End Of The Magic Era Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Element Chapter


"Eh" Lin Yun was stunned. He naturally knew that the person Shawn was talking about was the royal family member of the 3rd Dynasty that left the Bloodline Curse in the hovering palace, most likely Baiers. He doubtfully said, "Shouldnt the 3rd Dynastys royal family members be able to leave Bloodline Curses only after their deaths? Shawn, did you make a mistake? If that person didnt die, how could he leave a Bloodline Curse behind?"

"He did die once, Merlin, you should know some things about Bloodline Curses, right? Thatll save me the long explanation." Shawn shook his claws, seemingly impatient.

"Yes, I naturally know some stuff." Lin Yun nodded. "That is the power brought to them by their bloodline. The more closely related a descendant was, the stronger the curse power.

"By saying that he was still alive, I meant that his soul still existed, and from the strength of the Bloodline Curse, he was at least a Heaven Mage during his youth." Shawn was already becoming impatient. "Merlin, I did what you ask and answered your question, quickly give me my mana crystals."

"Hold on" Lin Yun suddenly recalled something and pointed at the shivering Solan, "Lord Shawn, help me do one final thing and Ill give you the mana crystals. Take care of him"

"To hell with it!"

After hearing Lin Yuns request, Shawn directly burst in anger, but in order to get hold of the mana crystals, he had no choice but to do as Lin Yun asked. Thus, Shawn went directly to Solan

"You You Dont come over here"

Solan had long since been scared out of his wits. Shawn had only appeared for a few hours, but he completely terrified Solan. He was far more terrified by Shawn than Lin Yun. Because he was entangled by the Flame Shackles, he could only move back extremely slowly.

After being backed into a corner, Solan felt despair. It was followed by a shadow flashing over to his body before he fell unconscious.

"Merlin, doing business with you is really painful"

After half an hour, Shawns silhouette came out, but he couldnt help complaining.

"Lord Shawn, you didnt kill him, right?"

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning when he saw the motionless Solan on the ground. His aura was declining, and although there was no wound, his eyes appeared empty, as if he was just a corpse. Lin Yun was a bit worried. If Shawn made a mess and killed Solan

After all Lin Yun still had a use for Solan.

If he really died, it would be ruined.

"Rest assured, Lord Shawn knows what to do" Shawn rolled his eyes. Je took the mana crystals and turned into smoke before going back into the Soul Walker.

After doing so, Lin Yun took a few books from one of the bookshelves and read patiently. Most of the stuff written on the books wasnt profound magic knowledge, but just as he was about to put the books back, Lin Yun felt some change in the Book of Death in his pocket

Lin Yun froze in surprise for a moment before quickly taking out the Book of Death. He studied it meticulously and discovered something strange. Usually, when Lin Yun didnt rouse the Book of Death, it would look like a simple book that would emit very weak mana fluctuations. But now, it was flickering with black radiance.

Whats going on

Lin Yun frowned, as he had never encountered this kind of situation. Of the few Magic Tools he owned, the Book of Death, was the one that had been with him the longest. It was also the Magic Tool with the greatest potential. Once the key Augments were gathered, it would become a genuine Extraordinary Magic Tool!

Moreover, the Book of Death wasnt as simple as it looked. Heaven Mage Bain researched the Book of Death his entire life, but he was still unable to get close to the Book of Deaths true secret.

The Book of Death could also be said to be Lin Yuns core Magic Tool. Any change happening to it would affect Lin Yuns mind, so he decided to study it thoroughly.

Could it be reacting to an Augment?

Lin Yuns eyes shone. After all, the Augments of the Book of Death were almost all at the True Spirit realm, they were worth a lot more than ordinary True Spirit Magic Tools. Thinking of this, Lin Yun grabbed the Book of Death and moved away from the desk to start searching.

Even if it was only a guess, he wouldnt let it slip by. It could be a critical Augment for the Book of Death!

