End Of The Magic Era Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Traces Of Misfortune


Lin Yun knew that the place destroyed by that pillar of light was the valley he had just been at, and that the pillar was definitely the power of the Ancient God.

For thousands upon thousands of years, the power of the Ancient God had covered the valley, but because of the soul fragment being buried underground, that power never erupted out. Lin Yun now took away that soul fragment and had it fuse with another soul fragment, involuntarily trigger the power shrouding the valley. As this power erupted, it destroyed the whole valley.

Thinking about it

The valley was several kilometers wide. If he hadnt left the valley in time, wouldnt he have turned into ashes?

Too frightening

Lin Yun still had goosebumps, his heart beating madly as he started examining his surroundings.

This was a black plain, covered in deep, endless fog. Even if one had the sight of an eagle, they wouldnt be able to see more than fifty meters ahead.

"How could I be so unlucky" Lin Yun frowned. Fortune Boxes were so disliked because one could never know where they would end up.

Just like this black plain. This was a damnable place, and only that black fog could be seen. He simply couldnt orientate himself. No one would be able to avoid losing their way in such a place.

Hold on a black plain Lin Yun was startled as he thought of something. A black plain covered in deep fog Could this be the Traces of Misfortune? No way

Lin Yun was dumbstruck when he reached that conclusion.

Thats exactly the appearance of the Traces of Misfortune, isnt it? Isnt this too unlucky?

Lin Yun had taken Leon along precisely because he wanted to avoid this place.

But he ended up here anyway

This was quite troublesome

Lin Yuns expression became quite grim. The Traces of Misfortune were also called the scar of the Tulan Mountain Range. This was a truly cursed land, a black wasteland constantly covered in heavy fog. If an ordinary person came into contact with it, they would rot away and die. Even mages and swordsmen wouldnt dare stay in this poisonous fog for too long because even mana and Aura would be corroded by that poisonous mist.

Only powerhouses like High Mages and Expert Swordsmen could rely on their mana and Aura to resist the assault of the poisonous mist.

Six hundred years ago, when the Black Tower was at its peak, they once attempted to conquer this cursed canyon.

The Gaugass Battlemages had yet to split from the Black Tower at the time. The Black Tower was truly at its peak as it overlooked the entire Andlusa Kingdom and could be considered the number one force. It even had two Heaven Rank powerhouses, over a dozen Archmages, and over a hundred High Mages. Such a force could sweep through Okland nowadays.

But even so, the Black Tower suffered some unimaginable losses in Traces of Misfortune.

At first, they had progressed very smoothly. The Black Towers luxurious lineup swept through almost all of the Traces of Misfortune, from south to east. They crushed countless magic beasts under their spell bombardment. The report of every battle would make its way back to Okland, causing a sensation.


Just as the Black Tower thought that they would conquer the Traces of Misfortune, a disaster descended. All kinds of magic beasts started appearing, more numerous and stronger, just like a tide, coming wave after wave. The Black Tower kept crushing them at first, but soon, the Black Tower realized something was off. These suddenly appearing magic beasts seemed endless. No matter how many they killed, there would always be more magic beasts appearing, fiercer, bigger, braver

That was the most bitter battle in the Black Towers history.

Several dozen High Mages sacrificed their lives in that battle. Six Archmages died and one Heaven rank powerhouse received grievous injuries, before falling within another a hundred years. This battle didnt enrich the Black Tower, it sapped its strength and laid the seeds which led to the split three hundred years down the line.

After three months, the Black Tower withdrew from the Traces of Misfortune and sealed away all the information, remaining tight-lipped about it. Besides the Black Tower itself, no one knew what they had met in the Traces of Misfortune.

The Black Towers actions painted the Traces of Misfortune in a mystical light. It was already six hundred years since then, yet no force in Andlusa dared to challenge the Traces of Misfortune.

How could my luck be so bad Lin Yun scratched his cheek, wondering what was going on.

In fact, it was wrong to say that he had bad luck, considering that hed managed to escape unscathed from an Ancient Gods explosion of power.

But it couldnt be described as good either The Fortune Box sending him into the Traces of Misfortune couldnt be regarded as lucky

Fortunately, its not too late Lin Yun calculated what time it was. There was still a decade left before that thing awakened. In other words, he wouldnt end up like the Black Tower, meeting endless monsters that made even Heaven Rank powerhouses fall.

But this was the only good news for Lin Yun

I really hope they recorded the date right Lin Yun tightly held his Doom Staff before softly casting a Light spell, relying on the gentle illumination to head north.

This was the direction of the Tulan Mountains.

Lin Yun now knew why the Traces of Misfortune were called a cursed land. This place was full of danger. In a short hour, Lin Yun fought seven times. Such frequency was incredibly high.

But this was normal in the Traces of Misfortune. All kinds of magic beasts were hiding amidst the deep, poisonous fog. They were tormented to madness by starvation and the toxin, and they would frantically attack once they detected the aura of a living being.

But the magic beasts able to live in Traces of Misfortune were all predators. They were surviving the poisonous fog by preying on the weaker magic beasts while surviving the incessant hunger. They were far stronger than ordinary magic beasts.

Even Lin Yun had a hard time in this black wasteland

Another explosion echoed. Lin Yun couldnt even remember how many Flame Bursts he had released. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel above his head was shining brightly as usual as runes rushed forth like a tide. Spells scattered around as runes flew in all directions, putting down one magic leopard after the other.

And in front of Lin Yun was a Level 30 Magic Leopard King.

This Magic Leopard King was over a meter tall and over four meters long. Its body was covered in a high quality fur that seemed like black satin, and even in a gloomy place such as the Traces of Misfortune, its luster could be seen flashing from time to time. Two fist-sized red eyes were attentively watching Lin Yun, fully of killing intent and madness.

The Magic Leopard Kings speed was shocking. Even if Lin Yun used Haste to its limit, he couldnt keep up with that abnormal speed. It really was like lightning. If he didnt pay attention, it would close in and break the Ice Wall and Lin Yuns neck, with a single swipe. One hit would tear his body to shreds.

Lin Yun made a mistake when the battle started..

His Flame Flash was a split second too slow.

In that moment, the Magic Leopard King flashed behind Lin Yun and swiped down.

Fortunately, Lin Yun reacted quickly enough.

When he realized that his Flame Flash was too slow, he cast an Ice Fire Shield to protect himself, forcibly using the Ice Shield to block that swipe.

But even so

The sharp claws of the Magic Leopard King instantly tore through the Ice Shield, making Lin Yun, who had managed to open the distance with Flame Flash, break into a cold sweat. If the claw reached his body, even if Lin Yun had all kinds of defensive spells cast by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, he would still be torn apart by the Magic Leopard King.

This was the most difficult battle Lin Yun had encountered after entering the Traces of Misfortune, with over a hundred Magic Leopards surrounding him and a Magic Leopard King, which reached level 30, eyeing him covetously.

Fortunately, he was Lin Yun

Under the control of Enderfa, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel burst with its full power. All kinds of spells kept pouring down. The light of the Star Gem and the Elemental Amber dimmed from the expenditure of energy. Lin Yun estimated that it would take a full day for this True Spirit Magic Tool to recover to its peak.