End Of The Magic Era Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Elemental Incarnations


A loud sound echoed as Rolf was thrown away and crashed on the ground. As someone treading on both Martial Path and Magic Path, he was a Phantom Archer whose body and mana perfectly fused. Even if he was thrown a dozen times, hewould still remain uninjured.


Which fucker throwing me for no reason!

Rolfs expression sank as he glared at Lin Yun

"Are you crazy!?" Maybe because he had just been irritated, Rolf seemed abnormally angered. He pointed his finger at Lin Yun as he roared.

"I saved you" Lin Yun frowned.

"You saved me?" Rolf angrily shook. He felt as if his intelligence was questioned, "Mafa Merlin, you scoundrel, I dont have time to deal with you, you best not appear in front of me in the future, otherwise"

A 2nd Rank High Mage had been toying with an esteemed 3rd Rank Phantom Archer. No matter how enduring Rolf was, he still couldnt help flipping out.

Shit, this is bullying

Orson who had been flown alongside Rolf was stunned, his face was so pale that he looked like a ghost. His mouth was wide open as he stunningly looked at a place not far from here where a huge crater was filled with a red hot liquid.

This had been the place Rolf and Orson had been thrown from.

Rolf noticed Orsons abnormal expression while cursing. As he looked over, his expression changed, but he was still reluctant to admit his mistake, "Mafa Merlin, you arent injured? So why are you hiding? Could it be that you havent seen everyone fighting!? Hmpf, you are such a coward"

Rolf had been speaking in a very low voice. Although he was proud and arrogant, he had already acknowledged that Mafa Merlin had saved his life!

He might have turned into a corpse, had Mafa Merlin been one second late.

Rolf just finished speaking when he saw the young mages silhouette flying towards the Lesser Flame Overlord.

Rolf looked at Lin Yuns back in shock, speechless.

He really went to battle

But he is only a 2nd Rank High Mage Everyone here is stronger than him! Even a 5th Rank High Mage like Orson could only be considered cannon fodder and can only cast spells from a distance. If Orson got closer, even he could be burnt to ashes.

Let alone a 2nd Rank High Mage

Rolf was feeling guilty, Mafa Merlin saved his life, yet he spoke out of anger, and the worst part was that Mafa Merlin was provoked into action.

Even if Rolf wanted to help Mafa Merlin, the Lesser Flame Overlord reached level 36, Rolf was powerless

Then, the strength displayed by the young mage thoroughly shocked Rolf. It turned out that Mafa Merlin hadnt been provoked into action by his words, but charged towards the Lesser Flame Overlord because he was powerful enough. Even if Rolf hadnt said anything, he would have still rushed into battle.

The scene of the Variant Black Lizard being snatched couldnt help popping in Rolfs mind. He had always felt that the other side had been a weak 2nd Rank High Mage who had stolen that Variant Black Lizard on a fluke.

But it now looked like it wasnt that simple.

Frantic mana fluctuations engulfed the young mage as he rushed to battle, a light as radiant as a moon blossomed above him with red and blue flickering lights. A huge and indescribable flood of spells suddenly drowned his target, the Lesser Flame Overlord.

In a flash, the addition of another powerful mage delighted Dean and the others, before being followed by worry. These mercenaries were experienced and had a good understanding of each other, they didnt need much time to adjust to each other and smoothly cooperate.

But that was Mafa Merlin

Although he was very powerful, far stronger than anyone here, what they needed right now was tight cooperation to resist the enemy, and Mafa Merlins arrival might throw off their tempo, the consequences would be dire if it happened.

But it didnt take long before their worry disappeared. Every single one of Lin Yuns spell was perfectly cast, giving rise to maximum effect as they gradually reversed the situation. They originally fell into a disadvantageous position as they were pressured by the Lesser Flame Overlord, but the addition of Lin Yun gave them some breathing room.

Lin Yun used Ice Elemental Incarnation to its fullest, condensing a layer of ice around his body. Under Ice Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yuns speed and power could be rated as frightening, his body was as frightening as a Gods body. Only a white shadow could be seen flashing towards the Lesser Flame Overlord.

