End Of The Magic Era Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Soul Injection


Sure enough Seeing this, Lin Yun knew that he hadnt guessed wrong and that this place was exactly like the Four Seasons Canyon. It became a special place after being twisted by some kind of force.

But the formation of the Four Seasons Canyon was related to a fragment of soul of an Ancient God.

Then this

Was it possible that a fragment of an Ancient Gods soul was buried in this valley?

As he thought of this, Lin Yun suddenly realized a problem Although he had a fragment of an Ancient Gods soul, he actually knew nothing about such an unreasonable existence.

He had found that soul under the ancient tree of the Four Seasons Canyon, but under the strong protest of Lord Shawn, he threw it into his Demiplane, not paying attention to it for a few months. If it hadnt been for this valley possibly having a second soul fragment, he might have already forgotten about this matter

I wonder if its still there After having William and the others rest, Lin Yun looked for a secluded location before opening the Book of Death to open a Planar Path

The surroundings distorted, and Lin Yun set foot in the Demiplane once again.

A stunned expression appeared on his face

"Whats going on?" Seeing everything before him, Lin Yun was a bit dumbstruck.

He clearly remembered that this place was a barren land last time he came, a few months ago.

But now

The whole Demiplane was actually thriving!

Trees and grass were spreading everywhere, a river was slowly flowing through the Demiplane, a gentle sun was warming his head, and the air carried the fragrance of earth. The world seemed full of vitality.

The most frightening part was

This all happened while the four elements were unstable and the Laws had yet to develop.

What did this mean?

Anyone with a basic understanding of Demiplanes knew that they could only nurture life after their laws were stabilized, because life couldnt be nurtured from chaos. Only when chaos turned to order could life bloom.

This was the most frightening part, because it meant that the power giving birth to all this was even above the Laws!

Lin Yun was already a High Mage, and his fighting power was comparable to that of an Archmage. He could be considered a powerhouse in Okland, but even Lin Yun had a vague and abstract grasp of the Laws.

What were the Laws? Laws were the power of the world.

Why was the Star Gem inlaid in the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel so precious?

It was because the Star Gem possessed a bit of world power.

Yes, only a bit

But now, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that he would most likely face a power that was above the Laws.

The gap was too great

Lin Yun felt afraid just thinking about it

"Shawn, Lord Shawn" Lin Yun called out. But when he didnt get his answer, he cursed, feeling a bit flustered, "Fuck, do you not even want to know how youll die?"

Lin Yun was basically clueless about that Ancient Gods soul fragment. The only reason he had accepted that decision was Shawns suggestion..

He thought that since the four elements were unstable and the Laws had yet to be born, no matter how evil that Ancient Gods soul fragment was, it wouldnt create any major trouble.

But he hadnt expected this situation. Yes, the elements were still unstable and the Laws had yet to be born, but that accursed Ancient Gods soul fragment couldnt be understood. Under such circumstances, it actually gave birth to such thriving scenery.

But Shawn, who caused all this, kept sleeping, which truly infuriated Lin Yun.

"Hell, why is there the aura of an Ancient God?" While Lin Yun was stewing in anger, a voice came from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. "What are you doing?!"

"Dont bring it up," Lin Yun unhappily answered.

As he said this, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel shook out of Lin Yuns body and Enderfa materialized into black smoke with three strange faces: a smiling face, a weeping face, and a serious face. The three faces were floating in the air with a strange aura.

Looking at those three faces, Lin Yun remembered the earth-shattering Dragon Roar that had echoed when the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was completed.

"It truly is the aura of an Ancient God" When Enderfa appeared, he wasnt able to hold back an exclamation. "Where is this, why is there the aura of an Ancient God here? What have you done!? Explain quickly! This is no joke, everything linked to Ancient Gods is taboo. They attract countless disasters to those who come in contact with them"

"I know, I know" Lin Yun looked at the thriving scene in front of him and truly felt unmotivated. "I only threw an Ancient Gods soul fragment in here"

"What!" Enderfa almost jumped up when he heard Lin Yuns words. "You, you You threw an Ancient Gods soul fragment in here?"


"Heavens" Enderfa was going insane. "Dont you know what Ancient Gods soul fragments are?"

"I said, I know"

"You dont know!" Enderfa angrily answered. "Had you known, you wouldnt have touched it to begin with!"

"So whats to be done now?"

"Leave immediately and never return!"

"This" Lin Yun was a bit dumbstruck.

"What? You dont want to leave?"

"Thats not it, I forgot to tell you, but this is actually a Demiplane"

"" Lin Yuns words silenced Enderfa.

Enderfa needed no less than a minute to recover.

"Tell me, what happened in the end" Enderfa felt extremely powerless.

"It happened like this" Lin Yun didnt hide anything and recounted everything from when he entered the Four Seasons Canyon up until he dug up that Ancient Gods soul fragment under the Ancient Tree.

Enderfa listened very carefully.

He didnt say anything after listening, but the three different faces all seemed frozen. After no less than a minute, Enderfa let out a long sigh. "Of course you found that Ancient Demons soul in the Four Seasons Canyon"

"What? You knew about it?" Lin Yun didnt find it too strange that Enderfa knew about this Ancient "Demons" soul fragment since it had been residing in the Four Seasons Canyon, near Vaughns laboratory.

"Of course I know," Enderfa helplessly said. "Vaughn had remained in the Four Seasons Canyon because of that Ancient Demons soul fragment."


"I dont know much about the details, Im only a Magic Tool Incarnation, but I know that Vaughn stayed all those years in the Four Seasons Canyon and would go out once a month. Every time he returned, he would carry the aura of an Ancient God. Moreover, Vaughn once used the Crystal Scale to perfect a shocking experiment."

"What experiment?" Lin Yun suddenly got curious.

"He wanted to inject a soul into an alchemy puppet"

"" Lin Yun held his breath when he heard that.

Soul Injection into an alchemy puppet, this was simply crazy!

Although some puppets in Noscent had intelligence, such as those three Heaven Rank puppets Vaughn owned, or some of the powerful existences of the Puppet Plane, they were mostly born with spirituality.

But having spirituality at birth was something different.

The birth of a puppets spirituality was similar to the birth of a Magic Tool Incarnation. They were both the by-products of alchemy, but Soul Injection was another matter altogether. There had never been a successful case in Noscents history, even during the peak of the magic civilization, even during the peak of alchemy. This was something simply impossible, or so it had been recorded.

"He He succeeded?"

"I dont know"

"You dont know?"

Even Enderfa didnt know so it might have succeeded, or it might not have.

"During that time, Ive been secretly guessing whether the Ancient Gods aura soaking Vaughn had something to do with that experiment"

"You" Lin Yun swallowed with some difficulty. "You mean Vaughn wanted Vaughn wanted to use a puppet to resurrect an Ancient God?"

Lin Yun was startled by this development.

If this was true, then Vaughn was a pure lunatic, the craziest alchemist in history.

Ancient Gods were true taboo in Noscent. Even touching something linked to them would bring a curse or a disaster, yet Vaughn wanted to use a puppet to resurrect an Ancient God. If he succeeded, then Noscents history might have been rewritten.

But, as Lin Yun was soaking in the horror, Enderfas voice once again echoed.

"It wasnt something as simple as a resurrection"