End Of The Magic Era Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Encounter


"Heavens" Even the experienced and knowledgeable Enderfa couldnt help letting out a surprised cry when faced with this scene.

It was incredible

This young mage only took a few minutes to advance from a 2nd Rank High Mage to a 5th Rank High Mage.

In fact, Enderfa couldnt be blamed for making a fuss.

Lin Yun was too abnormal

After all, its been almost a year since Lin Yun broke through the High Mage realm, and he has been suppressing his rank for a while. Some time ago, he carelessly advanced to 2nd Rank High Mage, and since then, Lin Yun spent most of his energy suppressing his own rank.

His accumulation of mana was steady and powerful, far beyond what any mage could imagine.

Lin Yun had felt like a dam, and just like a dam, the more water inside, the taller the dam had to be built. And now that the dams gate was finally opened, a huge stream of water irresistibly surged forward.

The powerful accumulation of mana was finally set free, making Lin Yun reach 5th Rank High Mage in one go.

And this wasnt all

Lin Yun could use this momentum to break through 6th, 7th and even 8th Rank, but Lin Yun was very rational and stopped there.

Because Lin Yun knew that the Void Forge and the Elemental Heart werent ready yet.

He had to give them more time.

What he had to do now was completely merge these two Meditation Law Sets with his Magic Array and make the Meditation Law Sets and his Magic Array seamlessly fuse. At that time, he would be ready to attack a higher realm.

He might even break through the Archmage realm on his next breakthrough.

Right now, Lin Yun completed the initial fusion between his Meditation Law Sets and his Magic Conducting Rune and ended up reaching the 5th Rank of the High Mage realm. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that the library had been destroyed beyond recognition and those precious books all transformed into pieces. That made him speechless.

He knew that he was the cause behind it.

Beforehand, Lin Yun had used the Magic Array to simulate establishing the three Meditation Law Sets as his core and the fusion with the Magic Array and came up with a ten days estimation. However, something unexpected happened during the fusion, Lin Yun discovered that the Equilibrium Law wasnt as simple as he imagined, it actually also had a supplementary role. After being added to the Equilibrium Law, the Elemental Heart unexpectedly reached the level of 16 formulas, making him spend twenty days more than his initial estimations.

Thus, Lin Yun had two sixteen formula Meditation Law Sets

He was stronger than Joussona who had one sixteen formula Meditation Law Set. Lin Yun had two, this was simply scary.

Suddenly, the crystal ball that had remained inactive all along suddenly shone, projecting the appearance of a middle-aged mage, Gaugass King Luo Ning.

"You obtained my inheritance, so you could barely be considered my disciple. If you want to know what happened, you can go to the lowest floor of the magic tower. You are now in the twelfth floor of the magic tower"

After saying that, and before Lin Yun could answer, the projection of Gaugass King Luo Ning disappeared.

What happened Lowest floor Lin Yun frowned, trying to digest what the Gaugass King said, Just what is hidden at the lowest floor?

In any case, he had to go and take a look.

The 12th floor of the magic tower

Lin Yun recalled something important, he was actually in the 12th floor of the magic tower! I guessed right, the Gaugass King truly surpassed the Heaven Rank! Noscent is a strict world when it came to hierarchy, mages could only build magic towers based on their own ranks.

Archmages towers had eight floors, Heaven Mages had ten floors, as for twelve

Lin Yun soon found a flight of stairs leading down, but it was sealed by a True Spirit Rank array. He took out a quill and dipped it in Melting Snow Ink before spending as long as three hours to smoothly crack the array. He then followed the flight of steps down and arrived in front of a door. The scene on the other side of the door surprised him.

"Cousin Mafa"

"Sir Merlin"

"High Mage Merlin"

Several exclamations sounded as he appeared. On the 11th floor of the magic tower was a group of acquaintances. His three cousins, the Draconic Beastman, Dean and the other high ranked mercenaries, as well as Black Towers Solan.

"How did you come in here?" Lin Yun clearly froze as he looked towards that group with a startled expression. He clearly remembered getting there from a crack in the ground while the Desolate Overlord chased Weiss. He hadnt expected that close to two months later, he would meet them on the 11th floor.

Just what happened?

