End Of The Magic Era Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Objective


With this, Mage Merlin would definitely be pleased.

Most importantly, with this favorable cooperation as a start, this future Master Alchemist would most likely consider the Black Horn Auction first for future endeavors. This was the true reason for Cadgar’s cheerful mood. Cooperating with a Great Alchemist that would soon step on the path of a Master Alchemist was something that every auction house yearned for, and it seemed that this could be the start of a very friendly relationship.

A friendly relationship with a future Master Alchemist…

The endless possibilities made Cadgar feel cheerful just thinking about it, as he slowly raised the auction hammer in his hand.

“In that case, 3 000 000 gold going once, 3 000 000 gold going twice”

“High Mage Cadgar, please wait!” Just as Cadgar was about to seal the deal, a young mage entered the venue in a hurry.

The newcomer was Ryan, the eldest son of the Monchi Family, the one who was known for becoming a Great Mage before the age of 30.

“Alright then, it seems that the Monchi Family needs a little bit of time” When Cadgar heard this, his eyes were shining. How could he not agree? He watched Ryan entering the box on one side while making some jokes.

Cadgar knew that Ryan’s arrival definitely meant a new bid.

Sure enough, the bid was quickly announced.

“4 000 000 gold, our Monchi Family is willing to buy these two potions for 4 000 000 gold.”


When this price was announced, the venue went silent once again. They had been shocked time and time again tonight. This auction was so different from any they had seen before. Disbelief was plastered on the faces of all the guests and some even pinched themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

4 000 000 gold, this couldn’t be described as only extremely expensive anymore. In the history of the Black Horn Auction House, such a shocking price had never appeared. And also, this had already far surpassed the proper value for these potions. Even just spending this money to get close to a genuine Master Alchemist wouldn’t be worth this much.

The box of the Monchi Family was tightly shut, but everyone’s eyes were fixated on that place, staring as if they wanted to see through the wall.

Why would Monchi, who hadn’t bid before, suddenly bid 4 000 000 after Ryan’s arrival?

Crazy, this was really crazy.

Faced with such a crazy price, even the Silver Moon Mercenary Group of Thousand Sails City couldn’t fight it. Sasu stood there stupefied, almost raising his hand several times, but he ultimately lowered it and said with a regretful face, “I give up.”

“Then, 4 000 000 gold going once, 4 000 000 gold going twice, 4 000 000 going three times, sold! Congratulations, President Monchi of the Twin Moons chamber of commerce. You have won a Volcano Potion and a Ghost Potion for 4 000 000 gold.”

The hammer in Cadgar’s hand fell down as he announced the end of the auction.

But at this point, no one cared about that. They were all wondering if there was something wrong with Monchi… Why would he bid so much just for these two potions?

Even some people inside the Monchi family’s box were thinking that way.

“No way 4 000 000 gold just for two potions?” Mason was sitting there, staring at the two potions delivered by the Black Horn Auction House, his mouth wide open from shock. 4 000 000 gold, that was 4 000 000 gold If the one sitting in front of him wasn’t his father, Mason might have gone over to check whether he had a fever or not…

“What do you know?” Due to being in a good mood after successfully getting the two potions, Monchi surprisingly didn’t get angry at Mason’s question. He only glanced at his younger son and said, “This is what your uncle wants.”

“Uncle?” The fearless Mason turned deathly pale when he heard that word.

Any outsiders might think that the most important person of the Monchi Family was the one in charge of the Twin Moons chamber of commerce, or perhaps Ryan, the future High Mage that the Monchi family would rely on in the future.

But the three members of the Monchi Family inside the box knew that the true support of the Monchi Family was neither Monchi nor Ryan. It was actually Monchi’s younger brother, who was part of the Black Tower.

Apart from a limited few members of the Monchi family, nobody in Thousand Sails City knew that Monchi had a younger brother called Solan Monchi. But he had been taken away by a mage of the Black Tower when he was born, and he didn’t even return when their father died. He had been forgotten by most over the course of almost 50 years. This matter was the biggest secret of the Monchi family.

A dozen years ago, Solan came back to Thousand Sails City one time, and after having a long talk with Monchi, he took Ryan away with him for the next dozen years. When Ryan came back, he became a Great Mage that was not yet thirty.

Monchi’s feelings toward his younger brother were very complicated. He felt some unfamiliarity, some respect, and even some dread, because he had power that Monchi couldn’t even imagine.

