End Of The Magic Era Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Withering Flames


The moment he touched it, that black thing emitted an unfathomably powerful mana. It felt as if he wasn’t touching a piece of metal, but a Chromatic Dragon instead.

‘Yes, it’s that kind of feeling.’

‘What is this thing’

Lin Yun frowned, holding that thing with one hand gave him a fearful feeling. He tried to pour mana into it, but nothing happened.

This thing was definitely not simple.

He put it in his pocket for now, he didn’t have the time to take care of it right now, he would slowly research it later.

After coming out of the control room, he sensed that the others were already waiting next to the central forge.

“What did you find?”

“High Mage Merlin, we found the passage leading to the 9th floor” Delson said with excitement. After experiencing the 11th floor’s illusion, Delson thought that the 10th floor would be even more dangerous, but he hadn’t expected it to be so easy. Apart from that thousand puppets army being somewhat troublesome, the 10th floor didn’t pose much danger.

Lin Yun nodded. He was about to say something when he suddenly felt a fierce mana fluctuation and immediately turned to look at the huge forge.

He wasn’t the only one to notice this fierce mana fluctuation, everyone did. They all turned their heads towards the forge. Among them, Solan was the only one whose expression greatly changed, he was looking at the forge with disbelief.

At this time, a silhouette in a very pitiful state suddenly rushed out of the huge forge. They could see the worn out mage robe covered in blood and mud that the silhouette was wearing. His hair was unkempt and his face deathly pale. But more importantly, a thick aura of sulfur spread when he appeared.

‘Is it a Demon?’

Everyone was startled.

But after paying attention, they could see that the man that came out of the forge had two ash-colored flames on his back which were spreading that sulfur aura.

“Representative Weiss! How come it’s you” Delson let out in surprise.

Nothing could be done about it, the changes Weiss underwent were too great. Before, in the Line Canyon, Weiss had appeared and disappeared without a trace, giving out a mysterious feeling. But now…

He was no different from an old man past his prime.

This could no longer be described as pitiful state, everyone knew that those two ash colored flames were Withering Flames, flames from the Abyss. If one was infected by them, they would get eradicated by the Withering Flames unless they already reached Heaven Rank. In the end, the Withering Flames would only stop burning when the soul was turned to ashes.

But Representative Weiss now encountered that kind of predicament, the Withering Flames were constantly obliterating his soul. He managed to last so long because he was powerful.

Weiss’ sudden appearance startled Lin Yun, ‘He actually appeared in the 10th floor of the magic tower’

‘Where did he go before?’

William said that two months ago, Weiss had been chased down by the Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation, but he still used an outrageous way to get into the magic tower.

Weiss managed to escape the chase of the Desolate Overlord, just this was shocking enough, after all, the three magic beasts back then were comparable to Weiss, yet they hadn’t been able to escape disaster.

When the Desolate Overlord Incarnation appeared, Lin Yun knew that it’s power was comparable to Jouyi.

Yet, Weiss managed to escape from such a terrible existence, this was incredible.

Everyone, including Lin Yun, thought that under the chase of the Desolate Overlord, Weiss had no way out.

But it looked like Weiss had met some huge trouble, the two Withering Flames were corroding his soul, and even with his strength, Weiss’ soul would soon fade away, unless a Heaven Rank Powerhouse was willing to help him get rid of these Withering Flames…

“Solan Monchi!”

Just as he came out of the Forge, Weiss caught sight of these familiar faces and froze for a second. But then, his eyes locked onto Solan, he glared while shouting Solan’s name. Some mana fluctuations leaked out from his body before countless wind spells took Solan by surprise.

That old man was infuriated.

Everyone was astonished when they saw how the situation was unfolding. No one expected this. After all, Weiss and Solan were both members of the Black Tower, and they had a master disciple relationship. They had been interacting for a few decades, they should have some friendship. How come Weiss suddenly attacked Solan out of nowhere?

The only explanation was that this old man was enraged. Why else would he attack his beloved disciple out of nowhere.

After all, Solan had raked quite a few achievements nowadays, and he was ranked among the top geniuses of the Black Tower. It was very likely that he would enter the Council of Seven in the future, and as his teacher, Weiss’ reputation would naturally shoot up. With such an outstanding disciple, Weiss should be pampering him, yet, from his current attitude, it looked like he wanted to kill Solan Monchi!