He looked everywhere and inspected the bookshelves extremely meticulously, flipping through every book once, not letting any nooks escape his sight. Unfortunately, he had yet to find anything after half an hour, but the Book of Death in his pocket had yet to calm down. This made Lin Yun frown. The study was so big and he felt like hed checked everything, but he had found nothing of value, let alone an Augment for the Book of Death.

Where is that thing

Lin Yun returned to the desk, somewhat anxious. After sorting out his state of mind, he once again started to size up up the entire study. There were a total of four bookshelves, and close to a thousand books. Apart from that, only the desk in front of him remained. He was almost certain that this narrow study didnt have any hidden walls. He had checked every wall earlier, but there werent any arrays or hidden mechanisms.

But the Book of Death wouldnt act like this for no reason

As he was puzzling over this, the four books on the edge of the 4th row of a bookshelf attracted his attention. He recalled that the content of these four books seemed to have to do with space.

Finding this trail, he directly grabbed those four books and returned to the desk. He checked the books page by page, and took a dozen minutes to check the books once over. After he finished, he took out a stack of paper and his quill and started computing.

He knew Luo Nings style and had already guessed something

This was most likely Luo Nings test.

Written in the four books was information about spatial magic. Although it wasnt very profound, he could only dissect a formula and try to reassemble it. This was an extremely huge undertaking that 99% of mages would have to give up on in this situation. Because the copiouscalculations werent something they could solve in a short time.

But Lin Yun was different

He had already grasped Luo Nings pattern on the 12th floor of the magic tower. He was a guy that liked wild goose chases. Some matters which were usually simple would become incomparably difficult in his hands. Thus, Lin Yun rarely took detours during his calculations.

Luo Ning would even try to assemble two formulas which could hardly be combined. Luo Ning would boldly attempt it anyways. Of course, some would fail, but some would succeed.

When Lin Yun obtained that six-formula Meditation Law Set, he discovered that they were many new ideas inside, even some that no mage at the peak of the Magic Era had tried. This all relied on Luo Nings boldness and his daring attempts.

After six hours of calculations, Lin Yuns wrist started aching. When he stopped writing, he noticed that the desk had already been filled with discarded papers. Even Heaven Mages would be shocked if they were to learn that such a complex calculation was solved in six hours.

But Lin Yun did it

He stretched and massaged his sore wrists, frowning as he walked around the study. In a short few minutes, he circled the study before going to the middle of the second bookshelf and abruptly stopping. He frowned as he chanted an incantation, a silver light appearing at the tip of his Doom Staff. He then lightly slashed forward.

It was only a light stroke.

But what was incredible was that after crossing over, Lin Yuns hand stretched and made a grabbing motion forward.

"Element Chapter!"

Lin Yun was suddenly startled when he saw that thing. It was a small crystal with four different kinds of colors. Moreover, Lin Yun could sense that four completely different energies were flowing in that crystal: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. And these four kinds of energies werent in conflict in the crystal ball.

He had already recognized that thing

The Element Chapter was one of the most important core Augments of the Book of Death. He really couldnt believe that the Element Chapter was in Luo Nings magic tower.

For a moment, Lin Yun felt extremely pleased.

Luo Ning is truly a genius Lin Yun sincerely praised. As he held the Element Chapter, some questions he realized that some questions of his had already been answered. Those magic beasts he had met in the hovering palace had the four elements. He had been very surprised back then and had been wondering if those mana crystals had been man-made.

Now it looked like it truly was the case. Apparently, Luo Ning followed the theory of the Element Chapter and made those mana crystals.

This was why Lin Yun praised Luo Ning. In all of Noscents history, no one had attempted to pour four elements into something and create a mana crystal, let alone successfully put the mana crystals into magic beasts that could function normally.

This was a shocking and innovative idea.

Even Lin Yun was thinking of learning from it and planned to try using that technique to create a mana crystal that could contain four elements as the mana source of his Heaven Puppet.

Just thinking about it, his eyes turned red.

He sat at the desk and carefully stared at the Element Chapter. He came from 30,000 years in the future and knew the value of the Element Chapter. A millennium later, a mage named Barus would have this Element Chapter.