End Of The Magic Era Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Meeting An Enemy


The Lesser Flame Overlord let out a deep bestial roar, its sinister and terrifying aura sweeping through every corner of the battlefield. A lava-like red liquid erupted from the Lesser Flame Overlords mouth. Sword Saint Dean barely managed to dodge, that red liquid leaving a depression where he had been standing.

Deans state wasnt great. His Aura Protection felt like it would collapse anytime, he had been using a large amount of Aura to maintain his Aura Protection. Especially when he barely dodged that red liquid, his arm hadnt been so lucky and half of his palm had been scorched black.

This happened under Aura Protection, if it hadnt been on, his whole arm would have been done for.

Delson and Olaro displayed their power, they both chanted long incantations, casting powerful spells one after the other and throwing them at the Lesser Flame Overlord.

But those attacks didnt bring much damage to the Lesser Flame Overlord. They couldnt do anything about it, the resistances of this lifeform from Hell were too high.

High level Expert Swordsmen and High Mages like Anna or Orson also attacked the Lesser Flame Overlord from afar. In a short few minutes, five high level High Mages failed to dodge and were engulfed by that red liquid, turning to ashes.

The three mercenary groups were all fighting together against that Lesser Flame Overlord, yet they were still at a disadvantage.

A powerful Frost Arrow pierced the atmosphere

Rolf stood in the distance with a solemn expression, his hands continuously moving. The powerful 3rd Rank Phantom Archer shot arrow after arrow with perfect accuracy, not a single one missed and they all greatly affected the Lesser Flame Overlord.

Each Frost Arrow slowed the Lesser Flame Overlord.

Rolf believed that although this battle would be a bit desperate, they would ultimately win.

Another Frost Arrow flew out

"Its that scoundrel"

Rolf inadvertently caught sight of a black silhouette and his expression became solemn. His pupils contracted. That silhouette was wearing a black robe and holding a simple staff, he looked to be about twenty and was emitting mana fluctuations of a 2nd Rank High Mage, still carrying that particular smile that Rolf remembered.

He was too familiar with that smile.

He dreamt of it last night.

Not long ago, he found the tracks of a Variant Black Lizard. He was just about to kill it to get its blood to temper his seven Spiritual Magic Tool Arrows, but it was snatched at a crucial time by this young mage.

Rolf quickly moved towards that young mage.

The three mercenary groups needed to maintain a tight relationship now that they moved towards the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range. If the three mercenary groups scattered and walked their own paths, they would end up destroyed.

The young mage appeared in that chaotic battlefield for the first time. At the time, Rolf was wondering whether that scoundrel was part of the Temple Knights, or the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group.

Regardless which mercenary group, Rolf couldnt act rashly. If he killed or injured the young mage, the Temple Knights and the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group would inevitably be dissatisfied with the Red Dragon Mercenary Group. This wasnt an outcome Rolf wanted to see

Rolf was a meticulous planner, he wouldnt act irrationally because of excitement or his Red Dragon Mercenary Group wouldnt have become one of the top three mercenary groups of Okland.

After calming down, Rolfs sight moved away from that young mage to a pale young High Mage who was resting, his arm scalded.

Rolf recognized him with one glance, this was the prideful disciple of Vice Leader Olaro. Rolf covered himself in Magic Aura and instantly reached Orson before dragging him over, pointing at the young mage in front, "Orson, do you know this person? Is he one of yours? If you know his name, tell me now."

If he isnt a member of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, then he is definitely from the Temple Knights!

Once I know everything about this scoundrel, Ill personally take a trip to his mercenary group once this battle is over. Whether it is Delson or Dean, they would definitely kick that scoundrel out of their mercenary group for me. Itll be a lot easier for me to retaliate then.

Orson was scared on the spot when he recognized Lin Yun, he was shivering all over with a frighteningly pale complexion, Mafa Merlin, its really Mafa Merlin!

These past few days, Orson had been deliberately low key, always hiding in the back as the three mercenary groups advanced towards the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range, hardly making a move when a magic beast appeared.

He went to such lengths because he wanted Mafa Merlin to forget about him.

