End Of The Magic Era Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Diary


The Puppet Plane was undoubtedly a holy land for alchemists specialized in puppets, it had countless puppets. After conquering the Puppet Plane, those few major forces sent a large amount of alchemists into the Puppet Plane, and after a few decades, those few major forces had the most powerful puppet legions in Noscent.

Lin Yun was a bit stunned. How could a Planar Path leading to the Puppet Plane appear in the workshop of the magic tower? Thinking of this, his heart couldn’t help beating faster, ‘Could it be Luo Ning already discovered the Puppet Plane a thousand years ago?’

‘And the Planar Path in this workshop was most likely established by Luo Ning.’

‘This is quite outrageous’

While rushing to the passage, Lin Yun took the time to record the coordinates of the Puppet Plane in his Book of Death so that he would be able to easily take a trip there later.

“What What’s that?”

Delson and the others were taking a breather at the entrance to the passage. They had clearly sprinted, but they found it difficult to rush through the passage without confirming what happened, thus, after making sure they were safe, they looked back.

They were instantly petrified, they only saw a sea of densely packed puppets, too many to be able to count. The thousand puppets they had seen when they first arrived was nothing compared to this sea of puppets.

The puppets were tightly packed in the workshop, it could be inferred from this that they might be a few ten thousands of them.

What kind of concept was that?

A puppet legion made up of a few tens thousands puppets was enough to sweep through Okland’s major forces.

Weiss and Solan had been thrown to the ground by Lin Yun. Although their Flames Shackles had long since been dealt with, the two had no intention of making a move, they were instead sluggishly looking at that sea of puppets as they recalled their previous situation. If the young mage hadn’t taken them away, they would have already lost their lives.

Weiss’ expression seemed a lot more complicated as he looked at Lin Yun. He wanted to say something, but held back.

Everyone could understand that remaining on the 10th floor wasn’t a good idea, those puppets wouldn’t take long to wipe out this place.

The group got down the spiralling staircase and went through a dark passage before new surroundings appeared in front of them.

The 9th floor was very small, not at all like the previous floors who were using expansion arrays. It was only a few hundred meters wide and had a few sparse bookshelves and a desk on which was set up a quill, paper, and a few other things.

Lin Yun could determine with a glance that this should have been the Gaugass King’s study. Moreover, there was no danger here. He told the others to rest as they would go to the next layer in a few hours.

Everyone’s mind was strained on their way here, hearing Lin Yun’s words, they all relaxed and scattered to various corners of the study. Some meditated, some started flipping books on the bookshelves, and Xiuban directly picked a corner, shot a glance at Lin Yun, and after discovering that he wasn’t paying attention to him, shut his eyes and started sleeping.

At this time, Lin Yun’s eyes were focused on the desk. To be more exact, they were focused on the piece of paper on the desk. That piece of paper emitted a faint mana fluctuation, moreover, he was startled when he recognized the characters used. That piece of paper was filled with Divine Characters.

The source of all knowledge came from the Divine Characters of the Ascian Dynasty.

He had studied a few books pertaining to the Ascian Dynasty in the decaying library, but they didn’t have much depths, and he could only barely manage to translate a few important characters, such as Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Thunder, Darkness, Light, and so on.

But, not long ago in the illusion, he once again entered the spacious decaying library and spent some time to study the characters of the Ancient Gods.

Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning, had he not had another opportunity to explore the decaying library, he wouldn’t have been able to understand anything…

Even so, translating so many Divine Characters would take a lot of effort, and there would still be a portion he wouldn’t be able to understand.

Lin Yun spent three hours translating, continuously studying the Ancient Gods’ characters. It was extremely painful, but his frown gradually eased up. In these three hours he translated a large part of the Ancient Gods’ characters and had profited quite a bit.

That piece of paper was left by Luo Ning, the Gaugass King, and those Divine Characters were also written by Luo Ning. It was like a diary in some way, but not quite like it. It seemed to be something Luo Ning wanted to share with those who would discover this place.

The start of the diary faintly mentioned the Throne of Life…

It also mentioned how Luo Ning cooperated with Emperor Zhantui and used the 3rd Dynasty’s power to build two palaces at the bottom of the Line Canyon. As for the magic tower they were in, it was in fact a war fortress, especially the 10th floor. The huge puppet workshop was supporting Luo Ning and Zhantui with a huge puppet legion.