But Monchi knew that even if the whole Monchi family was burnt to the ground one day, as long as Solan was still there, the family could be rebuilt overnight.

Monchi never doubted Solan’s words. Even when Solan told Monchi to find a way to get the house that Locke Merlin left behind, he immediately sought out Fario. Now, Solan urged him to get the two potions, so he immediately bid 4 000 000 gold for them.

“Uncle What did Uncle say?”

“You shouldn’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”


After giving Mason an unhappy glare, Monchi slowly sat down and looked at the two potions…

Locke Merlin had already died, and the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce had already collapsed.

It was time for the Monchi family to get involved in the alchemy business.

This was the true reason that Monchi spent 4 000 000 gold to win these two potions.

The Monchi Family wanted to take over the alchemy market of Thousand Sails City. It wasn’t a new goal. At first, the Monchis couldn’t get much of the market share because of Locke Merlin and his Flashing Gold chamber of commerce. But ever since the death of Locke Merlin and the fall of the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce, the Monchi Family’s desire to annex the alchemy market was getting stronger every day.

For this reason, Monchi had already written a few dozen letters to Solan, wanting to get some support from the Black Tower. But unfortunately, Solan also had his own things to deal with and had never given Monchi an answer in the affirmative.

Until now.

The sudden appearance of the two potions made Monchi realize that this might be an opportunity, and thus, he immediately sent someone to notify Ryan and have him contact Solan to inform him of the existence of the potions. And just as expected, after hearing Ryan’s explanation, the two potions immediately caught the attention of the higher-ups of the Black Tower.

Immediately afterwards, Ryan brought Solan’s words back to Monchi at the venue, and the price of these two potions went up to 4 000 000 gold.

To Monchi, the support of the Black Tower was far more important. In contrast, what was 4 000 000 gold to him? As long as he was able to take over the alchemy market left behind by the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce, let alone spending 4 000 000 gold, he would even be willing to go bankrupt.

The potential profits of an alchemy business… Monchi was very clear about this.

“Oh right, Ryan” Monchi suddenly remembered that the Gilded Rose was also still in the alchemy market, so he told his older son, “Pay attention to the movements of the Gilded Rose, I keep having a feeling that there is something wrong with that Merlin kid.”

In fact, Monchi didn’t pay much attention to Merlin at the start. Even if he brought about the recovery of the Gilded Rose, even if he made the 9th Rank Mage go home with his tail between his legs, in Monchi’s eyes, these things weren’t too alarming. A small Gilded Rose, a newly advanced Mage, Monchi could have him crushed like an ant just by raising his hand.

But today, Monchi suddenly felt some uncertainty…

At the start, that kid won the Styx Water with fifty thousand gold. Monchi had been worried about whether another force was getting involved, which might make it difficult for him to get his hands on that old house, but afterwards, Lin Yun fought him for the Red Flame Fish Oil, and surprisingly used 1 200 000 gold. There was no mistake there, he bid 1 200 000 gold and then received the item. Even when Locke Merlin was alive, getting such a large amount wasn’t easy, not to mention the fact that a few months ago, Mafa Merlin couldn’t even produce eight thousand gold to pay his debt.

Monchi was sure that this time, there was definitely a problem with Mafa Merlin.

This time, Monchi was completely on guard, he hadn’t paid attention to the small Gilded Rose before, but he couldn’t continue like that. No one could be clearer about the shipwreck of Locke Merlin than Monchi. If he ignored the Gilded Rose and let Mafa Merlin grow, he would regret it sooner or later.

Fortunately, there should still be time…

After Monchi gave instructions to Ryan, he looked back at the two potions. ‘Since your Gilded Rose is in the alchemy business, when those two Great Alchemists arrive, your Gilded Rose will be completely uprooted.’

Monchi sank into contemplation while Mason was growing very anxious. The auction had been over for a while, so why did his father look as if he had no plans to leave? ‘What should I do? If I waste time, that Merlin kid will definitely get away, I might not have such a good opportunity next time.’

Mason was jittery and restless for a long time before he finally found a reason to slip away.

Of course, this wasn’t because Mason was quick-witted and managed to find an exceptionally good reason; it was because Monchi’s mind was filled with thoughts of how to deal with the Gilded Rose. He had no time to spend on that kid, that’s all.