Dean and the others had a tacit understanding as they opened a path for Lin Yun, especially Delson and Olaro, they kept releasing powerful spells on the Lesser Flame Overlord to restrict some of his power, as for Dean, his one-handed sword thunderously burst with frightening lightning.

3rd Rank Phantom Archer Rolf stood not far, his eyes locked onto the Lesser Flame Overlord as he let go of a nocked arrow, the latter slowly flying towards the Lesser Flame Overlords body.

Lin Yuns Frost Giant Elemental Incarnation grabbed that fleeting opportunity to land a heavy fist onto the Lesser Flame Overlords body. A rumble could be heard as the body of the Lesser Flame Overlord stiffened, many of the twisting flames seemingly darkening in a split second.

This time, the Lesser Flame Overlord let out a deep roar, rousing the fire elements as he smashed the ground with both hands, crushing countless rocks and creating countless cracks. A blazing aura spread to every corner of the battlefield as lava erupted from countless cracks, turning the entire battlefield into a sea of lava.

The few volcanoes in the vicinity were also affected by those eruptions of lava

Flame Domain

The expressions of Dean and the others instantly turned solemn. Flame Domain was the strongest innate skill of Lesser Flame Overlords, in the Flame Domain, only Fire Elemental Incarnation could protect one from the damage caused by the flames and lava.

Delson and Olaro instantly cast Fire Elemental Incarnation when the Flame Domain appeared.

As for Sword Saint Dean, he used an extremely taxing method, he roused his Aura and cast three layers of Aura Protection and floated in midair.

"Use Fire Elemental Incarnation, quick"

Rolf was scared shitless when the white silhouette fell in his sight, because he noticed that Mafa Merlin was maintaining the Ice Elemental Incarnation inside the Flame Domain.

Ice Elemental Incarnation was indeed the best method to gain the advantage against the Lesser Flame Overlord, but the advantage wouldnt last long. The layer of ice wouldnt last long in the Flame Domain, under the extreme heat. Once it melted, how could his flesh endure the heat?

It was simply courting death to Rolf.

Taking advantage of the ice having yet to melt to cast Fire Elemental Incarnation was the best option for Mafa Merlin.


Rolf stared at Lin Yun but couldnt understand why he had yet to switch at such a time, Does he not know that he is courting death?

Although they had to deal with the Lesser Flame Overlord, but keeping ones life in the Flame Domain was more important

How could he not understand such a simple thing!

Rolf was too anxious. He originally thought that although Mafa Merlin was though, he truly had power on par with Archmage and was even more powerful than Delson and Olaro. With the help of such a person, they would have a greater chance of beating the Lesser Flame Overlord?

But Rolf realized that he was wrong.

Even a low ranked High mage would know that Fire Elemental Incarnation was the only option, yet this Mafa Merlin didnt know and kept his Ice Elemental Incarnation on.

But even after a few seconds, the ice on the young mages body didnt quickly melt as he imagined. This discovery stunned Rolf and he looked at Lin Yun in disbeliefHow could this be? The floor of the Flame Domain is lava, the temperature is so high that even a peak Archmages Ice Elemental Incarnation would melt!

This was toppling common sense, it was a too irrational.

Then, Rolf learnt that this was far from it

Rolf carefully observed and noticed a thin layer of flames on Lin Yuns Ice Elemental Incarnation. It was extremely hard to notice, but due to this thin layer of flame, Lin Yuns Ice Elemental Incarnation didnt show any sign of melting.

This discovery immediately made Rolf dumbstruck, he was thoroughly shocked. Even if he was just a Phantom Archer, he understood that this was Dual Elemental Incarnation.

This frightening ability didnt belong to the Archmage realm, only Heaven Mages could fully use two conflicting Elemental Incarnations.

How could he have such a frightening ability!

Although he knew Mafa Merlin was powerful, but no matter how powerful, it was a bit irrational for him to use a Heaven Rank Mage ability like Dual Elemental Incarnation.

Rolf looked at Lin Yun with a complicated expression, he was inwardly speculating on the origins of such a monster.

Lin Yun who was devoted to the battle hadnt noticed how strange the gazes of those powerhouses were. With his ice covered arm, he grabbed a few meters long Frost Lance and, with an earth-shattering sound, threw it. With a thin layer of flame covering it, that Frost Spear flew out at the speed of sound.