End Of The Magic Era Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Its Him


That arrow had been imbued with the power of a 3rd Rank Phantom Archer, so it took only an instant for the arrow to scatter the Ice Wall.

But Rolf wasnt pleased with this. He noticed that a big palm condensed out of mana used that instant to grab the Variant Black Lizard before the arrow could kill it!

Before Rolf could react, the Variant Black Lizard was brought back in front of a young mage. He saw the young mage inserting a sort of test tube in the heart of the Variant Black Lizard, and when he took the test tube out, a drop of purple blood could be seen at the bottom.

"What the hell!?" Rolf immediately roared. That drop of purple blood was the most precious part of the Variant Black Lizard. It was the only thing he could use to make the seven arrows reach True Spirit rank.

But someone else got to it first.

Rolfs eyes were red as he saw this. He was about to go scold that young mage and tell him to return the Variant Black Lizards blood, but the young mage was far away, and coldly smiled at him. As if he knew Rolfs intentions, he threw a few light Flame Bursts into a dense group of magic beasts.

Rumbles could be heard as the angered magic beasts recklessly rushed at the closest person, Rolf. You’re reading on B oxnovel.c om .Tks!

There were a few hundred of them, and the group didnt lack high-level magic beasts. Rolfs expression soured. How could he still have time to deal with that young mage? He was already surrounded by magic beasts.

Fucker, wait until I get to you! Rolf was furious.

He urged the magic aura in his body to the extreme and condensed it into arrows as he turned magic beast after magic beast into corpses.

He already remembered the appearance of the young mage, especially his sinister smile. He was only a 2nd Rank High Mage, how could he dare steal a tigers food? This was provocation towards the prestige of a Phantom Archer. And the incredible part was that this young mage actually succeeded.

The fierce explosions drew the attention of a few people as Rolfs fierce Aura exploded a magic beast.

Dean was wandering amidst the most crowded groups of magic beasts, sweeping through them with his strength as a Sword Saint. But when he caught sight of the young mages silhouette, he inwardly cursed.

Fuck! Its actually that cold-hearted bastard from the Aurij Mountain Range, that mage that was duping the Beastman and ended up telling me to fuck off with my bird!

Deans anger soared as he remembered the rude words.

It felt as if that youths voice was echoing in his ears after seeing him again. If not for the sake of that Beastman, Dean would definitely stab him a hundred and eighty times with his sword.

Dean watched as the young 2nd Rank High Mages strength recklessly rushed into a pack of magic beasts. He smiled and thought, That scoundrels power is nothing without the Beastman. He cold-heartedly ignored us in the Aurij Mountain, so I shall do the same!

Delson was leading a group of mages, chants echoing in the battlefield as they just kept killing magic beasts in a wide area.

One magic beast was sent flying.

Suddenly, a young mages silhouette appeared in Delsons sight. His pupils constricted as he recalled the frightening scene from that night. The mercenary groups owed this young mage a huge favor and he should have seriously thanked him But, he couldnt find the courage to contact him.

Orson also recognized Lin Yun.

A sinister smile appeared on his face when he saw him.

He had schemed and endured for a few days before acting to get that Mafa Merlin expelled from the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Groups camp, and everything had gone as planned, up until some Temple Knights showed up and took him away. He thought for a long time, but couldnt come up with anything to do after that.

How could he look for trouble with that guy when he was in the Temple Knights camp? Although Orson had some status in the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, the Temple Knights wouldnt show him any respect.

But what about his teacher?

"Teacher, its that guy!" Orson looked bitterly at Lin Yun.


A thin and aged old man was beside Orson. He looked quite ordinary, but he had a dignified aura. Powerful spells were thrown out, and they killed a few magic beasts. He glanced at Orson, but didnt stop casting spells and blasting magic beasts.

"Mafa Merlin!" Orson ground his teeth. "That guy bit the hand that fed him! He is totally shameless, despicable, and extremely malicious! I saved his life at the edge of the Traces of Misfortune and offered shelter in our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Groups camp. But on the night when the Wyverns attacked, he stole our loot. I originally wanted to expel him to let him die on his own in the Tulan Mountain Range, but the Temple Knights offered to shelter him"

"You say he stole our loot during the Wyvern Attack?" Olaro frowned.