They spent a lot of energy on this because they were preparing to enter another place.

After reading up to there, Lin Yun became somewhat doubtful. Luo Ning and Emperor Zhantui had both surpassed Heaven Rank, what place would require them to make so much preparations.

But on the eve of their departure, Emperor Zhantui and Luo Ning had a disagreement for some unknown reason and Emperor Zhantui went back while Luo Ning seemed to have gone to that place. At the end of the page was a paragraph Lin Yun more or less understood, the place was full of danger and the enemy was extremely powerful.

Luo Ning didn’t sound too confident in his last paragraph, in fact, this couldn’t help but shock Lin Yun. What kind of place could make a powerhouse that surpassed Heaven Rank lack confidence?

After translating up till here, Lin Yun had a rough outline of the situation. Luo Ning and Zhantui used the power of the 3rd Dynasty to build the palaces and the magic tower, and this was all in order to start a campaign on a certain location. But on the eve of the departure, something happened and Luo Ning got stood up and had no other choice but to go on his own.

The core to this matter, the most important information, was where was the place Luo Ning went to.

Unfortunately, there were some characters Lin Yun couldn’t translate, so he missed a lot of details and couldn’t figure out which place Gaugass King Luo Ning and Emperor Zhantui wanted to explore.

The diary didn’t finish there, there was a small part down there, but it wasn’t in Divine Characters, but in Nesser Language, it was clearly something Luo Ning added afterwards. Lin Yun only needed one glance to understand the meaning behind these characters.

[Sengman killed his own son, he is broken-hearted]

Lin Yun expression suddenly changed after reading this. Emperor Zhantui’s name was Sengman!

Emperor Zhantui killed his own son, what did that mean?

Lin Yun had a strange feeling.

He had come from 30,000 years in the future, yet he had never heard anything about Emperor Zhantui killing his own son.

‘Hold on’

An information suddenly surged in his mind, ‘Baiers! He was a member of the royal family in the 3rd Dynasty and also Emperor Zhantui’s eldest son. Back then, he was praised to be the most promising candidate to take over the throne.

Moreover, Baiers was a hard-worker. He followed the chief court mage as a kid to study magic. He was innately gifted in the field of magic and to everyone’s shock, he reached the High Mage realm at 14.

This was too shocking.

After all, even in the peak of the Magic Era, reaching High Mage realm at fourteen or fifteen could already be described as terrifying. And Baiers did so in the 3rd Dynasty, when the magic civilization had yet to mature. From this it could be seen how gifted that Baiers was…

In the entire royal family, everyone had high hopes for Baiers, including Emperor Zhantui. It was to the point that he even hinted quite a few times that Baiers would be inheriting the throne.

Being doted upon for all of his childhood, Baiers inevitably became arrogant and hardly paid attention to anyone apart from Emperor Zhantui.

Moreover, Baiers also said on more than one occasion that once he took the throne, he would make the entire Noscent, as well as countless planes, pledge allegiance under his feet.


No one expected Baiers to suddenly disappear. This news shocked the the entire 3rd Dynasty. The best candidate for the throne had suddenly went missing.

After disappearing, he no longer appeared in Noscent…

After Emperor Zhantui’s death, another son took over the king position. As for Baiers’ son, he lost his status in the royal family and ended up exiled. As it turned out, he was exiled to the Odin Kingdom.

‘Baiers was killed by Emperor Zhantui?’

This thought appeared in Lin Yun’s mind, he came up to this conjecture not only because Baiers’ disappearance happened when Emperor Zhantui came back from the Tulan Mountain, since this could be a coincidence, but also it was clearly written in Luo Ning’s diary that Emperor Zhantui killed his own son.

Thus, the son Emperor Zhantui killed was most likely Baiers.

But Lin Yun was puzzled, ‘Why did Emperor Zhantui kill Baiers?’

After all, Baiers was already a Heaven Rank powerhouse at the time and was very likely to transcend Heaven Rank like him. Such an heir should be treasured, why did he kill him?

Lin Yun spent a few minutes thinking hard, but he really couldn’t figure out why.

He massaged his aching temples. There were definitely a huge secret hidden behind all this.

‘Oh, right’

Lin Yun suddenly recalled something, his gaze stopping on Solan Monchi, ‘The Bloodline Curse on that guy wouldn’t have been left by Baiers, would it?’