End Of The Magic Era Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Life Source



Lin Yun was startled.

He was already a High Mage and his power was comparable to that of an Archmage. Even among Oklands powerhouses, very few could threaten him. But even so, he was deeply afraid of the Ancient Gods soul fragments in the Demiplane. He had carefully opened the Demiplane and had been scared witless when that strand of Divine Aura leaked out

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs actions had been very strange.

It hadnt looked that lively when he took out the mana crystals.

The Ancient Gods divine aura was like a finger poking the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf awake, but Lin Yun puzzled about why it rushed in after waking up. Lin Yun wished he could communicate with the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf to ask it the reason behind those actions.

But he didnt have time to think about this. He didnt know the situation of the Secret Wolf, and if something happened in that formerly desolate Demiplane

He impatiently set foot into the Demiplane.

This was the second time the Demiplane had transformed.

But he was actually more apprehensive now than the first time

In a short few days, some minute changes had happened in the Demiplane. The river wasnt as vast before, and Lin Yun could see trees spreading far in the distance. Grass was growing everywhere, full of the aura of life.

Lin Yun swallowed nervously when he felt some mana fluctuations. They came from where hed left the Ancient Gods soul fragments, and it was also the place with the richest aura of life in the entire plane.

The various changes of the Demiplane had all been caused by the Ancient Gods soul fragments.

And this was only a part of the power leaking out, creating forests, grass, and rivers, even though the four elements were unstable, bypassing the Laws.

Just a part of the Ancient Gods power created such a situation What if it fully awakened?

Lin Yun didnt dare to think about it.

He would hate to part with this naturally born Demiplane. Moreover, Enderfa had also said that the existence of the Ancient Gods soul fragment could help him. The Demiplane could completely mature in less than a decade, which was a very attractive prospect for him. Among the lucky ones who obtained a naturally born Demiplane, who didnt have to spend several hundred years before their Demiplane matured?

The value of that naturally born Demiplane was inestimable. It could become a true world of its own if it completely matured.

After entering the Demiplane, Lin Yun could feel how frighteningly efficient it would be to meditate here. He roughly estimated that it would be twenty times as effective as meditating in Noscent. Even Lin Yun, who had a vast trove of knowledge, couldnt think of a place comparable to here.

There was none

The Heaven Enlightening Plane was filled with rich mana, but the mana there couldnt be absorbed. Let alone Lin Yun, who was comparable to an Archmage, even Jouyi, who was standing at the peak of the Archmage realm and had touched upon Extraordinary power, wouldnt be able to handle absorbing even a wisp of that mana.

Lin Yun stood there calmly, sensing the situation in the Demiplane. He smiled as he felt the abundant and incredible mana.

Worth it It was worth going through that danger

Back then, Lin Yun chose to dig up the second soul fragment of an Ancient God in that secluded valley and put it in the Demiplane, making the two soul fragments fuse. In order to accomplish this, it could be said that he had gone through a lot of risks. If it had not been for that Fortune Box, Lin Yun might have been blasted to ashes along with that valley.

But seeing the scene in front of him, Lin Yun knew that the danger hed gone through was actually worth it.

Yes, it could be seen from this place.

The mana here could only be described as frightening. Even an idiot could quickly become a Mage in this place.

Although Lin Yun didnt need this place, it didnt mean that others wouldnt need it.

Such as Lin Yuns subordinates, those fifty Great Mages.

To be honest, a team of fifty Great Mages was enough to have a decent footing in Thousand Sails City and the eastern part of the kingdom.

But Lin Yun clearly knew that this was far from enough!

The Gilded Rose he created was his, so he knew the shortcomings of the Gilded Rose better than anyone else.

It lacked power

He was the core the Gilded Rose, but he couldnt remain in the Gilded Rose all his life. A formidable commerce operation needed an awe-inspiring mercenary group to back it up.

It could be seen from the Elder Council coveting his Gilded Rose. If those Elders had discreetly gone to Thousand Sails City without saying anything at the meeting, he would have suffered huge losses.

He had been thinking of using planes, but there hadnt been anything concrete.

Until he discovered the qualitative change in the Demiplane, only then did he ask William to send a message to Faleau.

That was an increase in meditation efficiency of twenty times!