"Yes, thats right, that guy is extremely greedy. He didnt even attack the Wyverns, instead" Orson didnt have time to finish before Olaro interrupted him.

"Get to the point, what did he steal?"

"Right, Teacher! Take a look at this" Orson suddenly recalled that he had a recording of Mafa Merlin stealing that loot. He waved his magic staff and a screen made of water suddenly appeared. It showed young mage crouching beside the body of a huge Wyvern, filling bottles with red liquid.

"So it was him" Olaros pupils constricted as he tightly watched that young mage filling his bottles, a ghastly sneer appearing on his face.

Most of the members of the three mercenary groups only knew that they had been attacked by Wyverns that night. Only a few chosen ones knew of the appearance of the Wyvern King, and its death

Olaro was one of the few people in the know.

As the number one mercenary group, the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group had actually sent two Vice Leaders this time, as well as a large group of elites, and Olaro was that second Vice Leader.

But he had been out on an expedition during the Wyvern Attack, so the Wyvern King had long since been killed by the time he arrived, with only a group of Wyverns remaining.

He heard about the death of the Wyvern King from 1st Vice Leader Delson, but Delson had been ambiguous about the details. Hed only said that the Wyvern King was dead. But when clearing the battlefield, Olaro discovered that the magic materials that could be harvested from the Wyvern King had already vanished!

Olaro was the 2nd Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, and although he wasnt the most powerful Vice Leader, he was the most special one. His status was similar to that of the 1st Vice Leader Delson for a simple reason: he was a Master Alchemist with deep alchemy knowledge.

Most of the magic materials obtained by the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group would go to Olaro, since he was the only Master Alchemist among them. The disappearance of the Wyvern Kings magic materials had left him fuming for a very long time. He even wondered if Delson had been embezzling those.

The blood of the Wyvern King was very important to him because it was a precious material that could be used for several dozen potions of the Master Alchemist rank. Coincidentally, he only lacked Wyvern King Blood for one such potion.

"Teacher, you know him?" Orson was confused by Olaros words.

"I dont" Olaro shook his head before glancing sharply at Orson and furiously interrogating, "Orson, why did you only tell me this now? Dont you know how important the blood of a Wyvern King is to me?!"

"Wait Wyvern King?! Teacher, you are saying that Mafa Merlin stole the magic materials of the Wyvern King?" Orsons face changed color. The sky was dusky at the time, and he hadnt been paying that much attention to the loot itself He had only been thinking about how he could punish Mafa Merlin

Now that it was brought to his attention, the Wyvern did seem a bit large

"Thats right!" Olaro nodded. "I have to obtain the Wyvern Kings blood. Right, you said Mafa Merlin was being sheltered by the Temple Knights? Then there is no hurry. When this battle is over, Ill personally take a trip to their camp. If he doesnt hand over the blood of the Wyvern King, no one will be able to save him"

After getting hold of the Variant Black Lizard Blood, Lin Yun didnt dare to remain in the battlefield for too long. After all, he had just offended a 3rd Rank Phantom Archer Although a few hundred magic beasts were occupying the Phantom Archer, preventing him from pursuing at the moment, it wouldnt take long for him to deal with them.

He had spent some effort to snatch the Variant Black Lizard from under the nose of the Phantom Archer. He had first used Haste and then set up an Ice Wall to reduce some of the arrows momentum before grabbing the Variant Black Lizard in a dangerous way.

But as he returned to camp, Lin Yun didnt notice the charming silhouette looking at his back in a daze.

Its him

The figure was wearing tight silver armor, her face in shock. She was a beautiful woman who would make men turn as she passed just to get a second glance at her.

Anna Achilles was stunned.

She couldnt remain calm That back belonged to someone that had occupied her mind for so long It belonged to the young mage she was scared of The young mage who casually killed the renowned Stan Watson.

In a flash, memories flooded her mind.

She couldnt believe that this young mage was in the Tulan Mountain Range at this moment.

The youth gradually got further and further away. Anna wanted to call out to him, but no sound could come out of her throat, perhaps due to fear

When he finally disappeared, Annas cheeks regained their rosiness, but she was still dazed