End Of The Magic Era Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Great Changes


After roaring fiercely, the Sand Beast took a few steps forward, shaking the earth and flattening the sand. Every attack of the Sand Beast carried frightening power and momentum. It turned into an afterimage as it used its fastest speed to rush towards Lin Yun. This terrifying speed could even be compared to lightning. Even 5th Rank Sword Saints wouldnt be able to dodge.

The Sand Beast tore through the air and instantly reached Lin Yun. At that time, flames could be seen emerging from Lin Yuns body as he dodged with a Flame Flash. At the same time, a dozen Flame Bursts exploded on the Sand Beasts body.

Rumbles kept echoing as the dozen Flame Bursts exploded at the same location on the Sand Beasts body. Under such a fierce attack, even a 6th Rank Sword Saints Aura Protection would be broken. Only a reddish flaming glow remained on the body of the Sand Beast, from which crimson blood kept pouring out.

Drops of blood fell on the scalding sand, before instantly evaporating due to heat.

Lin Yun relied on Levitation to float in midair, the Doom Staff held in a horizontal position in front of his chest. A large amount of mana was coursing through his body as his two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools also worked at full efficiency. After gathering mana, Lin Yun waved the Doom Staff and a bright radiance instantly burst out.

With one Flame Flash, he closed the distance between him and the Sand Beast. Lin Yun shouted that mysterious character and entered the Unlimited Mode. He completely disregarded mana consumption and burst out with countless fire spells, Flame Bursts, Fire Dragons, Flame Rings, Holy Flame Prisons

The fire element was extremely dense in this area, and with the countless fire spells Lin Yun cast, the flames thoroughly submerged the Sand Beast.

It roared in anger and howled in grief

The Sand Beasts roars were full of panic and despair. It was trapped in flames and was being burnt thoroughly, and even its fierce body was now colored red from the heat. Under the effect of the flames, the sand on the ground could no longer be described as just scalding The Sand Beast let out a painful roar before suddenly rushing out a dozen meters forward.

But what awaited it was a torrent of spells. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel flickered with a dazzling light, submerging the Sand Beast once again under several hundred spells. After those spells dissipated, the Sand Beasts huge body could be seen struggling on the ground.

At this moment, three Frost Spikes were already flying over. The Sand Beast could no longer resist and let out its last breath before the Frost Spikes could even pierce its body.

However, Lin Yun could already see the Sand Beasts figure becoming hazy before suddenly disappearing.


That sound came from above his head. Lin Yun immediately looked up, only to see a huge hole tearing through the dusky sky, continuously expanding, slowly covering the crimson sun and stopping any sunlight from coming out. Lin Yun could no longer feel the heat from the sand. The land in front of him was quickly disappearing.

No more dusky sky, no more desert, and the crimson sun had already disappeared. A fierce spatial distortion appeared and Lin Yun saw his surroundings change. He immediately knew that the illusion had disappeared.

Where am I now

He looked around a few times and saw that he was still on the 11th floor of the magic tower after recognizing the construction style.

There was a portal ahead of him.

There was nothing abnormal about that portal, and no mana fluctuations.

That portal should lead to the 10th floor of the magic tower.

But he wasnt ready to take it. His cousins and Xiuban had yet to come out, so he would go to the 10th floor once they came out.

After going through that illusion, he knew that the person who set it up had no evil intent. In fact, the illusion itself was a stroke of luck. It was an extremely rare opportunity for him. Otherwise, who knew when he would have been able to understand all that profound magic knowledge?

He knew that Leon, Ross, and Xiuban had received a lot of benefits, especially the Draconic Beastman He only took a nap and advanced from the 7th Rank to the 9th Rank. If he let him sleep for a while longer, he might even have a chance to reach the Sword Saint realm.

As he thought about this, Lin Yuns eyes were attracted somewhere. It was a cyan sapling growing in a crack. It didnt look strange on the surface, but Lin Yun was staring closely at it.

Mana Vine

Lin Yun squatted down and looked at the cyan sapling with disbelief. He really couldnt believe it, and he looked at it for a while before confirming that it was indeed a Mana Vine.

