End Of The Magic Era Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Puppet Tide


What happened that day was constantly repeating in Weiss’ mind, driving him insane. After being dragged down by Solan, he spent ten days to escape from the pursuing Desolate Overlord, but although he succeeded he had to pay a price, and that price was huge. Not only was he seriously hurt, he was also infected by two Withering Flames, burning him alive. He might not be able to survive if he couldn’t find a Heaven Rank Mage on time to help him remove the Withering Flames.

Moreover, when fighting Solan, he had no other choice but to use part of his power to suppress the Withering Flames in order to reduce the corrosion speed, or he wouldn’t be able to stay alive.

The moment he was dragged down by Solan, he swore that even if he could make it alive, he would definitely kill Solan Monchi!

The disciple he had wholeheartedly nurtured for a few dozen years actually kicked him down in such a dangerous situation. Anyone would go cray if this happened to them. If not for his long life filled with various experiences, Weiss might have already spat out blood in anger.

Fortunately, he was able to escape from the Desolate Overlord’s pursuit and find Solan!

When he saw Solan, the bottled up resentment burst out.

But, his heart turned cold once he started fighting Solan…

Because he discovered that Solan had changed…

He was now a 5th Rank Archmage!

A genuine 5th Rank Archmage Weiss whose power had fallen to the 5th Rank Archmage level couldn’t even deal with Solan. This was something hard to accept.

Solan’s expression was terrible. When Weiss appeared, he truly panicked. He clearly understood the strength of his teacher, a 6th Rank Archmage wouldn’t be able to survive against his teacher, let alone a 5th Rank Archmage like himself.

Then he found out that his teacher was in a very bad state and his strength diminished to the 5th Rank Archmage realm. Weiss was even a bit weaker than him.

“Weiss, do you remember? Three years ago, in the Dark Azure Plane? I entered a ruin and barely escaped with my life. I had gotten a True Spirit Magic Tool then, but you forced me to hand over that True Spirit Magic Tool. I had enough of such a scummy teacher. I would have turned hostile earlier if not for your strength. But you know what, you don’t need to be angry about what happened two months ago, we can call it quits, I’ll also forget about that True Spirit Magic Tool matter”

But even though Solan had said that, Weiss didn’t intend to stay his hand, his offensive actually became fiercer, dazzling wind spells whistling towards Solan.

Solan’s expression couldn’t help but turn solemn. It looked like Weiss was fighting as if his life depended on it.

During these ten days, he kept suffering in silence, afraid of offending Mafa Merlin and losing his life. One Mafa Merlin was already enough to make him distressed, and now there was Weiss added to the count.

‘Damn, does everyone want to kill me?’

‘At worst, I’ll take you down with me!’

Solan stared at Weiss with red eyes, he hardened his heart and burst out with the full power of a 5th Rank Archmage.

That battle lasted over ten minutes and could only be described as fierce, both sides were 5th Rank Archmage powerhouses and weren’t holding back, they both wanted the other side to die.

The former master and disciple were now arch-enemies.

This was quite ironic…

The wonderful part of this battle lay in the fact that both of them kept trying to expose the other side’s shortcomings. It reached the point where the two kept disclosing personal matters. Everyone, Lin Yun included, were speechless when they heard those shouts, ‘How is this a fight? Isn’t this just a cursing contest?’

Whether it was Weiss or Solan, they both exhausted their mana, it could be seen from the fact that they could no longer use high tier spells and were only casting 1st Tier and 2nd Tier spells.

But Weiss seemed to be in a pickle, new injuries were added to the wounds he already had from the chase.

“Stop, both of you”

But suddenly, the expression of Lin Yun, who was watching this battle leisurely, changed without warning. He called out to both of them in a deep voice. The control system he had dismantled from the puppet had displayed some change.

This change startled him, it was as if some power was trying to manipulate the control system.

He couldn’t help linking it to the thousand of puppets that attacked them earlier. He had guessed that the thousand of puppets recklessly attacking them had been due to something that Heaven Puppet ordered a long time ago, but that theory didn’t look very likely now.

If the control system hadn’t been extracted, that Heaven Puppet might have attacked them under the control of that power.

