End Of The Magic Era Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Screen


The workshop looked completely empty aside from a few puppets by the entrance, but they weren’t operational. The group walked deeper inside, but didn’t find anything special.

‘But what’s that fierce mana fluctuation’

Lin Yun’s gaze inadvertently fell onto an inconspicuous corner where a puppet was laying flat on its back. From where he stood, that puppet didn’t seem special at first glance, it looked no different from the puppets at the entrance. But Lin Yun could see that this puppet had many sword gashes on its body, as well as lingering mana fluctuations.

Those few puppets flanking the doorway had defective parts, or no mana sources, but the one in the corner was different, it looked as if it had gone through a very arduous battle and looked quite worn out.

Lin Yun walked next to that alchemy puppet and crouched down. He carefully studied the puppet in front of him and with his insight, he was able to glean that this puppet was old, very old. Lin Yun then proceeded to do a thorough check of the puppet’s body and found out that the mana source’s mana circuits had been forcefully severed a long time ago.

He then followed along those circuits and found out that the mana source compartment was empty, it had clearly been removed by someone a long time ago.

Lin Yun shook his head. Just as he got up, he felt faint, almost undetectable mana fluctuation. It came from the empty place for mana source. Lin Yun’s expression suddenly changed, his body stiffened as he motionlessly looked at the puppet. He clearly felt a remnant mana fluctuation left by the mana source, and it was unfathomably powerful.

‘The mana source that supported the puppet was definitely a level 40 mana crystal At the very least’

Lin Yun wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, this was definitely a Heaven Rank Puppet. Had the mana source not been snatched by someone, they might have ended up dead today.

The reason behind the siege of a thousand puppets was easy to guess now, it was definitely the doing of this puppet, it altered the programs of the puppets in the workshop. After that Heaven Rank Puppet lost its mana source, those puppets kept operating based on their program and besieged anyone who approached the workshop.

After examining the parts of the Heaven Rank Puppet, Lin Yun discovered with joy that most of the components were intact. Only a small part had suffered various amount of damage.

Lin Yun suddenly thought of the Heaven Rank Puppet he got from Vaughn’s laboratory. If Lin Yun used the parts of the Heaven Rank Puppet before him to fix his own Heaven Rank Puppet, then he would need only a high level mana crystal as a mana source.

As for those few components he needed to replace, Lin Yun wasn’t too worried. In any case, he would inevitably take a trip to the Puppet Plane in the future and take some components back.

Once he completely restored that Heaven Rank Puppet, even if its strength wouldn’t reach as high as Heaven Rank, it would be able to easily handle level 37 or 38.

If he could find everythinghe needed in the Puppet Plane, Lin Yun was certain that he could make the puppet reach Star Sage Jouyi’s level.

What kind of concept was that…

That was the peak of the Archmage realm, an existence that could grasp a wisp of Extraordinary power.

In Noscent’s history, no more than twenty Heaven Rank Puppets appeared. It would already be quite decent if Lin Yun could make that puppet’s strength approach Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun didn’t remain idle, he casually disassembled the components. The speed at which he was disassembling would make Artisans gasp in amazement. The light dismantling noises kept going for a dozen minutes as each and every precious part was taken apart. William, Delson, and the others didn’t pay attention to his movements, they were actually looking around the huge workshop.

Lin Yun tore apart the core part, and when he was about to tear apart the mechanical system, the Heaven Rank Puppet that had been laying down on its back suddenly moved.

That’s right, it really moved.

Lin Yun jumped up, startled.

‘What’s this’

He then remembered that the mana source of that Heaven Puppet was gone and no matter how strange it was, it couldn’t threaten him. Moreover, he had dismantled over half of the parts already.

After going through the end of the Magic Era, Lin Yun knew that whether it was magic ships or puppets, once they lost their mana source, they were no different from piles of scrap metal.

But The Heaven Rank Puppet’s eyes suddenly shone. Lin Yun saw this scene and seemed to recall something as he turned towards the wall behind him.

“This is”

Lin Yun was stunned when he saw that screen. It was a screen recording Charles the Emperor leading numerous human powerhouses to break the Throne of Life.

That was an unprecedented battle.

Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves were jointly protecting the Throne of Life and launched all sorts of powerful attacks towards Charles’ group. At that time, many humans fell to those attacks.

‘The Merlin Family Ancestor! It’s really the ancestor of the Merlin Family’

A middle-aged man was standing behind Charles, a crest on his body that Lin Yun recognized. It was the crest of the Merlin Family Lin Yun had seen not that long ago in the Heaven Enlightening Plane and which ended up in William’s hands.

Lin Yun looked at that crest in shock, ‘The Merlin Family is indeed not as simple as they look, if that person is truly the ancestor of the Merlin Family, then wouldn’t that mean that the history of the Merlin Family can be traced back to the end of the Nesser Dynasty’

He then discovered that the Chromatic Dragons, pure-blooded Elves, and Humans weren’t the only parties participating in this battle. Behind Charles the Emperor there were a few Heaven Rank Puppets, one of which looked extremely familiar. It looked just like the one laying down on the floor next to him.

‘It’s not right’

There were many questions in Lin Yun’s heart. Although he only looked at that battle for a few seconds, he could also see that many of the powerhouses on Charles’ side fell, and they were in a disadvantageous position. Let alone breaking the Throne of Life, even wanting to escape from the Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves’ encirclement seemed hard.

In Noscent’s history, Charles the Emperor broke the Throne of Life and established the 3rd Dynasty.

It looked like there was a huge deviation from what he had learnt.

At this time, the screen darkened and Lin Yun caught sight of an indescribable black palm. It was unknown where it came from, but it was covering the sky, and those Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves looked like they had seen a ghost when that black palm appeared. It seemed that the black palm was a very frightening existence.

The black palm heavily smashed down,displaying an unforgettable scene for Lin Yun. Countless Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves were unable to resist and were annihilated by that black palm…

The scene reflected on the wall stopped there.

But that black palm covering the sky couldn’t leave Lin Yun’s mind. He could no longer be described as mildly as just stunned.

‘What kind of power is that…’

‘It killed powerful existences like Chromatic Dragons and Elves, and it didn’t just kill one, it killed a group’

‘Is there really such a powerful existence in this world?’

That frightening power simply surpassed his imagination.

After observing for a bit, he saw that the Heaven Rank Puppet was no longer moving and was calmly laying down again. Lin Yun frowned, that Heaven Rank Puppet was very old, it participated in the fight in which the Throne of Life was destroyed, making him suspicious about the circumstances of the puppet appearing in the magic tower of the Gaugass King.

Moreover, it looked like it had experienced a bitter struggle which lead to several components being damaged and the mana source being snatched.

Lin Yun shook his head but didn’t dwell on it too much. He crouched down and devoted himself to dismantling the parts. Roughly twenty minutes later, the valuable parts of the Heaven Puppet had already been dismantled.

After dealing with everything on his side, Lin Yun slowly got up and glanced at his surroundings. He found out that everyone else had been busy too.

There was no real danger in this huge workshop, although there was occasionally one or two damaged puppets emerging, any one of the ten people could deal with it. Thus, after entering the workshop, they all scattered to look for the entrance leading to the lower floor.

Lin Yun cast a few Mage Eyes, carefully controlling them while walking around the place, looking for something in the workshop.

It took a few minutes before Lin Yun found the place he was looking for. This was a very small room with a dozen disabled puppets at the entrance and a very dusty floor.

Among the group, Lin Yun was the only one who knew that an alchemy workshop of this size usually had a control room, and the place he was at right now was precisely the control room of the alchemy workshop.

The current control room had long since been destroyed beyond recognition, but there were still some vestiges of the control arrays.

Lin Yun stood in the narrow control room and couldn’t help shaking his head. He was originally looking for the control room for clues, but it looked like he was expecting too much…

He turned to leave the control room, but carelessly kicked something as he wasn’t paying attention. He looked down and saw a pitch-black fist-sized thing.

‘What’s this?’

Lin Yun frowned. Normally, the control room was the core of the entire alchemy workshop, it wasn’t a place where junk could be found. That thing on the ground didn’t have any special features, but from its shape, it looked to be a fragment of something.

He crouched down and picked it up, however Lin Yun froze when his palm came in contact with the black thing. He remained there, motionless.

That thing was too strange…