End Of The Magic Era Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Must Die


Although Delson didn’t say those words out loud, he was already hating Solan to the bones.

Rolf still looked calm, but Magic Aura was fluctuating intensely around him.

“I didn’t come for you today” Solan smiled, his sight falling onto Lin Yun. Solan was in a good mood after finding Lin Yun and was looking at him with an eerie expression before saying with a hoarse voice, “Mafa Merlin?”

“It’s me” Lin Yun didn’t look up, he only nodded as he picked up the cup of water in front of him and drank, not paying attention to Solan Monchi.

“Sir Solan, you know High Mage Merlin?” Delson was somewhat surprised.

“Know? Of course I know him, we have known each other for a while, but we are meeting for the first time today.” Solan Monchi threw a strange look at Lin Yun as he cracked a joke, “Mafa Merlin, I truly didn’t expect that you would leave that small Thousand Sails City to run to Okland. Did you seek out the Merlin Family for protection?”

“Let me tell you this, I already know everything you did in Thousand Sails City. Even the Merlin Family won’t be able to protect you. You should already know my identity, but I don’t mind introducing myself properly. I am Solan Monchi, the younger brother of Thousand Sails City’s Patriarch Monchi, Mason and Ryan’s uncle!”

“So it was you! I had been wondering why your name felt so familiar”

Solan’s words seemed to have roused Lin Yun’s interest. He put down his cup of water and looked at Solan with a slight frown.

He clearly remembered that not long after coming to this era, Uncle Fario had been pressing him to pay for his debt and wanted to take away his house to settle it. After driving him away, he came back with Larry of the Viper Nest and his subordinates.

This had all been plotted by the Monchi Family, under the incitement of the Black Tower. Seeing Solan now, he understood that the Monchi Family did all this because Solan Monchi wanted his house.

And that Solan Monchi might be linked to Locke Merlin’s shipwreck, that shipwreck might have been set up by him.

“Oh?” Solan clearly didn’t expect Mafa Merlin to have this kind of attitude towards him. After a short moment of surprise, he calmly sneered, “I won’t beat around the bush, I’ll speak frankly. Mafa Merlin, you won’t be able to keep your life today. Moreover, those related to you won’t be able to escape either”

He then continued with a smile. “But there is still a margin for discussion. Give me your house in Thousand Sails City and the Gilded Rose, and I can promise you that I won’t harm your family and friends after your death. How about it? The promise of an Archmage has a lot of weight, you should consider it.”

Solan Monchi was one of the youngest Archmages of the Black Tower, but he was even more brash than Herman in his younger days, especially after returning from the Pale Plane, he became one of the candidates for the Council of Seven.

“Sir Solan, High Mage Merlin is an esteemed guest of our three mercenary groups. If you have an issue with him, our three mercenary groups will have to get involved” Delson stood up at this moment and said, unyielding, “I think there must be a misunderstanding here”

“Delson, you should think clearly, I’m only here to deal with a Mafa Merlin, this has nothing to do with your three mercenary groups. You had best not get involved, oryou might end up getting in huge trouble,” Solan said with his hoarse voice while coldly looking at Delson.

“Solan, did you not understand my words? I said, High Mage Merlin is the most esteemed guest of our three mercenary groups” Delson expressionlessly said.

“Fuck off.” Solan stared back at Delson unflinchingly before focusing back on Lin Yun. “You think I won’t dare to make a move here with the three mercenary groups backing you?”

‘That Mafa Merlin is too ignorant. Although the Three Great Mercenary Groups aren’t weak in Okland, they are quite inferior to the Black Tower That’s a businessman for you, he is good in business, but in this field’

‘Does he really think that these guys will help him against me? Simply ridiculous’

“Give it a try” Lin Yun frowned, but only looked at Solan for a short instant.

In the entire meeting room, only Lin Yun knew that his own attention wasn’t focused here. His Magic Array was rotating and three Mage Eyes were floating in the sky. Lin Yun was only paying attention to the surroundings, as well as the wind.

To Lin Yun, the chattering Solan was only a fly.

