End Of The Magic Era Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Something Inside


Delson wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, but before he could say anything, he suddenly felt berserk mana spread through the 11th floor of the magic tower.

His heart sank and he panicked. He tried to say something, but no sound came out of his throat.

The Doom Staff in Lin Yuns hand burst out with a brilliant radiance and a hot aura spread everywhere. At the same time, a dozen Flame Bursts landed on Solan out of nowhere.

It was followed by a mournful scream.

Solan was instantly sent flying, and he crashed heavily against the white wall. Delson watched as the 5th Rank Archmage was suddenly attacked by the young High Mage without being able to react. His mage robe had long since been burnt to a crisp, and a large part of his chest had been lacerated by the Flame Bursts. And countless drops of blood flowed out of his wounds. Those wounds were incomparably sinister, and if anyone weaker than Solan had taken these hits, they would have already died.

Although Solan hadnt died, his aura had reached an extremely depressingly low point. Perhaps even a Great Mage could easily finish off Solan in his current state.

From this, it could be seen how serious his injuries were.

Whether it was Delson or Solan, neither had expected that Lin Yun would suddenly do something like this right after apparently agreeing to compromise. And not only did he teach Solan a lesson, but he did it very ruthlessly.

Even if a 5th Rank Archmages defenses were solid, the flesh was still flesh. It couldnt resist ten Flame Bursts. It was already a blessing that Solan didnt die immediately.

A freezing aura spread all around. At this time, Delson noticed four Frost Lances being cast by the young mage. The sound of the air being torn apart as they flew echoed in his ears. The Four Frost Lances quickly arrived at their destination, followed by a blood-curdling screech. Delson looked at the terrifying scene and felt a chill run down his spine. Solan was actually nailed to the wall.

His limbs were pierced by the Frost Lances, and blood flowing down from them. Half of the wall was dyed red in a few seconds.

Delson shivered. His mage robe was already soaked in cold sweat and was sticking to his back, making him highly uncomfortable.

He no longer dared to say anything.

Because he could feel that the young mage was no longer in a talkative mood.

In fact, the life or death of Solan Monchi had nothing to do with him, he wouldnt dare to provoke Mafa Merlin for him.

"You wont die this time," Lin Yun coldly said. "I only want to check if there is something inside your body"

Lin Yun slowly walked towards the wall, his eyes studying Solan Monchi. Although Solan had suffered an extremely grievous injury, he still retained a part of his consciousness. Hearing Lin Yuns words, he couldnt help shivering. He tried saying something, but no voice came out.

When Lin Yun met Solan on the 11th floor of the magic tower, the latter had already become a 5th Rank Archmage. At that time, he had already noticed some anomalies. And those were most likely the keys behind Solans power-up.

Unfortunately, he wasnt able to detect what exactly those anomalies were.

Solan had changed in a lot of aspects. It wasnt just his strength His personality was also affected.

Before entering the illusion, in that battle against the puppet, Lin Yun had kept an eye on Solan Monchi, but he hadnt been able to find anything. Up until that battle just now. Lin Yun had fought while rousing his Magic Array and making some calculations. He then shockingly found a wisp of demonic aura.

He was most amazed by Solan being able to completely suppress that wisp of demonic aura. Hed almost been fooled!

This was the most suspicious part about Solan Monchi.

Even at the peak of the Magic Era, those powerful mages who entered the Abyss to hunt Demons conducted various experiments, but in the end, they were unable to suppress the demonic aura and make it unnoticeable as Solan did.

Lin Yun had some conjectures about the change to Solans body. He clearly remembered that Solan had disappeared for some time in Zhantuis palace, yet he was already a 5th Rank Archmage when he came back.

But what Lin Yun was curious about was, what happened to Solans body?

Is it related to Emperor Zhantui?

Lin Yun frowned and took out various kinds of medicine and test tubes. He then placed everything side by side on the ground and held a test tube against Solans wound. Soon Solans blood entered the test tube and filled it. After securing it, Lin Yun cautiously studied it.

He used Flaming Hand to keep the crucible heated, and then discovered that Solans strange blood contained something special. When the temperature of the crucible reached 200C, that blood turned dark purple.

At this time, the blood let out a thick aura of sulfur. It spread through every corner as it continued to be emitted from the blood.

Lin Yun could already determine that Solan had gotten his power from a Demon, but for some reason, he had been able to completely suppress the demonic aura.

A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he couldnt help shaking his head. Solan was a complete monster now. Was the power of Demons so easy to get? Even during the peak of the Magic Era, those godlike mages didnt dare to rashly merge with demonic power, because doing so was no different from courting death.

Even if he didnt personally kill Solan, it wouldnt take long before that demonic power burst out. At that time, Solan would be unable to suppress it and would end up being controlled by that demonic power, completely losing any form of self-awareness.

Lin Yun picked up three potions from the ground. These potions effects were targeted towards hells lifeforms.

Solan was already half-conscious by now and could clearly see everything Lin Yun was doing. But his four limbs were already nailed to the wall. He tried to struggle a bit, but the sharp pain was unbearable. That kind of feeling was more painful than being killed.

When he saw Lin Yun holding three potions and pulling apart his mouth, Solan expression suddenly changed. He was scared to the point of turning pale, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He wanted to curse, but he wasnt capable of doing so.

He could only try to keep his mouth closed.

But then

"Slap! Slap!"

Two heavy slaps loudly echoed, leaving Solan in a daze. Lin Yun then pried open Solans mouth and poured one of the potions inside. Wisps of black smoke could be seen coming out of Solans body as he shook fiercely, as if he was under extreme pain.

After letting out a painful roar, Solan stopped shaking and lost consciousness.


Delson was terrified. The way the young mage handled Solan was a bit too frightening. First were the dozen Flame bursts, followed by the Frost Lances nailing him to the wall. And it didnt end there He then took Solans blood to study it and poured a strange potion in his mouth, causing such a big reaction that Solan ended up losing consciousness.

Delson had a feeling that the young mage didnt seem to think of Solan Monchi as a person, but rather, as a test subject

He was a bit regretful now. If he had known, he would have delayed leaving the illusion.

Although he didnt know what happened between Solan and the young mage, he could guess that Solan had done something reckless and thoroughly infuriated the young mage? Why else would Lin Yun, who usually looked harmless, cause such a scene?

Thinking about it, Delson suddenly heard the passed out Solan letting out a blood-curdling screech. His face distorted, his body shaking violently. Due to the larger movements, the wounds on his limbs were agitated and a lot of blood flew out.

Delson looked away, as he didnt have the heart to watch this. He even thought that it was a miracle Solan could remain alive until now.

"Bloodline Curse"

Lin Yun frowned. He really hadnt expected such an outcome when he started studying Solan. He just used a mind attack to forcibly cut a wisp of Solans soul to integrate it to his blood research and ended up finding out that Solan had a Bloodline Curse within his body. It was because of the Bloodline Curse that Solan was able to suppress the demonic aura.

This should explain it

But Lin Yun still frowned. There was still something puzzling him.

Besides their magic knowledge being extremely high, the members of the 3rd Dynastys royal family were greatly proficient in Bloodline Curses. That was the power brought up from their bloodline, and the purer their bloodline, the stronger the power of the Bloodline Curse. Moreover, after their death, that power would linger for a very long time like a specter. It looked like Solan had obtained a part of that power.

Solan went to the palace left by Emperor Zhantui and ended up like this. Doesnt that mean that a member of the royal family of the 3rd Dynasty once died in that palace?

And for a Bloodline Curse to increase Solans power from 2nd Rank Archmage to the 5th Rank, it meant that the person wasnt just a minor member of the royal family.