Vice Leader Delson found him after investigating and severely reprimanded him. If not because of his teacher, Olaro, he might have already expelled him from the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group.

He actually wanted to apologize, he just didnt dare

He thought of his previous attitude and understood that if Mafa Merlin was unhappy, the consequences would too unthinkable, even his teacher wouldnt be able to save him.

He squeezed a smile while inwardly cursing Rolf and said, "Leader Rolf, this is Mafa Merlin. High Mage Merlin isnt a member of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group but an honored guest"

"Mafa Merlin" Hearing this name, Rolf nodded with satisfaction, completely ignoring the rest of Orsons sentence.

Everything is good as long as I know his name.

There was no time to chat now, Rolf roughly spent two to three minutes ever since he found Lin Yun, and during that time, the situation in the battlefield had been very fierce. He was still needed to deal with the Lesser Flame Overlord.

"Well, Sir Rolf, I think there has been a misunderstanding between us" Just as Rolf was about to turn and leave, Lin Yun who had been standing there in silence initiated contact.


Rolf stiffly turned, a sneer on his face, "What do you mean, Mafa Merlin? You dont want to admit that you snatched my Variant Black Lizard Blood? Haha, words are useless, I saw you snatching it with my own two eyes. You think I can make a mistake with my eyesight as a 3rd Rank Phantom Archer?"

That Mafa Merlin is too ignorant, he snatched my Variant Black Lizard Blood and thought that saying that it was a misunderstanding could salvage the situation?

This is clearly impossible

"Lord Rolf, whether or not you believe this, I want you to know that the blood of a Variant Black Lizard needs to be taken alive to be effective. The blood would have no effect if it was taken after its death, even if it only died for one second. Sir Rolf can confirm this with the Mercury Tower, its best if you find a Master Alchemist to check if Im right or wrong" Lin Yun scratched his cheek. It truly happened like that on that day, when he found out that Rolf was aiming at the Variant Black Lizard, Lin Yun recklessly rushed over.

Had he been late for one second, the Variant Black Lizard he discovered would have already been destroyed by Rolf.

"Ridiculous, keep your pitiful tricks to yourself, Mafa Merlin. You think you can fool me with something you just came up with? This is definitely impossible. There is no need to continue, even if you keep embellishing it, I wont even believe half of it. We can deal with grievances later, I dont have the time to chat with you"

Rolf had no knowledge of alchemy and had only found out that Variant Black Lizard Blood would have boundless benefits when used to temper a Magic Tool. By coincidence, his seven arrows were at the peak of the Spiritual rank, thus he kept looking all over the place for a Variant Black Lizard.

He simply didnt believe Lin Yuns words. In his eyes, Lin Yun was a pure wretch and those words were only used as an excuse.

Who would believe such an inferior lie

"Err" Orson who had been cowering on the side wanted to say something, but was hesitating. He had been trying to make himself smaller all along.

"If you want to say something, just say it, I dont have time to waste on you, hurry up."

"Leader Rolf, although I am only a Great Alchemist, I do have some understanding of Variant Black Lizards. Its blood do need to be taken while alive, otherwise it would lose its effect" Orson talked as if he was walking on thin ice. Nothing could be done about it, he couldnt offend either side, "Teacher is the one who told me this"

Maybe because he felt guilty or because he wanted to curry favor with Lin Yun, he said what he knew and then tried to make himself smaller, not daring to look at Lin Yun or Rolf.

He didnt dare to look at Lin Yun because he was afraid.

As for Rolf

He knew that Rolfs expression must be very bad


Rolf looked as if he wanted to kill someone.

He was more or less convinced after Orson finished, Orson wouldnt dare to trick him. This was a huge blow to his reputation

Thus, if Rolf was in the same situation as Mafa Merlin, knowing that the Variant Black Lizards blood would be wasted if not taken alive, Rolf would have also unhesitantly acted.

At this time, a huge Mana Hand covered up the sky and suddenly came over in a grabbing motion, catching Rolf and Orson off guard as they were firmly held. The Magic Aura in Rolfs body was frantically roused, but contrary to his expectations, the Mana Hand showed no sign of scattering.