“Mafa Merlin, I have to say, you are quite stupid. I gave you a choice. Had you chosen to compromise and given me everything, I would have upheld my promise and wouldn’t have involved your family and friends. Unfortunately, you missed this opportunity. Not only you, but your friends and family will suffer. I might not be able to deal with the Merlin Family for now, but I’ll join the Council of Seven in the future and become a Representative just like Sir Weiss,” Solan sneered.

At the same time, frantic mana fluctuations rushed over to Lin Yun like hurricanes. Just as Solan expected, Delson, Rolf, and Dean were only being noisy. They didn’t actualy do anything to help him. ‘I’d like to see your shocked expression, Mafa Merlin!’

Solan could see that Mafa Merlin was only a 2nd Rank High Mage, an entire realm below him. Solan would only need one second, no, less than a second, to turn Mafa Merlin into a corpse.

The power of an Archmage was a hundred times greater than that of a High Mage. Simply releasing mana could kill a High Mage.

If he didn’t use a protective spell or item, he would definitely die.

Ridiculing Mafa first to torment him before painfully killing him was the only way for Solan to vent.

Thinking of that guy’s actions, his Monchi Family being suppressed in Thousand Sails City, wasn’t it all because of that bastard?!

“I think you won’t have a chance to become a Representative of the Black Tower in this life” Lin Yun slowly stood up and looked at Solan with a strange expression. It was as if he was looking at a dead person. Blazing flames rose up behind Lin Yun, burning down the frantic mana fluctuations released by Solan. Lin Yun didn’t do anything superfluous during that time. “If Patriarch Monchi heard you say those words, he would have been scared to death”

As Lin Yun got up, mana fluctuations burst out, making LinYun look like he was bathing in light as he was shrouded in an incomparably dazzling radiance.

That was the radiance of the Star Gem and Elemental Amber.

Boundless runes fluttered like butterflies as a huge flood of mana flowed out, turning the meeting room into an ocean of mana.

“How could this be!” Solan was suddenly frightened, a chill rising up his back.

Solan had only felt this a few times in his life as a mage, and he had been facing a huge danger each time.


Mafa Merlin was only a 2nd Rank High Mage, he couldn’t constitute a huge danger.

He would only need one spell to harvest his life.

That lingering thought and that unclear and unknown monstrous feeling made him feel ill at ease. He unhesitantly raised his staff and with a waving motion, he instant cast eight Frost Lances towards Lin Yun.

After reaching the Archmage realm, even low-tier spells would become excessively powerful. These eight Frost Lances were powerful enough to break the Runic Shield of a 9th Rank High Mage.

Using them to kill a 2nd Rank High Mage was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

The Eight Frost Lances moved quickly and tore apart the air, reaching Lin Yun in an instant. But they stopped in front of Lin Yun!

Solan looked at this scene with disbelief. He couldn’t help widening his eyes, trying to look more closely. He then noticed that the eight lances were melting at a visible speed.

‘How could this be!’

Solan looked at the melting Frost Lances with shock, his eyes almost falling off.

“Sir Solan, it’s time to settle our issues” Lin Yun left his seat and smiled at Solan Monchi, tightly holding the staff in his hand as mana fluctuations suddenly spread from it. The temporary meeting room collapsed in a flash under the impact of that mana.

As he said before, Solan Monchi had to die!

Solan Monchi snooping around his house worried him for a while. He had always thought that the Black Tower had discovered the secret Bone Plane. This was enough to sentence Solan to death.

How could Lin Yun be reassured if Solan Monchi didn’t die?

Nowadays, the Bone Plane had already become Lin Yun’s foundation. Soul Fires and the Black Death Rune allowed Lin Yun to nurture Great Mages steadily. The Black Wasteland produced countless magic materials and brought tremendous wealth to Lin Yun every day.

Not to mention, there was still the River of Ten Thousand Ghosts, the Bone Peak occupied by the Bone Dragon, and other areas LinYun didn’t have time to develop yet. If he fully occupied the Bone Plane, Lin Yun would have the financial resources the Ivory Tower once had.