End Of The Magic Era Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Still Not Dead


This conjecture wasnt impossible. Baiers was not only Emperor Zhantuis son, but he was also a Heaven Rank powerhouse. In that era, only a few people could compare to him in terms of bloodline.

It wouldnt be strange for the Bloodline Curse left after Baiers death to make Solan advance from the 2nd Rank to the 5th Rank.

If Lin Yun was right, then it would mean that Baiers came to the Tulan Mountain Range and was killed by Emperor Zhantui in the hovering palace. As for Solan, he might have encountered Baiers Bloodline Curse. He then disappeared for a while and his strength reached the 5th Rank.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns ring flickered.

Lin Yun clearly noticed this change and he couldnt help feeling pleased. He called out, "Lord Shawn, wake up"

Ever since he fused with that Evil Dragon Eye, Lord Shawn had remained slumbering in the Soul Walker, only awakening now

"Merlin, the talented Shawn just woke up, why are you so urgently calling out to me?" Smoke came out as Shawn left the Soul Walker, grumbling with dissatisfaction, "Whatever it is, it can wait, First, give Lord Shawn a few mana crystals."

After slumbering for a few months, Shawn had greatly changed. He was no longer transparent like before, his form already looking a bit more solid. Moreover, there was one more eye on his forehead. But while examining it, Lin Yun could sense an evil intent from within. "Lord Shawn, how is it after fusing with the Evil Dragon Eye?"

"Merlin, I shall have you know that the current Lord Shawn is ten times stronger than before" Being stared at like this, Shawn was smug, and he just lazily laid down on the ground.


"Of course!" Hearing Lin Yuns doubt, Lord Shawn looked at Lin Yun with annoyance and didnt forget to brag. "In any case, Lord Shawn is a True Spirit Magic Tool, why would I deceive you? Oh, I almost forgot, Lord Shawn is already a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool."

"Say, whats up with that eye" Lin Yun pointed at the vertical eye on Lord Shawns forehead with a frown. He wasnt surprised by Shawns power increasing after the fusion, and as for the ten times increase he was boasting of, he had yet to confirm it.

But the Soul Walker becoming a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool was a pleasant surprise. Lin Yun, who possessed three True Spirit Magic Tools, knew more than anyone how difficult it was for a Magic Tool to advance. Even last time, he had to trade the Variant Black Lizard Blood to Enderfa to advance the Spell Wheel to Mid-Rank through special methods. That drop of blood was worth a top-tier Spiritual Magic Tool.

Usually, the path to advancing a Magic Tool was very long, especially for a Magic Tool like the Soul Walker. The advancement of the Soul Walker this time was linked to the fusion with the Evil Dragon Eye. The Evil Dragon Eye had disappeared, and it was a priceless True Spirit Magic Tool. That power was equivalent to that of an Archmage.

Moreover, the history of the Evil Dragon Eye was extraordinary.

Thus, Lin Yun felt that the eye on his forehead wasnt that simple.

Lord Shawn threw a mysterious glance at Lin Yun. A light flashed through that tightly closed eye, emitting a frightening aura. Even Lin Yun couldnt help having some palpitations. Seeing Lin Yunns expression, Shawn couldnt help looking at Lin Yun while complacently saying, "Merlin, this eye cant be opened rashly because it would consume a huge amount of mana. Moreover, if this eye is opened, even someone powerful like you will still be greatly influenced. I named it the Evil Dragon Gaze"

"Oh?" Lin Yuns eyes shone, he could clearly feel that aura, Shawn didnt lie. Moreover, there was still the Soul Contract, Shawn simply wouldnt be able to keep something hidden from him.

He found out that he had underestimated the power of the Evil Dragon Eye. After feeling the aura emitted by that eye, he proceeded to analyze it with the Magic Array, and the results surprised him. The Evil Dragon Gaze could make even a 6th rank Archmage suffer heavy losses.

Lin Yun then remembered the Dragon Breath that Solan had gotten from the illusion. The owner of that Dragon Breath and the owner of the Evil Dragon Eye were existences that transcended Heaven Rank, but the power of the Dragon Gaze was many times stronger than the power of the Dragon Breath.

"Merlin" Shawn, who still felt proud, suddenly became coy. He said with embarrassment, "Lord Shawn can feel that there is another Evil Dragon Eye"

"Indeed" Lin Yun nodded, naturally understanding Shawns thoughts. Not long ago, he had forced Herman to tell him the method that he used to get to the Evil Dragon Eye. Although it was somewhat risky, it was worth trying it out to get another one.