What kind of existence had the power to alter the puppet’s programs?

He suddenly felt that things were far from good, his intuition told him that something huge was about to happen, and thus, he shouted at Weiss and Solan. If they remained there, they might be in trouble.


Solan and Weiss acted as if they couldn’t hear him and kept staking it all with low tier spells. Their eyes were already red, they were only motivated by hatred. Only when one of them died would this battle stop.

Lin Yun frowned, his expression cold and terrifying. He suddenly rushed forward, using Fire Elemental Incarnation, he reached Solan and Weiss and Instant Cast seven Ice Walls without saying a word, effectively separating the two men. He then pointed the Doom Staff and two Flame Shackles wound up around Solan and Weiss.

Flame Shackles was only a 2nd Tier Spell, it would usually have a hard time stopping a 5th Rank Archmage for even a second.

But it was clearly a special case.

Solan and Weiss were almost out of mana, they simply couldn’t throw off the Flame Shackles

Weiss angrily looked at Lin Yun.

As for Solan…

Solan remembered that he had just ignored Lin Yun when he told them to stop. He had been fully focused on the battle, so he hadn’t paid attention, but recalling that moment, Solan suddenly started sweating. He was afraid that Lin Yun would do as he did ten days ago and torment him.

“High Mage Merlin, what What do you plan on doing? This is a matter between Weiss and me, please do not get involved”

Solan was fearful as he looked at Lin Yun, his limbs constantly shivering. But he was still unwilling to spare Weiss.

It took him all his courage just to say those words, his fear for Lin Yun was so high that it couldn’t be described anymore.

He couldn’t help shuddering when he remembered the torture from ten days ago. At that time, Mafa Merlin completely regarded him as an experimental subject, it took ten days for his injury to more or less recovered, but a shadow was forever left in his heart.

And the other side had restrained his limbs once again When he tried to throw off the Flame Shackles, he clearly felt chaos rising from his Mana Whirlpool. Fortunately, he didn’t have much mana left at this time. Had it been at any other time, he might have died or been seriously injured.

“If you want to live, shut up for me”

Lin Yun coldly glanced at Solan, and that was enough to make cold sweat trickle down Solan’s back. Solan couldn’t stop shaking and no longer dared to speak.

“Everyone leave here, take the path to the 9th Floor quickly. Cousin William, lead the way” Lin Yun anxiously shouted. Under his Fire Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yun carried the two Archmages and arrived in front of the rest of the group with a Flame Flash.


Among these people, William was the one with the best understanding of Lin Yun. When he heard Lin Yun’s anxious tone, he immediately knew that something big had happened and reacted with a Haste spell, before rushing towards the passage to the 9th floor.

Delson and the others were distracted at first, but they soon followed William and ran towards the passage.


A world-shaking sound came from the huge forge in the middle of the workshop, before it exploded out of nowhere, only to be replaced by a Planar Path. One puppet after another rushed out of the Plane Path.

Following that explosion, the group which was rushing towards the passage didn’t dare to look back. A major event happened, but they didn’t dare to turn around.

At the entrance of the passage, Lin Yun threw down Weiss and Solan. He then turned to look at the workshop, only to find that they were already surrounded by countless puppets.

Puppet Plane…

The planar path appeared just as the forge disappeared. He also instantly discovered that this Planar Path led to the Puppet Plane.

The discovery of Planar Paths was only in its infancy in this era, only one tenth of the Planes known in the peak of the Magic Era had already been discovered. And the Puppet Plane was one of the planes that had yet to be discovered.

The name Puppet Plane would spread through Noscent only three millennia later. When it would be discovered by a Heaven Mage.

But that Heaven Mage soon found out that the Puppet Plane was a terrible place, there was an endless number of puppets that didn’t know fatigue and weren’t afraid of death. Even the Heaven Mage was exhausted after handling a few puppets. After coming out with exhausted mana, the Heaven Mage shared his experience of the Puppet Plane.

It was in the peak of the Magic Era that several major forces in Noscent joined hands and paid a great price to conquer the Puppet Plane. In some way, the danger of the Puppet Plane was no less inferior to the Undead Plane, but the wealth held within couldn’t be underestimated.