End Of The Magic Era Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Bloodshed Forest


"Dont think Im joking" Enderfas voice was very solemn, "Using a drop of Variant Black Lizard Blood to strengthen the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel might have decent effect, but would you be satisfied with just 10% increase in power?"

"Do you have a better method?"

"Naturally, as long as you are willing to give me this drop of blood, I can guarantee that the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would double within three days and directly reach mid-rank True Spirit Magic Tool!"

"Mid-rank!" Lin Yun was startled.

After all, he had spent countless efforts on this Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, from Latour Gold Essence, to the Star Gem, even shattering his Spiritual Magic Staff to remove the Elemental Amber, to finish it by spending a few months in the Mercury Tower to craft this True Spirit Magic Tool.

This could be said to be Lin Yuns most outstanding work so far.

He used peak magic materials, the most advanced alchemy laboratory, and alchemy techniques transcending time to birth the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

But even then, Lin Yun only made it reach True Spirit Magic Tool level. If not for Enderfas existence, it might not even have a Magic Tool Incarnation, but now, Enderfa was saying he could make it reach mid-rank, this would be the same as a 5th Rank Archmage making a move. What kind of concept was that

Even if Lin Yun was calm, he couldnt help exclaiming when he heard this!

"You Are you serious?" Lin Yun attentively watched Enderfa for a bit, asking in disbelief.


"Alright, Ill give you this drop of Variant Black Lizard. I hope I wont be disappointed in three days"

Lin Yun looked at Enderfa for a bit before nodding. He chose to believe in him. As the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, Enderfa would greatly benefit from it becoming more powerful.

Moreover, Enderfa was shrouded in mystery, he knew many of Vaughns secrets, alongside many ancient secrets. He even let out a Dragon Roar after entering the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Astonishing mana fluctuations were emitted after the test tube was unsealed. The black mist swept away the blood before returning to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

With that out of the way, Lin Yun stretched and continued studying the mysterious characters.

Ever since the accident with Olaro, Deans attitude towards Xiubans group greatly changed. Before that incident, he would come over every night for a chat.

But he didnt dare to yesterday.

Only Dean himself knew why. Xiuban had boundless potential and could become a Sword Saint within a few years, roping him in the Temple Knight Mercenary Group would be a great gain. But he no longer dared to attempt that.

He clearly understood now why the Draconic Beastman had had such a twisted expression when he tried to poach him in front of Mafa Merlin.

It was the same expression Dean had when Olaro came to look for trouble.

Yes, he was rejoicing from his misfortune!

Mafa Merlin wasnt a low ranked High Mage

After seeing Olaro being blasted out of the tent, Dean wasnt surprised when Delson told him that Mafa Merlin had killed the Wyvern King, it felt as an obvious fact.

The Wyvern Kings baffling death had been suspicious to Dean, but Delson had been blurring and covering up the truth since then.

Yesterday, Dean rushed to Lin Yuns tent, thinking of apologizing for his immoral actions, self-criticizing himself But when he reached the entrance of the tent, he lost his courage.

He hesitated a bit before noticing Lin Yun working on the Dark Flame Beastmans two-handed hammer through the gap in the entrance. Dean didnt dare to disturb him and could only wait anxiously. He ended up waiting a few hours, almost falling asleep standing, when he was suddenly awakened by some powerful mana fluctuations.

Heaven, its a peak Spiritual Magic Tool!

With his insight as a Sword Saint, he noticed the transformation Carnage went through, its power increased a few times and it directly shot to peak Spiritual realm from ordinary Spiritual Magic Tool realm.

This would require a Master Alchemist at the very least

Deans expression became very complicated. With his status, he had seen a few Master Alchemists, but they were all very arrogant. Especially the Master Alchemists from the Mercury Tower, they were unwilling to answer to a Sword Saint like him. The only Master Alchemist he had a relation to was Olaro. His status in the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group was quite good, although he wasnt one of the strongest Vice Leaders, his profound alchemy skills made him equal to 1st Vice Leader Delson in terms of status. Even the Leader would be polite when speaking to Olaro.

