End Of The Magic Era Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Sand Beast


What force, or who, could control the magic tower?

"This place is very strange, if you are not careful, youll encounter danger. I recommend staying grouped" Solan said in a deep voice. After saying that, he looked at Lin Yun, waiting for his answer.

"Sir Solan, you are right, but there are ten paths. If everyone explore one path together, how long will it take until we find the real path?" Lin Yun softly added, "Divide and conquer"

After Lin Yun was done speaking, everyone apart from Solan nodded. Although Solans suggestion was safe, if they explored each path one by one, when would they find the real one?

They had ten people and there were ten paths.

Solan had a solemn expression, but he didnt say anything else.

"Then, lets do as High Mage Merlin suggest, lets split up" Delson nodded with a heavy expression, before taking out ten purple crystals from his pocket. He gave one to everyone and said, "If you find the way, use the crystal in your hand to tell everyone the news"

"Whispering Crystal"

Lin Yun knew that this was a high grade advanced item produced by the Crystal Workshop. It was usually used to transmit information even when separated by thousands of kilometers. But the Whispering Crystals transmission function was a bit unstable.

The Crystal Workshop was Noscents peak alchemy workshop, its headquarters was in the Odin Kingdom and they had branches almost everywhere in Noscent. Even the test tubes and beakers Lin Yun used in his alchemy workshop in Thousand Sails City came from the Crystal Workshop. But Thousand Sails City was too small, the Crystal Workshop wasnt willing to establish a branch there. It was mainly because of that that the tools in his laboratory were severely outdated.

Everyone got a Whispering Crystal, and after spending some time to finalize the details, the ten people took different paths.

Lin Yun chose the leftmost path, but just as he took one step forward, a fierce spatial fluctuation almost ripped apart his entire body. When he opened his eyes again, the surroundings had changed, the ground had become sandy and the sky dusky. A blood red sun could be seen hanging in the sky, emitting heat and sunlight. Gusts of winds were whistling past, carrying around the sand, and the air was extremely dry.

This scene shocked Lin Yun!

This was a desolate desert


Lin Yun subconsciously cursed. A cold feeling suddenly rose up from his feet to his head. He was certain that this place was completely different from the magic tower. I just stepped on a path, how come I suddenly ended up in a desert? Damn it.

He just realized how evil Luo Nings magic tower was.

He had observed the path carefully before stepping on it, he had even used his Magic Array to analyze it, and even so, he didnt find anything wrong. Up until he took that step and the spatial fluctuations submerged him. Now that he thought about it, he had been careless.

He turned and cast a probing spell, but found out with disappointment that there was no teleportation or transmission array here.

He was very suspicious.

What the hell was that

There is no way I appeared here randomly

A bit over ten minutes later, Lin Yun had yet to discover anything. He softly moved and carefully walked in this weird desert. He was suffering from the suns rays shining over various corners of the desert, and sweat soaked his robe before evaporating due to the heat.

Soon, Lin Yun found out that this extraordinary desert was exceptionally large, so large that it felt boundless. He walked for half an hour without seeing a building or a living creature. He could only see desolation.

At this time, the Whispering Crystal in his hand suddenly shone. He looked at it and found out that it was Leons message. He immediately poured mana into it and heard an intermittent voice transmitted from the Whispering Crystal, "Where are you guys? Im really unlucky, I inexplicably ended up in the Pale Plane"

Pale Plane

Lin Yun was suddenly startled, Whats going on, Leon entered a path just like me, how could he be in the Pale Plane

Where am I?

Some place in Noscent? Or a plane?

Lin Yun still couldnt figure it out.

He needed to find more clues to solve the mystery that was bothering him

At this time, Lin Yun noticed something in the scalding sand. A very low rustling sound which was soon followed by a pythons head rushing out of the sand, its maws wide open. That python head was as thick as a bucket and was leaking a fishy smell.

