End Of The Magic Era Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Red Flame Fish Oil


The next several items auctioned weren’t any of the materials that Lin Yun needed, and Solomon’s attention didn’t seem to be on the auction at all. The two began an idle chat, and the subject matter quickly turned to magic. Normally, a Mage and a High Mage wouldn’t have much in common, since the difference between their realms was too wide.

But on one hand, Lin Yun wasn’t an ordinary Mage, and on the other hand, Solomon deliberately showed consideration. Even if he spontaneously brought up a topic, it would be mostly within the realm of what Mages would know about, and even if it was occasionally in the Great Mage realm, he wouldn’t go too far or dwell on it.

Both of them had very deep knowledge of magic, and the discussion was very interesting and harmonious.

But unfortunately, this harmonious conversation didn’t continue for long.

Because an uninvited guest arrived at the box.

“High Mage Solomon, I am Mason of the Monchi Family. Could you do me the honor of allowing me inside?” Mason stood at the door of the box, fixing his appearance while taking a deep breath.

Mason, who wasn’t seen in a good light in the Monchi family these days, finally got the opportunity to represent his whole family. It was easy to imagine what kind of mood he was in.

While standing in front of the door, Mason was thinking that he had to make a proper performance and let Solomon see his outstanding magical talent. And if the revered High Mage was in a cheerful mood, he might even decide to give him a few pointers. He had to make a proper impression to let his father, his older brother, and everyone in Thousand Sails City know that the Monchi clan didn’t only have Ryan to represent them.

“Come in.” Solomon helplessly shook his head and smiled apologetically to Lin Yun.

“Greetings, High Mage Solomon, I am here on behalf of my father, who” Mason entered the box with a dignified expression, but just as he was about to repeat the words told to him by his father, he realized that there were two unexpected people here.

Faleau and Mafa!

‘Such good luck!’ Mason was pleasantly surprised to see the brat here. He had been still thinking of waiting for the auction to be over before dealing with that annoyance. He never thought that his luck would be so good that he would find him in Solomon’s box before the auction was even halfway through.

‘Solomon’s box isn’t a place that just anyone can enter as they please! Even I was warned repeatedly by Father to be polite and respectful. Yet this Mafa Merlin dared to appear here, how arrogant is he?’ Mason thought. ‘That’s right, that guy definitely heard that High Mage Solomon was here, so he came over to try his luck and see whether High Mage Solomon would take pity on him and give him the opportunity to learn in the Sage Tower.’

‘A trick like this won’t escape my notice!’ Mason was rather proud of how well he had learned to detect intrigue. ‘But this is good. I was worried about not finding you, but you actually delivered yourself to me and even gave me the opportunity to show my intelligence and wisdom before High Mage Solomon!’

Mason took a deep breath and calmed his mood before pointing his finger at Lin Yun and chastising with an expression full of righteousness, “Mafa Merlin, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you hurrying out, is this a place you can be in? Can you afford to bother High Mage Solomon’s rest?”

As Mason’s words trailed off, the box became silent.

Lin Yun and Solomon didn’t react at all…

But the look that Faleau had as he stared at Mason He was completely dumbstruck. ‘Wh-what is he even talking about? Is the second son of the Monchi family completely brainless or what? Does he not know that the person he is pointing at is a future Master Alchemist? This is a person that Cadgar personally welcomed and treated politely. To point at him so carelessly and say something like that, he doesn’t want to keep his hand, right?’

His attitude could hardly be further from how it had been when he first met Lin Yun.

‘Moreover, asking if this is a place he can be in Damn, if it wasn’t for Solomon urging Merlin to stay, we would have already gone back to our box. No wonder half of Monchi’s hair already turned white before he turned fifty. It was all due to this idiot son. Truly pathetic. If I had such a stupid son, I would be so ashamed to have to admit our relationship’

“What? Still not getting out?” Mason didn’t seem to notice anyone else’s reactions. As he stood there, righteously calling Mafa out, everyone looked at him in silence. He felt that his aura was very mighty at this moment, making him feel quite pleased.

