End Of The Magic Era Chapter 388

Chapter 388 No One Left Alive


The Lesser Flame Overlords arm was pierced by that Frost Lance, and following a deep roar, the twisting flames quickly darkened. It seemed that the Lesser Flame Overlord hadnt expected Lin Yun to be able to control two different Elemental Incarnations and was caught off guard, suffering a terrible blow.

Although shocked by Lin Yuns methods, Delson and Olaro quickly joined in. The instant the Lesser Flame Overlord lost his arm, they used Flame Flash to arrive in front of him and cast a flood of spell.

The movements of the Lesser Flame Overlord were sluggish at this moment and coping with that offensive seemed extremely strenuous. He let out two deep roars as he glared at Lin Yun. That level 36 lifeform was as intelligent as humans, he knew that this young mage was the core of the group and that he would prevail as long as he killed him.

With a "woosh", the flames on the body of the Lesser Flame Overlord rose up, he used the Flame Field to its fullest and suddenly moved, flashing over to Lin Yun as he raised his huge arm to smash down!


Rolfs face became deathly white as he looked at this scene, cold sweat trickling down his back. He truly hadnt expected the speed of the Lesser Flame Overlord to reach this level under the Flame Field, even with his eyesight as a 3rd Rank Phantom Archer, he could only catch an after-image.

More importantly, the power of the Lesser Flame Overlord had reached a despairingly high level. Even a 5th Rank Sword Saint under Aura Protection would die, or be seriously injured, when faced with that heavy attack

This was the power of Hells lifeforms.

Rolf only heard a rumble as his expression turned extremely ugly. He had clearly seen the thick arm of the Lesser Flame Overlord crashing on the ground, splashing lava around.

Although Mafa Merlins Ice Elemental Incarnation had surprising power, it was only that much. Even a 5th Rank Sword Saint wouldnt be able to take this blow, let alone an insignificant Ice Elemental Incarnation.

Such a pity

This young mage went beyond Rolfs expectations and was able to match a powerful Archmage with his 2nd Rank High Mages status, before using Dual Elemental Incarnation in the Flame Field.

This scene was stuck in Rolfs mind.

He felt sorry for Lin Yun.

In his eyes, the future of that monstrous mage was unlimited, he could reach the peak of the Archmage realm within a few decades and even have a chance to touch upon the Extraordinary realm.

But talking about it was useless now. In order to help the three mercenary groups withstand a Lesser Flame Overlord, he risked his body, not holding anything back, before ending like this.

But, as everyone thought that Lin Yun had definitely died, a silhouette flashing with red and blue appeared in their field of view. His body was covered in a white armor and was wrapped in a tight layer of flames. He punched the chest of the Lesser Flame Overlord with his ice-covered arm. Only a crack echoed as his arm pierced the chest of the Lesser Flame Overlord and grabbed the throbbing flaming heart before dragging it out.


The body of the Lesser Flame Overlord stiffened when his heart was ripped out, the flames instantly extinguished, as if they had been blown out by a strong gust of wind. Its pitch-black body turned into ashes as the lava in the surroundings solidified. The volcanoes also stopped erupting.


The pale Lin Yun cancelled the Dual Elemental Incarnation, but his eyes were attracted to a particular location. A stone tablet seemed to have appeared in one of the volcanic craters. Lin Yun unhesitantly cast three Mage Eyes and sent them over.

[No one left alive]

Lin Yun was startled when he saw the characters left on that stone tablet.

Everyone let out a relieved sigh when the aura of the Lesser Flame Overlord had thoroughly disappeared, including Lin Yun. This level 36 Lesser Flame Overlord hadnt been easy to handle.

Especially in the Flame Domain, the Lesser Flame Overlords magic defense reached a frighteningly high level in there, Lin Yun had no other choice but to use Dual Elemental Incarnation

Although Dual Elemental Incarnation was a Heaven Mage ability, Lin Yun knew the theory behind it, and with his omnipotent Magic Array, he managed to extrapolate a crude way to use Dual Elemental Incarnation.

But maintaining Dual Elemental Incarnation was extremely taxing on mana, even to Lin Yun. When the Lesser Flame Overlord charged him with his fist, Lin Yun used almost all of his mana to cast a simple Flame Flash.

This battles quick victory was all due to this crucial Flame Flash.