But Dean had never heard of such a young Master Alchemist.

And Mafa Merlins future accomplishments in the field of alchemy are not to be underestimated, he will very likely become an Artisan within ten years. Dean clearly knew how rare Artisans were, he lived for several dozens years but never met an Artisan, it was said that the Andlusa Kingdom only had three Artisans at present.

Both powerful and a future Artisan

Thinking of this, Deans heart soured, If only I didnt make a poor judgement when meeting this young Mafa Merlin. Had I not done those silly things, I might have been able to befriend a future Artisan.

Dean heavily sighed as he shook his head and returned to his living quarters.

The three mercenary groups kept moving towards the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range, continuously meeting magic beasts on the way. Magic beasts over level 20 were everywhere now, and under the pressure the coordination between the three mercenary groups grew increasingly better.

Naturally, Lin Yun didnt forget to get Xiuban and the others some combat experience. On the first day, they met a powerful level 30 magic beast, comparable to an Archmage. Even the three mercenary groups lost a dozen members when it appeared, but fortunately, Sword Saint Dean promptly moved and killed that magic beast.

Xiuban looked like a slaughter machine with his Carnage, wherever he went, the magic beasts would be smashed into minced meat, it was to the point that the amount of fans Xiuban gained steadily increased.

On that day, Xiubans mad slaughter caught the eye of a level 29 magic beast, but Xiuban didnt disappoint Lin Yun. Although it had been a difficult battle, he still defeated that magic beast.

Carnages transformation was too great, it could even be said to be a whole new weapon, and Xiuban had yet to get used to Carnage, otherwise, Xiuban would have easily crushed that level 29 magic beast with Carnage.

On the second day, Lin Yun clearly noticed a slight change. Although the magic beasts werent as numerous as before, about a hundred appearing at once, their levels greatly increased. In the afternoon, when they were pitching their tents, Delson and Olaro joined hands and spent over ten minutes handling a Level 32 Amethyst Ape King.

On the third day, and maybe because the three mercenary groups luck was too bad, they encountered level 30 magic beasts in both the afternoon and morning. Fortunately, the three mercenary groups had Sword Saints and Archmages. They promptly acted to limit the damage.

At night, Lin Yun was alone in his tent, studying the Book of Death, when he suddenly smelled blood. He faintly frowned and opened the entrance of his tent and quietly left the camp, his Magic Array working at full speed. With quick calculations, he estimated that the bloody smell came from a forest kilometers away from the camp.

That bloody smell gave Lin Yun a strange and unknown feeling.

Soon, Lin crossed the few kilometers and reached a verdant and lush forest, full of the aura of life. Tall trees, lush soil, fragrant flower. Just as he entered the forest, he felt that the forest was somewhat strange. From the Aurij Mountain Range to the Tulan Mountain Range, he had crossed many forests, but none was as prosperous as this one.

It was as prosperous as when he had been in the Four Seasons Canyon, but that had been an abnormal prosperous feeling. This forest gave a natural feeling to Lin Yun, it was clearly different from the Four Seasons Canyon.


Lin Yun walked for over half an hour without meeting a single magic beast. This was the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range, and although magic beasts were relatively spread out, not meeting one within half an hour was too odd.

Hold on

He suddenly stopped, frowning as he examined his surroundings. After ten minutes, his frown gradually eased. His guess was probably right.

This place was most likely the Bloodshed Forest!

He had read information about the Bloodshed Forest, this was a mysterious place located in the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range. The entire forest overflowed with vitality, but any creature entering the forest would be lost within. This was why he walked for over half an hour without seeing a magic beast.

Bloodshed Forest

In those days, the Gaugass King and Emperor Zhantui fought here and spilt blood in this place. This originally was an empty field, but a dozen years later, numerous trees grew, and millenia later, the Ivory Tower would dispatch a powerful line up here, no less than ten Sword Saint and Archmage experts entered this strange forest, but never came out.

After this, no one dared to set foot on this disorienting forest.