"Cousin Mafa, its great that you are fine" William, Leon, and Ross walked over and spent a few minutes reiterating everything.

Turns out, two months ago, the Desolate Overlord Incarnation kept chasing Weiss, and because of this, they got some time to escape. After entering the underground hovering palace, the group kept walking and walking and discovered a way downward up until they reached the magic tower.

From Williams description, the hovering palace they found was exactly the same as Lin Yun found, but Lin Yun was certain that it was another palace. How else could he not have met them after moving around for such a long time.

It looked like more than one hovering palace existed under the Line Canyon, there might be two, or even more.

Dean, Delson, and the others also came over and greeted Lin Yun. Only Solan remained in the distance, standing there on his own.

As he was being greeted, Lin Yun secretly observed Solan and to his own shock found out that the current Solan was already a 5th Rank Archmage.

Could that guy have obtained something in the other Palace?

How else could he have advanced to 5th Rank from 2th Rank in a short two months? This was illogical

This could only explained with getting an unexpected opportunity.

Beside his strength having increased, his aura also greatly changed. His eyes were full of madness and the aura coming from his body was cold, thoroughly cold. He even displayed a sinister smile as he looked at Lin Yun.

What happened to him Lin Yun frowned. Being stared at by Solan made him feel uncomfortable, it felt as if he was being watched by a Demon.

Solan Monchi was a human, how could he give this kind of monstrous feeling?

Lin Yun had some conjectures, but he ignored Solans gaze and fished out two crystal disks,handing one over to Ross, "Cousin Ross, this is the complete Elemental Tide"

"Complete Elemental Tide" Ross was startled. He took the crystal disk, felt the aura from inside and immediately put it away.

In Okland, he had given the first section of the Elemental Tide to his cousin Mafa, and then, his cousin Mafa gave him the 2nd section of the Elemental Tide before they had to hurry to the Tulan Mountain Range, leaving the matter of the Elemental Tide unsettled. He hadnt expected Cousin Mafa to reappear a few months later with the complete Elemental Tide and to just give it to him.

At this time, Ross felt a lot of emotions. Before he met his cousin Mafa, he was still worrying over his Meditation Law Set. If he couldnt find it, he might have to remain a 5th Rank High Mage all his life

Then, Mafa took him to the Tulan Mountain Range and through countless dangers making Ross realize that even if he knew that the Elemental Tide was hidden in the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range, by relying on his puny power as a 5th Rank High Mage, he couldnt obtain the Elemental Tide. He might have ended in a magic beasts stomach halfway.

"Thank you, Cousin Mafa!" Ross smiled, these words came from the bottom of his heart!

"This, this Cousin Mafa." Leon nervously stood at the side, twisting his fingers as he stared at the crystal disk in Lin Yuns other hand

To tell the truth, Leon was very envious of Ross. Although he hadnt come in contact with the Elemental Tide and only met Ross in the Dawn Plane where he saw that diary, he learnt that Ross had an incomplete Meditation Law Set called Elemental Tide coming from the Gaugass King.

But Leon knew how powerful the Arcane Ring was. If a mage with Arcane Ring reached the Archmage realm, each Arcane Ring could fuse with a True Spirit Magic Tool. If he could fuse nine of them, just how high would his power reach?

That Magic Conducting Rune was also a magic inheritance of the Gaugass King.

Therefore, Leon knew that the value of this Elemental Tide was equivalent to his Arcane Ring, maybe even slightly higher.

Seeing Cousin Mafa give a complete Elemental Tide to Ross, how could he not be envious?

His eyes were glued to the crystal disk in Lin Yuns hand, his heart beating fast. He couldnt wait and asked, "Cousin Mafa, this is"

"Arcane Ring." Lin Yun didnt even look at it and threw it at Leon. In fact, he had already mastered the Arcane Ring long ago and it was one of the Magic Conducting Rune he had considered before choosing the Magic Array.

Even if he didnt obtain the Arcane Rings magic inheritance, he intended on giving the complete Arcane Ring to Leon once they returned to Okland.

"The complete Arcane Ring" Leon sensed the aura within the crystal disk and was too nervous to even breathe. He knew that this Magic Conducting Rune was linked to his future. With the incomplete Arcane Ring, he had managed to complete nine Arcane Rings, but he couldnt fuse them together.