He also prepared a few decent Meditation Law Sets. With the environment and the Meditation Law Sets, these Great Mages would definitely reach the High Mage realm. It would only be a matter of time.

When the time came, the Gilded Roses mercenary group would have a shocking fifty High Mages

With fifty High Mages, the Gilded Rose would definitely become the strongest force of the eastern part of the kingdom, cleanly replacing the Sage Tower and the Ash Tower in terms of status.

It would be best if he could visit Crystal Island and find the plan that Vaughn left behind in order to break away from the fear of the Ancient Gods awakening. But Lin Yun had a feeling that the naturally born Demiplane possessing the power of the Ancient Gods soul fragment might differ from the other naturally born Demiplanes that appeared in Noscents history.

As for the differences, he would have to slowly figure them out.

"Awooo, awooo, awooo"

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs howls echoed. It was now lying on the grass, contently rolling around. Lin Yun looked at it, worried it would throw up the mana crystals from rolling so much.

But since the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf looked fine, he felt at ease. Lin Yun felt that always carrying it in his pocket wasnt quite suitable, and it also consumed so many high level mana crystals as food. It was too extravagant It would be a lot better to just keep it in the Demiplane.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun removed the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs mana shackles. In any case, the mana in the Demiplane was so rich, so he might as well let it absorb it.


The instant the mana shackles were removed, a sharp howl echoed out. The palm-sized Three-Eyed Secret Wolf disappeared and was replaced by a Wolf King as tall as a man.

It looked exactly the same as the Wolf King he met in the Aurij Mountain Range.

"You are being naughty again"

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had transformed in a split second. Lin Yun thought for a short moment before summoning Enderfa.

"What?" Enderfas black mist appeared once again, forming three faces carrying three different expressions. But they all looked at Lin Yun with some sort of strange feeling. After noticing his surroundings, Enderfa knew that he was in the Demiplane again. "Damn! Dont ask me anything regarding the Ancient Gods, I did tell you that the matters concerning the Ancient Gods are taboo in Noscent, they bring endless curses Eh?"

Enderfa had yet to finish talking when his gaze was attracted by something. "Three-Eyed Secret Wolf"

"You know?" Lin Yun looked at Enderfa, dumbfounded. That Magic Incarnation gave the feeling of knowing many secrets, but he was guarding them meticulously. Not many people could recognize a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in this era, yet Enderfa had known what it was after just one glance.

"I want to discuss this with you." Lin Yun said, "Look at its head."

"Lightning Thunder!" Enderfa roared, flustered. Those three faces were all terrified.

"You want me to throw it away?" Since Enderfa didnt say anything, Lin Yun scratched his chin before breaking the silence. He had already expected such an outcome after calling Enderfa.

"Yes!" Enderfa angrily said. "You already know that everything about Ancient Gods is taboo and might bring endless disasters But you still took a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf into the Demiplane! I really think that you are a lunatic, just as crazy as Vaughn! Youll end up like him sooner or later!"

Lin Yun smiled, but didnt say anything. He and Vaughn were far too different. Vaughn was trying to seize the Ancient Gods soul, while he was doing something much smaller.

"Enderfa, you know how Vaughn ended How did he die?" Lin Yun used the gap in Enderfas words to pose this question. Sure enough, that mysterious Magic Tool Incarnation knows a lot.

"I, I How could I know!" Enderfa was clearly distracted.



Enderfa turned a deaf ear to Lin Yun, regardless of what he asked. Lin Yun put away the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel while shaking his head. Enderfa clearly knows more than he lets on, but regardless of the reason, he doesnt want to say anything or maybe doesnt dare to say anything.

This wasnt too urgent. He would have plenty of ways to make him talk later.

That guy has too many secrets, he is shrouded in mystery. Lin Yun was a bit surprised. Not only did Enderfa recognize the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf at first glance, but he was also able to understand Divine Characters

Lin Yun used the Planar Paths incantation and instantly disappeared.

"Awoo" The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf that had lost its mana shackles turned into a shadow and rushed away.

Although it was weaker than a level 5 magic beast when it came to actually fighting, its speed was unfathomable. Back then, Lin Yun had spent a lot of effort to capture it

The Ancient Gods soul fragment was calmly laying down on the lawn, emitting a rich aura of vitality. It was also the reason that the Demiplane had changed so drastically.

It was the Life Source