Mana Vine haha, a Mana Vine

It was a very mysterious plant. Before it became extinct, almost every mage wanted to nurture one, because Mana Vines could automatically absorb mana from the void. The poorer the environment in the void, the more mana it could absorb.

Moreover, after absorbing mana from the void, they would automatically transform and purify it, forming a Mana Pond to store liquid mana under them.

Because of this, Mana Vines were priceless. If a few Mana Vines were planted in a Demiplane, mana from the void would be absorbed day and night, and after being purified and poured into the pond, it would form a never-ending fountain of mana.

Unfortunately, Mana Vines needed a very harsh environment to grow, so harsh that it was almost impossible to find one in Noscent. No more Mana Vines appeared in Noscent over a thousand years ago.

But he hadnt expected that one would actually appear here.

The Mana Vine would have an unimaginable impact in his hands. There were currently two Soul Fragments of an Ancient God in his Demiplane, and under the effect of their power, the Demiplanes growth speed reached an inconceivable level. It was to the point that within ten years, that naturally born Demiplane would thoroughly mature, the Laws would be born, and it would nurture life. At that time, the Demiplane would become a genuine world.

And that world belonged to Lin Yun.

But, ten years was still a bit too long for Lin Yun. He sighed a few times, thinking that if he could get a Mana Vine absorbing mana every day and night and steadily offer that mana to the Demiplane, it would grow, and the growth of his Demiplane would reach a terrifying level.

The Demiplane should also mature a lot faster.

When he first entered the Demiplane, he visited Rudolphs library and obtained the book Mana Vine Breeding . At the time, Rudolph had most likely thought of using Mana Vines to accelerate the growth of that Demiplane.

But it seemed that Rudolph never managed to find a Mana Vines seed, or else that Demiplane wouldnt have looked half-dead when Lin Yun entered. Mana Vines were already extinct in Noscent, so one might not necessarily find a seed if they looked through the entire land.

When Lin Yun obtained the Demiplane, hed first thought of borrowing Osuls Dusk Fire to open a certain plane. He clearly remembered that there was a Mana Vines seed in that plane. When the mana was exhausted in Noscent, a few Heaven Mages joined hands to go to that plane and obtain the Mana Vine. But the environment that the Mana Vine needed was too harsh. It didnt take long for the Mana Vines seed to sprout and die.

Naturally, a Demiplane was a suitable environment for Mana Vines.

But Lin Yun was puzzled. How did this Mana Vine manage to grow here? This is simply illogical

If one was not careful, they would only think that it was a strand of grass growing in a crack and simply wouldnt even look at it. Lin Yun had also initially thought so, but after thinking about the fact that this was a magic tower that had existed for several millennia yet remained undamaged, he was a bit perplexed by the existence of grass.

He then checked it carefully and discovered that it wasnt a strand of grass, but rather, the Mana Vine he had been dreaming of!

He carefully brought the Mana Vine to the Demiplane.

After several months without checking on it, the Demiplane had once again greatly changed. Especially that river spanning the entire plane. He remembered that the last time he came in, that river didnt look as majestic as it did now, with waves surging forth. The rivers length and width had almost doubled, and Lin Yun could see trees and grass spreading through the entire plane. There were some flowers growing.

Lin Yun was amazed by the Demiplanes changes every time he came in.


Lin Yun suddenly noticed a slight change. There was some slightly chaotic power of Laws. Although they were a bit chaotic, Lin Yun quickly recognized them, the Laws of the four elements, Water, Wind, Fire and Earth.

What did the appearance of the four elements Laws mean? Lin Yun knew that if the four elements Laws were stable, the Demiplane would most likely nurture life.

Lin Yun soon found the location of the two Soul Fragments of the Ancient God. It was already a lush forest, and the deeper he went in, the more vigorous the vitality of the trees was. After reaching the center of the forest, Lin Yun noticed that the two Soul Fragments had already fused and were now calmly resting in the lawn.

And not far away was a pool emitting rich mana fluctuations.

Sensing such rich mana fluctuations, Lin Yun was startled.