After all, Shawn was already a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool after fusing with one eye, and the Evil Dragon Gaze was quite formidable. It could be considered a trump card. If Shawn fused with the 2nd Evil Dragon Eye, he would most likely become a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool!

And Peak True Spirit Magic Tools could be compared to Star Sage Jouyi in terms of power.

He inevitably wanted to take a trip to the Golden Forest Plane, because the attraction of that Evil Dragon Eye was too great. But being a 5th Rank High Mage was far from enough to go there. He needed to reach the 9th Rank at least, or even the Archmage realm to be able to retrieve the second Evil Dragon Eye.

Naturally, talking about it now was too early, as that was all still a long way ahead of him.

Lin Yun looked at Solan, who was resting on the side, and said with a weak laugh, "Sir Solan, can you come over?"


Solan, who was meditating next to a bookshelf, was almost scared when he heard Lin Yuns voice. He stood up and quickly ran towards Lin Yun, trembling with fear. "High Mage Merlin, do Do you need me for something?"

At the moment, Lin Yun was ten thousand times more frightening than the Desolate Overlord in Solans eyes, he even felt that Lin Yun was a true Demon.

"Yes, there is something"

Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he looked at Solan expressionlessly. He then softly waved his staff and Flame Shackles suddenly twisted around Solan.


Solan let out an alarmed cry, his face deathly pale. With his strength as a 5th Rank Archmage, he could easily break through the 2nd Tier Spell, but he didnt dare to. If he used mana to resist Lin Yun, the mana within his Mana Whirlpool would become chaotic. Let alone being unable to cast spells, once his mana was in chaos, he would vomit blood, and even if he could recover after a while, in the worst-case scenario, his Mana Whirlpool could rupture and he would lose his life.

"Help me with something. The reward is three mana crystals above level 25. How about it?" Lin Yun pointed to Solan as he took out three mana crystals from his pocket while asking Shawn.


Sensing the mana fluctuations from the mana crystals, Shawn immediately agreed. He crawled up from the ground and rushed towards Solan while displaying a malevolent expression.

A shadow flashed past, and Shawn disappeared.


At the same time, a blood-curdling screech echoed and Solan twitched fiercely. Solan wanted to die at this moment. The pain was so excruciating that words couldnt be used to describe it. Moreover, the pain didnt originate from his body, but from his soul. It felt as if a hand was cruelly tearing his soul apart.

Solan soon lost the ability to think, he could only feel like his head was exploding.

After a few minutes, Shawn appeared in front of Lin Yun, bewildered. "Merlin, who is this guy? How come there is a Bloodline Curse on his body?"

"You noticed it?" Lin Yun looked at Shawn in surprise. Ten days ago, he had examined Solans body and had spent a lot of time and effort before being able to detect it.

Shawn only took a few minutes to learn that Solan had the power of a Bloodline Curse in his body. Had Shawn awakened ten days ago, he would have saved a lot of effort.

Lin Yun then remembered that Shawn had been following Prince Barov in the past, and although he didnt have a complete understanding of Bloodline Curses, he was definitely familiar with them.

"You dont say" Shawn rolled his eyes, seemingly in a bad mood.

"Lord Shawn, help me detect the Bloodline Curse in his body" Lin Yun frowned, his gaze fixed on the shivering Solan.

"Okay" Shawn was straightforward this time. With his mastery in the field of souls, detecting a Bloodline Curse couldnt stump him. After saying that, he slowly moved towards Solan.

Under Solans panicked gaze, Shawns figure once again disappeared.

Then Solan felt a familiar pain, the pain of his heart being torn apart and his lungs being split open. Solan couldnt help clenching his teeth until his gums bled. He then groaned and his body started rolling on the ground. When he just began to adapt to that pain, even fiercer jolts suddenly coursed through him, almost giving him a nervous breakdown.

In a split second, his mind turned blank as the screams became weaker and weaker.

"I just cut a wisp of his soul, Merlin, give me a test tube. Ill also need some time to inspect that Bloodline Curse" Not long after, Shawn came out of Solans body.

"" Lin Yun couldnt help sympathizing with the twitching Solan. He took a test tube from his pocket and gave it to Lord Shawn.

After some time, Shawn actually withdrew a crimson power from Solan. That power was emitting some strange fluctuations, and even Lin Yun frowned when seeing it. Shawn got busy and used a few potions from Lin Yun before focusing on the study of that crimson power.

Half an hour later, Shawn crawled out of the body and looked at Lin Yun. "Merlin, from how the Bloodline Curse is That person shouldnt have died