin Yun discovered that after being put in his pocket, the Secret Wolf unexpectedly became content with its lot and stopped scratching and biting. Its howls even quieted down

No, no, they werent just quieter

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf now looked completely infatuated. It turned and flipped in Lin Yuns pocket as if it had found something fun to play with

This is a lot simpler Lin Yun thought for a while, but didnt understand. He felt that since the Secret Wolfs fighting strength was limited, and since it was bound by that ring of mana, it shouldnt be a threat.

After confirming this, Lin Yun looked into the distance again. Dean and the Thunderbirds attacks on the Wolf King were in full swing.

The Wolf King was truly powerful

Lin Yun estimated that even if it wasnt quite Level 34, it was at least Level 33. Its strength was already comparable to Thorne Merlins. Lin Yun felt that it would be a bit difficult even if he made a move himself, but Dean and the Thunderbird were actually blocking that wolf – Box novel.c om

No, no, they werent just blocking it.

Dean had made a crucial decision during the battle. He used the fact that the Wolf King couldnt disengage with him to have the mercenaries group up

Yes, the hundred-man mercenary group had already been gathered together. They were now leaning against a steep cliff, facing the thousands of wolves advancing on them.

"Oh, that Dean is actually smart" With one glance, Lin Yun could see that the mercenary group might have a chance to win

It looked as if the mercenary group was being besieged by the pack of wolves, but they only needed to defend in three directions now, which was a lot better compared to before.

More importantly they had been separated by the Frost Wolves before, making it difficult for them to coordinate.

But it was different now.

The mercenary group had gathered together and, under Deans orders, they were able to burst out with power that was almost twice as strong as before.

And Dean was very clever.

He had been doing everything he could to entangle the Wolf King, not seeking to directly injure it, but rather letting the mercenary group gather up firepower for an attack on the Wolf King.

This shouldnt be looked down upon.

There were a dozen Divine Archers, three High Mages, and a dozen Great Mages. The damage that such a group would deal would be far greater than that of an all-out attack from Dean.

I was planning on doing them a favor before leaving, but it seems that there is no need for it now If Lin Yun couldnt understand the situation from this scene, he would be ashamed of himself.

The situation was very clear now

Even if waves upon waves of Frost Wolves were advancing on the mercenaries, even if the mercenary group kept losing people, even if Dean was already riddled with scars

All this would be exchanged for a heavy blow on the Wolf King.

The Wolf King that had been entangled with Dean had already been hit by two waves of attacks from the mercenaries, putting it in a far worse situation than Dean. – Box novel.c om

As long as the Wolf King died, the thousands of Frost Wolves would become headless chickens and the mercenary group would be able to reap their harvest.

Seeing this, Lin Yun already knew that this battle would end in the victory of the mercenary group.

It was good if they could win, since at least they wouldnt need his help.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun no longer hesitated and patted Xiubans shoulder. "Lets go"


He Hasted the two of them, and they quickly left this area.

"Scoundrels, dont let me find you!" At this time, Dean, who was being attacked by Frost Wolves cursed. Inhuman, heartless, you see the mercenary group fighting here and you still leave? Are you a man or a beast?

Unfortunately, a certain person had no problem watching others die. With the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in his pocket and the Draconic Beastman following him, Lin Yun happily left the battlefield. A few minutes later, he found the three Merlins near the corpses of those magic beasts.

"How did it go?" Seeing Lin Yun returning, the three promptly welcomed him.

"Decent harvest." Lin Yun calmly smiled. No one could expect that this "decent harvest" was a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf that had only appeared a handful of times in Noscent.

After quickly hearing what had happened since they separated, the group of five looked up at the sky and saw that it would soon be dark. After a quick discussion, they decided to pitch their tents not far off.

A bonfire was set up between the few tents, and next to the bonfire was the continuously complaining Draconic Beastman.

"Why am I on night watch?" Xiuban was sitting next to the bonfire while gnashing his teeth, but he didnt dare to be too loud, out of fear of disturbing a certain persons meditation. "Arent Beastmen people too? Dont we also need sleep?"


Just when the Draconic Beastman cursed in a low voice, an exclamation could be heard from Lin Yuns tent.

Shit! Xiuban jumped up in fear. He thought he had been heard and subconsciously covered his mouth while sneakily looking all over the place to check for Syudos.


After looking for an entire minute, the Draconic Beastman didnt see Syudos appearing or anymovement from Lin Yuns tent.

But the Draconic Beastman wasnt too reassured, so he asked, on edge, "Sir, did something happen?"

"Its fine, guard properly."

"Oh" The Draconic Beastman nodded before quietly sitting next to the bonfire, not daring to curse after being startled like this.

The Draconic Beastman simply didnt know that the omniscient Sir Merlin was far from being as calm and collected as he imagined.

After returning to his tent, Lin Yun didnt immediately start meditating. He opened his pocket to take out some food for the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

But Lin Yun was driven mad after opening his pocket

Lin Yun had two pockets. The left pocket had arrays carved on it to expand the space within. This was a method commonly used by many mages. A mage needed to take a lot of things when setting out on a journey, but spatial items were few and rare in the current era, so mages used spatial expansion arrays instead.

But these spatial expansion arrays had a weak point.

They had to be unlocked every time they were opened.

It would usually require an incantation or a gesture.

This was indeed a bit inconvenient for mages because anything could happen in an instant in a battle, so no one dared to waste time. Unlocking an array might be fine normally, but in a fight, this split-second might be the difference between life and death.

Thus, most of the time, Lin Yun would put items he would usually use in his right pocket, such as magic tools, potions, or mana crystals. That pocket didnt have any arrays carved on it. It was an ordinary pocket, and after capturing the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, Lin Yun put it in this pocket.

But something happened as a result.

When Lin Yun opened his pocket, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was laying down, curled into a ball.

"No way" Lin Yun suddenly realized that something might have happened.

And sure enough, after Lin Yun lifted the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf and checked his pocket, he turned dumbstruck

The dozen mana crystals in his pocket had all disappeared.

The magic tools and potions were alright, but from the tooth marks, Lin Yun could see that they hadnt escaped the vicious attacks.

"Shit" Lin Yun was a bit dumbstruck by the loss of those mana crystals. Those were usually used to replenish his mana, and although they werent mana crystals of the highest level, there were still some mana crystals that were level 20 or more. Lin Yun was a High Mage, after all, so mana crystals under level 20 were meaningless to him.

But now

A dozen mana crystals that were over level 20 had all disappeared!

This was a few million golds!

As for their whereabouts

Needless to say, one look at the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs belly was enough to understand.

Lin Yun helplessly stood there as he looked at the still sleeping Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, not knowing what he should say

They had already been eaten, did he really have to make it spit them out?

"Hmm?" As he was twitching, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that the mark on the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs forehead looked a bit off.

"Whats going on?" Lin Yun suddenly got worried. He had just lost these mana crystals, and it wouldnt be funny if he learnt that this Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was actually a fake now.

"Awooo, owooo" The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was still dreaming. It was sound asleep after eating those mana crystals, rubbing its belly while making sounds in its sleep.

But a small change appeared on the imprint on its forehead.

Lin Yun could clearly remember that the imprint on had been red, it had been a small red dot that looked just like a drop of blood.

But now

This "bloodstain" had turned into a strange symbol.

Whats this Lin Yun frowned as he carefully examined it, before becoming dumbstruck once again.

That bloodstain-like imprint on the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs forehead was actually a Divine Rune that came from the source of all knowledge, the Ascian Dynasty!

Lin Yun actually knew that rune

It meant Thunder and Lightning, the world-deafening thunder and the earth-rending lightning!