Moreover, in any organization, killing a fellow member was an unforgivable crime. Even if Weiss was a member of the Council of Seven, there needed to be a rational explanation behind such an action, or he might be expelled from the Black Tower.

“You did something wicked, now, the time for your judgement has come…”

But Xiuban who was standing near Lin Yun was the only one not surprised by Weiss trying to kill Solan, he even had a joyful expression on his face and was snickering while mumbling.

“What did you say?” Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning, Xiuban seemed to know something.


Xiuban saw Lin Yun’s frown and was clearly scared, he stood on the spot while shivering from fear, not daring to let out any sound.

“Eh what? If you know something, tell me” Lin Yun stopped frowning as he looked at Xiuban, ‘He is already a 9th Rank Expert Swordsman, how could he be so spineless.’

Xiuban let out a relieved sigh, looking a lot more relaxed. Naturally, he didn’t know that Lin Yun was looking down on him. Xiuban then pointed at Solan, “That guy is worse than us Highland Beastmen. He was originally laying down on the ground, soon to be killed by that Desolate Overlord, yet Weiss saved him and took him with him as he fled. But he took advantage of Weiss not paying attention to push Weiss towards the Desolate Overlord before fleeing alone and meeting us in the cave”

A pondering smile appeared on Lin Yun’s face. He truly hadn’t expected that something like that could happen. To use even his own teacher as bait No wonder Weiss directly tried to kill Solan the moment he appeared.

Maybe even Solan himself hadn’t expected such an outcome. 1st, he did everything secretly, Xiuban had seen it purely by accident. 2nd, Weiss shouldn’t have been able to escape from the Desolate Overlord alive.

But he actually did.

If this incident was revealed, even if Weiss didn’t kill him, Solan would lose his footing in the Black Tower.

In short, Solan was running out of luck.

Weiss and Solan fought each other in the vast workshop, yet no one planned to stop them.

After all, no one had good feelings neither for Solan nor for Weiss.

Because they had been commandeered, the people of the three mercenary groups had been delayed in the search of the thing their employer wanted. If Weiss and Solan wanted to fight it out, Delson and the others would happily watch, hoping both of them would die in the process.

As for Lin Yun, he had an even worse opinion of the two individuals from the Black Tower. Solan’s actions already far surpassed what he could endure, and if not for the dangerous magic tower, he would have already killed him.

As for Weiss, he had attacked him first in the Line Canyon, and then trapped him. Had his reaction speed been any slower, he might have already become fodder for the Desolate Overlord.

Moreover, Weiss, as Solan’s teacher, most likely knew some secrets related to the Bone Plane.

‘What’s going on’

At this time, Lin Yun could clearly sense that Weiss wasn’t restraining himself, but still couldn’t hurt Solan at all. This discovery shocked him. He had personally experienced Weiss’ strength and even used the Magic Array to calculate it. Weiss was a peak 6th Rank Archmage, with his strange wind techniques, he could even compare to a 7th Rank Archmage, otherwise Lin Yun wouldn’t have had so much trouble back then.

He should definitely be able to deal with Solan, yet, he couldn’t get the upper hand.

This was a bit too strange.

After all, even if Solan’s strength had greatly improved, he was only a 5th Rank Archmage, and he hadn’t completely mastered his power. Being able to be on par with Weiss under such circumstances was irrational.

‘Weiss’ injury looks quite serious, I wonder what happened during the last two months’ Lin Yun frowned as he looked at Weiss who kept casting spell after spell. He quickly discovered a problem. Weiss’ strength seemed to have dropped to 5th Rank Archmage, moreover, a part of his power was used to suppress the Withering Fire’s corrosion. Like this, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Solan Monchi, and if the fight continued like that, he might very well lose to Solan.

“Solan Monchi, you bastard! I must kill you today!”

Weiss’ face was completely ashen, after shouting, a few Tornadoes appeared in his surroundings, and following the appearance of the tornadoes, the mana in the surroundings crazily rushed out, as if it was pulled by an invisible force. Countless high tier wind spells burst out of Weiss’ body, engulfing Solan.