End Of The Magic Era Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Python


Yes, that was the meaning behind Thunder and Lightning. Lin Yun clearly remembered the notes detailing the research of the Ascian Dynasty he had seen in the decaying library. Although the Divine Runes werent perfectly reproduced, some of the important and simple runes were able to be translated, such as the four elements, Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, or Thunder and Lightning, Light and Darkness, and so on.

Now, the character on the forehead of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was the character for Thunder and Lightning.

But why was it a rune?

Lin Yun thought about it for a while, but he couldnt understand.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was a rare existence, one so mysterious that there was basically nothing written about it. If not for the story of the Mercenary King, there might not have been a proper record of a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in Noscent.

But even in the case of the Mercenary King, most of the information detailed his world-shaking strength and painted his life in a legendary light, yet the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf at his side didnt receive that halo.

Otherwise, Lin Yun might have known that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had such a huge appetite for mana crystals.

Hold on, mana crystals" Thinking of this, Lin Yun suddenly froze.

He then shivered.

Of the dozen mana crystals, the strongest was the mana crystal that came from Vaughns laboratory.

It was the one from the Alpha Thunderbird he had killed with Syudos

Lin Yun remembered that one because the Alpha Thunderbird had already reached level 30, yet the mana crystal that it dropped had only been level 26 for some odd reason.

Lin Yun had once guessed that this might have happened because of the different environment in Vaughns laboratory. Under the influence of some power, the Thunderbird broke through its own limits and display power past level 30. Lin Yun even guessed that this was due to the mountain range in the northern part of Gaugass

Naturally, this was only a conjecture. The truth would have to wait until Lin Yun grew strong enough to go to that mountain range and investigate personally.

At the time, Lin Yun had checked and confirmed that this mana crystal actually possessed the power of Thunder and Lightning and had no other effect. To Lin Yun, mana crystals with less energy than spirit mana crystals were only suitable for replenishing his mana. Thus, after thinking about it, Lin Yun just threw that mana crystal into his pocket

In the end, he had yet to use it to replenish his mana before it was eaten by the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

And after the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf ate those mana crystals, that red imprint on his forehead changed into the ancient Divine Rune of Thunder and Lightning, was it linked?

After thinking about it, Lin Yun felt that this might actually be the case

Why else would its imprint change to that rune with such coincidental timing?

But why is it a Divine Rune This was the part that Lin Yun couldnt understand. Although the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was rare, it shouldnt be related to the Ancient Gods, right?

Why did the Divine Rune of Thunder and Lightning appear after it ate a mana crystal containing the power of Thunder and Lightning?

"Hey, whats going on in the end" Lin Yun poked the belly of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, wanting to wake it up to ask.

But in the end, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that he had underestimated that guys sleepiness.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf only waved its claw, as if it wanted to swat away the thing that was disturbing its sleep, before flipping its body to keep slumbering

"You little" Lin Yun cursed in a very bad mood, but he couldnt do anything about that guy.

It was clear.

That thing was special.

There were so few of them in Noscents history that they were even rarer than Heaven Mages. Thus, Lin Yun dismissed his thought of making an invisibility cloak from it and was toying with the idea of raising it as a pet.

Lin Yun didnt dare to bother it right now.

Just in case he did something wrong.

Helpless, Lin Yun could only put it back in his pocket, but only after he carefully emptied the things in his pocket and put them into the other pocket.

Who knew if that guy would be hungry again after waking up?

It was fine if mana crystals were eaten, but magic tools and potions Especially potions. The potions in his pockets had all kinds of effects, and if something happened to the wolf after it drank a potion, Lin Yun would have no time for regret.

The next day, the group of five passed the Aurij Mountain Range.

They then entered the range of the Tulan Mountains

Lin Yun could clearly feel the difference at this time. The Tulan Mountains were a brand new world. He had only set foot on the outskirts, yet they started to meet many magic beasts stronger than the ones on the Aurij Mountains.

Xiuban was still in charge of the assault, but the three Merlin Cousins also had to participate.

All the magic beasts were above Level 20 there, and they were roaming around in large numbers. Relying on Xiuban alone wasnt safe. One afternoon, the group even met a Level 30 Gold-Ringed Python. Without Lin Yun helping, the four of them spent a lot of strength and effort to force the Gold-Ringed Python back.

The group was already approaching the Traces of Misfortune and Lin Yun gradually felt some chaotic and exceptionally powerful mana fluctuations in the distance. Even the Magic Array seemed unable to bear this pressure and was constantly revolving.

Lin Yun knew that once they entered the Traces of Misfortune, they wouldnt encounter just a Gold-Ringed Python, but rather a Gold-Ringed Python King. Therefore, Lin Yun had no choice but to call Leon over. "Cousin Leon, you said that you knew a way to bypass the Traces of Misfortune"

"Yes, but"

"Hmm?" Lin Yun frowned, his expression becoming rather serious as he looked at Leon.

"Dont worry, listen to me first" Leon was startled and knew that his answer had dissatisfied his younger cousin. He didnt dare to keep him in suspense and hurriedly explained, "The shortcut I talked about is not far ahead, but we might have to spend some time finding the specific location, as I lack a piece of the map"

"Lack a piece of the map?" Lin Yun froze, before recalling something. He felt around in his pocket before taking out a piece of yellow parchment. "Take a look at this."

"Eh?" Leon had a bewildered expression as he took that parchment from Lin Yuns hands. After looking at it, a cheerful expression appeared on his face. "Yes, yes, this is it, Cousin Mafa, where did you get this?"

"I picked it up."

"" Lin Yuns answer was bold and straightforward, yet Ross and William were both thinking, You picked it up off the corpse of Stan Watson

After getting the missing piece, Leon suddenly seemed excited as he fished out a few similar pieces of parchment from his pocket before putting them on the ground and assembling them to form a complete map.

"Its inside the valley!" An expression of sudden realization appeared on Leons face. "We only have to follow this map and in three hours, we will be able to enter the valley. The entrance to the shortcut is there, and that is the only way to bypass the Traces of Misfortune and still pass through the Tulan Mountain Range!"

After gaining a clear direction, the group of five no longer hesitated. Xiuban was still charging ahead with the three Merlin cousins in tow. They kept charging forward, facing all kinds of magic beasts as they rushed for the valley.

The group reached their destination in the afternoon.

This valley was somewhat different.

Because of the existence of the Traces of Misfortune, the Tulan Mountains surroundings had always been known for being desolate, but the scenery they could see after entering the valley was a sight to behold. A small rivers gurgling, verdant and lush trees, a grassy lawn, and even the blazing sun above their heads felt gentle.

"There is actually such a place" William had been fighting the entire way without a break, so when he saw such a place, an expression of contentment appeared on his face. He rushed to the stream of water to take some water to wash his face.

"Wait, dont move" But Lin Yun, who was controlling a Mage Eye to investigate the valley, noticed Williams actions and promptly called out to him.

"Ah?" William instantly froze.

"Get out of there, quick!"

"Oh, oh" Fortunately, William had always taken his younger cousins words to heart. Although Lin Yun hadnt had time to explain, William still retreated a dozen steps obediently.

And sure enough

Just as William quickly retreated, a loud explosion came from the stream of water

It was followed by a geyser shooting into the air

Between the shock, almost everyone could see the huge, black shadow that had caused that geyser of water.

It was a Python that had been hiding in the stream.

It was frighteningly quick, and it travelled a dozen meters in a split second. Only a loud sound was heard as that sinister head rose in front of William.

Williams nostrils were filled with a rank smell when the Python opened its bloody maw to bite into him