End Of The Magic Era Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Array


But he still had some injuries. He would feel pain whenever he walked, and truly couldnt bear it.

Lin Yun suddenly recalled the Vine and Earth Puppet combination. He first summoned vines, and after tightly fastening them at the chains, he made the Earth Puppet crawl down the vines to pluck some Blazing Flame Grass.

Not long after, Lin Yun successfully got a few stalks of Blazing Flame Grass, but he didnt rush to compound the potion. He instead stepped into the hovering palace.

This is the building style of the 3rd Dynasty

After taking a closer look, Lin Yun and Enderfa immediately discovered that this was a palace from the 3rd Dynasty.

And from the era of Emperor Zhantui.

At that time, Lin Yun was already certain that this hovering palace had most likely been constructed by Emperor Zhantui. But what Lin Yun couldnt understand was why Emperor Zhantui built a palace needing so much manpower in such a place.

After all, Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King had their decisive battle in the Line Canyon, yet this palace just happened to be buried under the Line Canyon.

Could it be that before the decisive battle between Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King, he still squandered so much manpower to build this underground palace over ten years?

Wasnt that too strange?


Lin Yun clearly remembered that huge, monolith-like stone tablet in the Bloodshed Forest with the sword gashes left behind by Emperor Zhentui, which said that he and Luo Ning had come here

The way the words were written didnt seem like something one would write before a decisive battle it actually looked like they were exploring something.

At that time, Lin Yun was already a bit suspicious as to the veracity of that story.

Did Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King really have a decisive battle in the Line Canyon?

Could it be possible that they didnt fight each other there, but rather, were secretly doing some kind of exploration?

Thinking of this, Lin Yun couldnt help shaking his head. The history of the era of Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King had too many suspicious parts. Even the crazy gravedigging era hadnt been able to uncover the truth behind those.

Uncovering those might need to wait until someone found the ruins of the Gaugass King.

Lin Yun wasnt in a hurry to explore that place, so he just looked for an empty spot to compound his potion. He arranged the four magic materials in front of himself and fished out a crucible from his pocket, as well as a few test tubes. He was now ready to compound a few Rebirth Potions.

Lin Yuns injury had long since recovered. He got up and walked through the solemn gates before entering the palace. Lin Yun found four open portals in his surroundings, all leaking different auras.

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire

Lin Yun frowned as he felt the aura from the four portals. He could clearly feel something off about the four elements coming from these open portals. It felt as if something was trying to rush out.

Suddenly, a dense Ice Aura came out of one of the portals, and before Lin Yun and Enderfa could react, several Frost Elementals came out.

Something similar happened to the other three portals

Flame Elementals, Storm Elementals, Rock Elementals

Lin Yun and Enderfa were startled by this. The person who built this palace was crazy. He had set up four portals leading to the Elemental Planes. As long as someone came in, the huge array in the middle would instantly activate, and four kinds of Elemental Spirits would come from the Elemental Planes

It only took a few seconds for the number of Elemental Spirits coming from the four portals to reach a few hundred. Blazing heat, freezing cold, piercing gales, and heavy pressure. Enderfa and Lin Yun felt numb. These Elemental Spirits had the strength of Great Mages. Several hundreds of them might not be much, but what about several thousand, several tens of thousands, or even more?

Moreover, who said that the Elemental Spirits coming out would all be at the same level?

Out of tens of thousands, wouldnt a few Upper Rank Elemental Spirits appear?

Out of tens of thousands, wouldnt an Elemental King be provoked?

It was hell

The four portals flickered fiercely as numerous elementals rushed out, turning the room into an Elemental World. In a flash, Lin Yun and Enderfa were flooded by the huge amount of Elemental Spirits.