When the pythons body came out of the sand, Lin Yun was able to see its full shape. The python was ten meters long, and a light blue light was flickering on its body, like a runic pattern. It was frighteningly fast, it was able to cross a dozen meters in an instant. When that fierce head reached Lin Yun, the sharp fangs flickered with a cold light under the sunlight before rushing towards Lin Yuns head.

Lin Yun didnt wait to become the pythons tasty snack and instead cast a powerful Flame Burst. With a rumble, that python let out a mournful cry as it was sent back a dozen meters by Lin Yuns Flame Burst. A head-sized scar could now be seen on the pythons sleek body, it was the mark left behind by the Flame Burst and deep red blood was slowly leaking out of it.

Lin Yun frowned. He had a serious expression as he looked at the python, Where is this place for such powerful magic beasts to appear? In that short battle, he clearly assessed the pythons level, it was level 33.

The only lifeform he encountered since coming to this desert was this python, yet that pythons level was a bit too high

In the most dangerous part of theTulan Mountain ranges, only a few magic beasts surpassed level 33. The hovering palace supposedly built by Emperor Zhantui was also a dangerous place, yet no magic beast surpassed level 33.

He really couldnt pinpoint the location of that desert, What kind of dangerous place is this, how come the first creature I encounter is level 33?

If it was the previous him, he might have some issue surviving in this desert. Fortunately, he had established his Core Meditation Law Sets not long ago. If not for this, killing a level 33 magic beast would require him to spend some effort and a few Flame Bursts might not necessarily kill it.

But it was different now.

The blue light flickered on the pythons body. That runic-like pattern on the pythons body seemed to be giving it magic resistance, otherwise, that Flame Burst would have grievously wounded it.

After all, the current Lin Yun had fused three Meditation Law Sets, two of which were made up of sixteen formulas. It was no exaggeration to say that they were the best Meditation Law Sets in Noscent History. Moreover, he had reached 5th Rank High Mage, his casting speed, casting accuracy, and casting power had increased, and not just by a little bit.

The difference between his current strength and his strength two months ago could only be compared to the difference between heaven and earth, he was at least ten times stronger.

A ghostly silhouette flashed over as the python spat out its tongue, a fishy smell spreading all over as lights flickered in the ferocious eyes that were locked onto Lin Yun. With a very fast speed, it instantly reached Lin Yun and fiercely attacked.

Lin Yun remained unmoved. He softly shook his magic staff and another Flame Burst was cast, exploding on the python once again, followed by another miserable shriek. But Lin Yun didnt plan to stop this time, his magic staff kept flickering as Flame Bursts kept exploding.




Lin Yun stopped after casting the 5th Flame Burst since the level 33 python had already reached its limits. Its entire body was covered in burn scars. It didnt let out any sound as it fell on the sand.

This level 33 python only endured five Flame Burst before it died.

After confirming the Pythons death, Lin Yun cautiously moved over. He intended to take the spirit mana crystal, but walking on this scalding sand gave him an uneasy feeling. Just as he was about to take the mana crystal, the sandy ground shook.

There is something underground

Lin Yun was suddenly startled and immediately cast Haste on himself to flee at top speed. He had been alert ever since he came to this desert, his Magic Array always revolving, yet, something appeared below him and he couldnt sense it.

This was a bit scary

When Weiss, a Representative of the Black Tower and master of the Wind Element, had been hiding with Wind Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yun still managed to find him with the Magic Array, and that was when he was still a 2nd Rank High Mage.

He was now ten times stronger, yet the Magic Array hadnt been able to sense this underground lifeform.


A loud sound echoed as a magic beast whose head was a few meters tall emerged where Lin Yun had just been. The head that surged from underground swallowed the entire python whole, before the two dark red eyes stared at Lin Yun, not far from there.

Sand Beast Its really a Sand Beast, how could this be!

Lin Yun almost went crazy, he was looking at that magic beast in disbelief. It was the first time Lin Yun lost it since he came to this era.