End Of The Magic Era Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Inheritance


It took only a dozen minutes before the Elementals remaining in the room were taken care of. Lin Yun took out a few mana crystals to replenish his mana while examining this place. When he first came in, countless Elemental Spirits had rushed over, so only now was he able to properly examine this room.

He was suddenly attracted by something in the corner of the room. After approaching, he noticed a deep blue crystal that was roughly the size of a head and felt cold to the touch, which made him curious. What is this?

Emperor Zhantui should have spent so much on this hovering palace, so its safe to say that nothing here is ordinary, yet that crystal ball seems very common. There isnt a thread of mana coming from it. Could it be a mechanism of some sort?

When this thought flashed in Lin Yuns mind, he tried pouring his mana in. But the result left him disappointed, as there was no change to the crystal ball.

But Lin Yun had yet to give up. He observed the crystal ball and thought of moving it, but when his hand touched the bottom of the crystal ball, he discovered a notch. This instantly made him frown. He took out the strange mana crystal he got earlier and attempted to put it in the notch.

A light flashed as the crystal ball quickly rotated, displaying a projection on the opposite wall. But the time it lasted was too short. It only felt like a second to Lin Yun. He only had the time to throw a hurried glance at it, and he wasnt able to see what the projection was before it disappeared. Lin Yun couldnt help feeling annoyed. He turned to look at Enderfa only to see him looking back at him.

Did Enderfa discover something?

"Enderfa, did you see that projection?" Lin Yun threw a strange look at Enderfa.

"It looked like a map."

"A map?" Lin Yun frowned. He thought of the glimpse of the projection he had seen after hearing Enderfas words and felt that this might indeed be a map. He lowered his head to look at the azure crystal ball before reaching for the notch with his hand, only to find out that the mana of that strange mana crystal had long since been absorbed. When his hand came into contact with it, the mana crystal turned to ashes. "That crystal seems to be supported by that special energy, and that map is most likely the map of the entire palace!"

"To completely learn the map, one would need a large number of mana crystals, just like the Flame Vultures. Would there be some in this palace?"

After saying this, Lin Yun and Enderfa headed towards the depths of the palace. The entire palace was like a huge maze with countless rooms and countless hallways, and they were exactly the same. It was very easy for one to get lost inside the palace.

After three hours of wandering around the palace, Lin Yun discovered that magic beasts were living there, but they werent powerful enough. Of the thirteen he met, the strongest was only level 32

During these three hours, he also discovered many sword gashes as well as faint mana fluctuations that gave him a familiar feeling. He took out some of the mana fluctuations he had collected in the Bloodshed Forest which had belonged to the Gaugass King and compared them. Sure enough, they were identical!

This proved that Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King had once fought in this palace, and it was very likely that they finished their battle here.

If he had guessed right, then that six-formula Meditation Law Set might very likely be hidden in a corner of this palace.

But that palace was too spacious, who knows how long it would take him if he went room to room. Thus, he could only rely on the map projected by the crystal ball, hoping he could glean some clues from it.

He soon reached the crystal balls room and casually put a mana crystal in the notch. The crystal ball changed and projected a scene on the wall. It really was a map, but this time, the crystal ball was supplied with a total of thirteen mana crystals and lasted for a dozen seconds before that scene disappeared.

With Lin Yuns outstanding memory, a dozen seconds would be more than enough to accurately record the details of that map. But when that map appeared, seven static cursors were dispersed in seven different directions. He secretly recorded them, but he couldnt understand what they represented.

Following the map he memorized, Lin Yun fumbled around the palace for a while, but he didnt discover anything apart from magic beasts. He chose not to take their mana crystals since they could only be used on the crystal ball.

He frowned when he reached a certain place. He stopped before a black wall that was very different from the rest of the building. It was huge and had an array inscribed on it.

Lin Yun walked to the black wall and softly hit it with his hand.

A hollow sound came from the wall, and it wasnt thick. That wall might be hiding a room.

Lin Yun stood in front of the wall for a long time

Because Lin Yun suddenly recalled that this wall was located at one of the seven lights he had seen on the map earlier.

The room behind the wall might tell him what those seven lights were

But he had some issues opening the wall. In the center of the wall was a Hybrid Array. It was a lot different from ordinary arrays, this array was made up of three arrays with inseparably close connections.

Lin Yun studied it for a while and was able to recognize two of the three arrays, opening and self-destruction.

If the array suffered an attack or a mistake appeared while it was being cracked, the self-destruction array would trigger, and the power of the self-destruction would be not inferior to the full strength attack of an Archmage powerhouse, which would turn the wall, as well as the room behind it, into ruins.

What made Lin Yun rejoice was that the three arrays forming this Hybrid Array had yet to reach the True Spirit Rank. This discovery made him a bit more relaxed.

But he only let out a sigh of relief

Because this was a Hybrid Array, and Hybrid arrays were True Spirit Rank arrays.

Only Master Alchemists who had reached an extremely high level in terms of calculations could use this technique. A peak Master Alchemist would need several months of calculations without sleep nor rest, not to mention the fact that this Hybrid Array had a self-destruct safety procedure.

Even Lin Yun had no choice but to be careful as he moved his quill to quickly calculate on a piece of paper. It took Lin Yun over three hours to calculate the characters for opening it.

He then picked up his quill again and very carefully inputted the nine characters to open the Hybrid Array. The mana circuit violently flickered before a "bang" echoed and the wall opened.

Lin Yun didnt rush in, clearly on guard since this palace was too strange. He waved his Doom Staff and a Mage Eye explored the room in the back. The room was very small and very empty. There was only a palm-sized crystal laying down on the floor of the room.

After confirming that it wasnt dangerous, Lin Yun walked in, picked up that disk-like crystal, and studied it. That crystal had a memory function which was usually used by mages to record information. Lin Yun tried to pour mana into the crystal and the crystal suddenly changed, countless azure runes appearing around it.

The complete Elemental Tide Lin Yun stared for a bit before putting away that crystal. From Okland to the Tulan Mountain Range, Lin Yun had been helping Ross calculate the Elemental Tides Meditation Law Sets, so he clearly remembered the Elemental Tide and recognized it when he saw those azure runes.

The appearance of the Elemental Tide also confirmed his guesses to some extent. He originally thought that those seven marks on the map had some special meaning, but he was now sure of it.

The Gaugass King left behind seven inheritances. The Elemental Tide Meditation Law Set and the Magic Conducting Rune Arcane Ring were just a part of it.

That six-formula Meditation Law Set is most likely among those seven inheritances

Lin Yun thoughtfully left the room in order to confirm his conjecture, and he impatiently rushed to another location that had been marked on the map.

In the past two days, Lin Yun had encountered a dozen magic beasts, and after one of the fights, Lin Yuns robe was splattered with blood. He had broken many Hybrid Arrays and including from the first room in which he found the Elemental Tide, he found six rooms and obtained three complete Meditation Law Sets and three kinds of Magic Conducting Runes, which included the Arcane Ring that Leon was using.

But Lin Yun was stunned by the seventh room.

The seventh room was located in the center of the palace and was relatively spacious. After breaking the array, Lin Yun rushed in, unable to wait. That 7th room was most likely hiding the six-formula Meditation Law Set, but The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

In the previous six rooms, there was a crystal disk representing the magic inheritance of the Gaugass King, but this room didnt have anything like a crystal.

This was illogical.

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning. This outcome was totally out of his expectations. Hed thought that the six-formula meditation Law Set would be in one of the seven rooms, but now