Lin Yun didnt look hurried as he walked around, the Doom Staff in his hand continuously flickering as he chanted various incantations. The Elemental Spirits were crowded on all sides, and every time a Flame Burst exploded, at least a dozen Elemental Spirits collapsed.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and the Star Gem blossomed with an azure light as the Elemental Amber offered a steady flow of mana to the Spell Wheel. Each time the Spell Wheel burst out, hundreds of low tier spells would sweep through the battlefield, killing swarms of Elemental Spirits every time. This killing speed was a lot quicker than Lin Yuns

But, there were still too many Elemental Spirits, they spread everywhere. Even if Lin Yun and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could kill hundreds, the Elemental Spirits kept pouring in from the four portals. There was no end to them!

"To hell with this!" Enderfa couldnt help cursing. His mana was being used at an extreme pace under the flood of Elementals. At this rhythm, he would sooner or later run out of mana. When that time came, even if the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool, it would still stop functioning.

"As long as that array remains, the Elemental Spirits will keep rushing out" Lin Yun frowned as he realized the seriousness of the situation. If this continued, even if he had a lot of mana, he would still end up exhausting it. His gaze then focused back on the huge array in the center of the room. "Enderfa, buy me some time"

Hearing this, Enderfa immediately understood Lin Yuns plan. He instantly burst out with a boundless flood of spells and cleansed the center of the room of all Elementals.

Lin Yun crouched down and studied the array on the floor. There were all kinds of strange patterns crisscrossing it. They were extremely strange, and with a glance, Lin Yun knew that this True Spirit Rank array would be very troublesome. It was the most complicated array Lin Yun had ever encountered.

He had broken more than one True Spirit array and had accumulated a lot of experience. Had it been before, he might have had no confidence in breaking this complicated array.

But it was different now

He quickly took out a quill and some Melting Snow Ink and cast an upgraded Sharp Mind on himself. His mind cleared up and his analysis ability was increased at least ten times. He gently dipped the quill into the Melting Snow Ink and quickly drew on the array while his Magic Array was working at full capacity at the same time.

That array might look incredibly complex to others, but it was a basic elemental array in Lin Yuns eyes as he kept breaking it down.

Lin Yuns writing speed was scarily fast, he almost didnt pause.

Without Lin Yuns terrifying calculation ability, anyone in this situation would fall, including Star Sage Jouyi. After all, any mage would run out of mana when facing an endless army of Elemental Spirits.

Enderfa was rousing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, continuously bursting out with spells and killing countless Elementals. Every wave of spells would kill several hundreds of Elemental Spirits. Although the rate at which they were being killed was very high, so was the mana consumption. At this time, the Elemental Amber in the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a lot darker than before, showing that a lot of the mana contained within had been consumed.

The busy Lin Yun took a quick glance before speeding up his writing. He had seen Enderfas situation. As his mana was consumed, Enderfa had no choice but to settle for the next best thing. He drew closer to Lin Yun and protected him as he broke the array.

"Hurry up!" Enderfas anxious voice echoed. He was the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and the Magic Tool itself was driven by mana. If Lin Yun died in there, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would be a Magic Tool no longer. What would await Enderfa would be either falling into a never-ending sleep or dissipating away.

Regardless of the outcome, it wasnt something he wanted to see.

He slowly felt the mana of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel seriously depleting and the number of Elemental Spirits hardly decreasing. At the start, several hundred low-tier spells were cast every time he burst out with a wave of spells, causing the Elemental Spirits in a large area to collapse. But now, he only dared to release a dozen spells. He was scared of exhausting all the mana, and Lin Yun had yet to crack the array.

His only choice was to gain as much time as possible for Lin Yun.

Each group of collapsing Elementals would be replaced by a new one, making one despair.

But Lin Yun was calm and collected, not panicking at all. The quill in his hand was quickly moving on the ground, seemingly unaffected by Enderfas urging. He had already reached the core of the array, his mind calculating at a crazy speed, his Magic Array roused to its peak as the quill kept drawing mana circuits.

Eventually, Enderfa could no longer protect him. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheels Elemental Amber had darkened, not letting out any radiance.


Lin Yun had already put down the quill. He massaged his aching wrists as the connection between the four portals and the Elemental Planes was severed. Lin Yun stood up and glanced at all the Elementals, before the Doom Staff in his hand burst out with a bright radiance