“I’m telling you, you’d better get out immediately. Don’t say I’m not giving you any respect, wait until someone throws you out, and you’ll understand what it’s like to feel really pathetic.”

“That’s enough, Mason.” Seeing that this guy was getting more and more unreasonable, Solomon, who had been enjoying the scene, ultimately put a stop to it. After coughing a few times, he explained, “Mage Merlin is my guest. You’ve said what your father sent you over for, right?”

“Eh?” Mason was suddenly stunned when he heard that. What kind of situation was this, why was it different from what he expected? He didn’t even get to accomplish his task and he had already been dismissed…

‘When did that Mafa Merlin become High Mage Solomon’s guest? Did High Mage Solomon pity him and deliberately give him a way out? This won’t do! I finally got a chance, I can’t let him trick High Mage Solomon like this.’ Mason quickly said, “That’s not it, High Mage Solomon, listen to me, this Mafa Merlin likes to act pathetic to trick people, don’t be tricked!”

“Solon, see to the young Monchi.” This time, Solomon just ignored Mason’s words and directly asked Solon to send him out.

“Young Master Monchi, please follow me.”

“High Mage Solomon, listen to me”

Mason was still struggling to make his case, but unfortunately, Solon was already taking him out of the box. No one really cared what else he had to say. As far as Lin Yun and Solomon were concerned, this was only a minor interlude. Neither of them was concerned about the antics of this second young master of the Monchi Family.

The atmosphere in the box became harmonious once again after Mason’s departure. The auction also carried on, and after about half an hour, Lin Yun finally got two of the remaining materials that he needed for the Mana Baptism.

Compared to the previous bidding on the Styx Water, these two purchases went a lot smoother, not attracting the attention of many others. He got them for less than ten thousand gold apiece.

Three of the four materials were already in his hands, and Lin Yun was quite relaxed as he continued to chat idly with Solomon, waiting for the last of the required materials to appear.

While they were talking, knocking sounds could be heard at the door of the box.

This time, it was Monchi himself, followed by a dejected Mason. The young lad had probably been properly taught a lesson by Monchi after his return. Although he still looked at Lin Yun with indignation, he didn’t dare to open his mouth.

“I am truly sorry, High Mage Solomon, I failed to discipline my son Mason and he offended you and your guest. I’m here to apologize on his behalf.”

Monchi had his head lowered as he entered. Even though Solomon didn’t put much weight to the matter, as he sympathized with the woes of parenting, even if he cared, he wouldn’t make things awkward for Monchi now, especially since Mafa hadn’t seemed to mind the raving.

“A trivial matter, President Monchi didn’t need to come here personally for that.” Solomon smiled politely while shaking his head. As if just remembering, he brought up another subject. “Oh right, President Monchi, Mason said you needed something, I wonder what it is?”

“Haha, it is also a trivial matter” Monchi let out a dry laugh, inwardly cursing to himself that the old geezer Solomon was clearly playing dumb. ‘I clearly looked for you for an important matter. Otherwise, how could I let Mason pass a message instead of waiting for the end of the auction? But that old geezer is good, he asked me about it in front of so many people. Damn, it’s not like I can ask whether he wants to conspire against the remains of the Merlin house while we’re in front of so many people…’

But even though Monchi was inwardly cursing, a smile was still plastered on his face. “Oh right, High Mage Solomon, I haven’t congratulated you yet for managing to obtain that Hell Destroyer scroll. I believe that the achievements of the Sage Tower will rise another step with this scroll. It’s truly worth celebrating.”

“Haha, it’s only a badly damaged Hell Destroyer incantation. If not for the fact that the people from the Ash Tower were determined to get it, I might not have gotten so heated in the bidding.”

Hearing the two old foxes putting on their acts, Lin Yun was getting somewhat annoyed, but it felt too awkward to say that he wanted to leave, so he could only sit there and endure, longing for his last acquisition to appear on the stage. Once he got it, he would take his leave from the box.

Fortunately, Lin Yun didn’t have to wait long.

A few minutes after, the fourth reagent that he needed for the Mana Baptism appeared.

“Next item, a bottle of Red Flame Fish Oil.”