"High Mage Merlin"

Delson and Rolf came over, both of them with pale expressions, beads of sweat dripping down their foreheads, still alert.

"This a magic forest, just to be safe, we best circumvent it" Lin Yun knew what these two wanted to say. He waved his arm, also worried that Flame Devils werent the only thing in this magic forest.

After a few sentences, the higher-ups of the three mercenary groups took a few minutes to deal with the hundreds of Flame Devils before withdrawing from the magical forest and taking another path towards the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range.

Ten days passed in a flash. During that time, the higher-ups of the three mercenary groups remained in the camp. They once gathered together and visited Lin Yuns tent. Several dozen people had witnessed Lin Yun killing that Lesser Flame Overlord that day, and although most of them didnt leak the news, that matter still ended up leaked in the three mercenary groups, and the mercenaries thoughts that the higher-ups strange actions were not surprising at all.

During those ten days, they met countless magic beasts, and although they hadnt met a powerful magic beast on par with that Lesser Flame Overlord, their path forward was very dangerous.

There was a huge canyon a few kilometers away from camp, spreading for five hundred kilometers. With the mercenaries speed, they could have entered the canyon, but they suddenly stopped and pitched camp.

Only a selected few knew the reason.

Lin Yun was standing in an open space, not far from camp. He was looking at that canyon in the distance, somewhat entranced. If he wasnt wrong, this was the canyon where Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King had their decisive battle. One disappeared afterwards, and the other died not long after.

The world-shaking battlefield that would engulf all of Noscent and would be the downfall of countless powerhouses, the battlefield in which Sword Saints and Archmages were only cannon fodder That battlefield was the canyon spreading in front of Lin Yun.

He wouldnt set foot in that place unless he had no other choice.

From here, he could feel the aura of three powerful magic beasts. He didnt need to use the Magic Array to know that these three magic beasts were much stronger than the magical forests Lesser Flame Overlord, they were at least level 37 or higher

And this was only at the edge of the canyon, as for the depths

If the three mercenary groups had the misfortune to meet a magic beast, even if with his help, it wouldnt go well. If the three mercenary groups insisted on entering that canyon, he wouldnt stop them, but he would take his three cousins and Xiuban and leave them.

"High Mage Merlin" Yema ran over in a hurry.

"What?" Lin Yun turned his head to look at Yema.

"The higher-ups are asking for you, they would like to discuss something with you" Yema lowered his head as he respectfully talked. At first, he respected Lin Yun because of Xiuban, but it was different now, he had witnessed the young mage killing the Lesser Flame Overlord and had been deeply stunned. The young mage before him was a lot stronger that Vice Leader Dean.

Anyone who had seen what happened revered Lin Yun.

"Take me over" Lin Yun nodded.

Lin Yun reached a tent after being guided by Yema. This was the temporary meeting room and Dean, Delson, and the other higher-ups were in there. Just as Lin Yun entered, he felt a heavy atmosphere in the meeting room. At the same time, a few pairs of eyes focused on him.

"Perfect, I also have something to ask all of you"

Lin Yuns eyes swept the tent, and before anyone could say anything, he took the initiative, "Do you know how dangerous this place is? There are three magic beasts far stronger than the Lesser Flame Overlord. With only the few of you, youll end up in their stomachs. If you insist on throwing away your lives, please dont involve me"

Lin Yun was a bit annoyed, Going in is just courting death, if you absolutely want to go, you have to be self-aware.

Lin Yun wasnt exaggerating, the three mercenary groups would end up completely wiped out.

"High Mage Merlin, you are misunderstanding, we have no intention of harming you" Delson quietly wiped some cold sweat as he apologetically answered.

"Indeed" The others also echoed with chuckles, but their smiles were unnatural.

"Those words are useless." Lin Yun suddenly frowned, "Im actually very curious about the purpose of your three mercenary groups, whats driving you into the heart of the Tulan Mountain Range I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer, otherwise we will split up here."

"High Mage Merlin, its not that we dont want to tell you, but rather, we cant. Our employer requested us to maintain secrecy. You should know that for us, mercenaries, reputation is everything" Delson was anxious when Lin Yun said that he would leave. Although that young mage only acted twice, he greatly helped the three mercenary groups both times and they owed him two great favors. If not for that young mage, the three great mercenary groups might not have been able to reach this place.