End Of The Magic Era Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Well Of Stars


Before obtaining the Element Chapter, Barus was only a 70-year-old newly advanced Archmage. His talent in the path of magic could only be described as mediocre, but he had some luck. He obtained the Element chapter when he finished his first planar trip and his fate started to change.

After twenty years of silence, he reappeared in Noscent as a Peak 9th Rank Archmage, shocking everyone.

Countless people went crazy at the time. They knew how difficult the path of an Archmage was, as each rank would take a great amount of time. Taking only twenty years to become a 9th Rank Archmage from 1st Rank was impossible.

But Barus did it.

Not only did he reach the peak of the 9th Rank, but he also mastered extremely profound elemental Laws, the most important ones, the Laws of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. Moreover, his understanding of the Laws was at the Great Master level.

Great Master of four elements, what kind of concept was that

That was something that Heaven Mages could do, but not even newly advanced Heaven Mages. Becoming a Great Master of four elements required a lot of time, at least several hundred years. At that time, they would already be at high rank even among Heaven Mages.

Naturally, Barus being a Great Master of four elements remained a secret. Besides Barus, no one knew. Up until Barus used his power to kill an exploration team of the Ivory Tower over some matter. That team had been exploring a Heaven Mage Ruin which contained a vast amount of wealth and the secrets of that Heaven Mage.

That exploration teams line-up could be described as very powerful: four Peak 9th Rank Archmages who had already come into contact with Extraordinary power, as well as over ten other Archmages.

They were the main force of the Ivory Tower and would rarely appear in public, but for that valuable Heaven Mage Ruin, that team was dispatched.

Such a powerful group should have been more than enough to explore the ruin.

But the final outcome was unexpected. None of those people returned alive

The powerful Ivory Tower sifted through some clues and found out that the one who killed their exploration team was a 9th Rank Archmage, Barus.

Once this information spread, most people didnt dare to believe it. Even if Barus was powerful, the lineup of the Ivory Tower had four Peak Archmages and over ten other Archmages. How could Barus exterminate all of them?

Perhaps a Heaven Mage could do so, but Barus was only a Peak 9th Rank Archmage.

Most of the higher-ups of the Ivory Tower didnt dare to believe that Barus had killed their exploration team, but they still dispatched many powerhouses to retaliate. To their surprise, they found that Barus had disappeared.

Only ten years later did Barus show up again in Noscent, but by that time, Barus had already become a Heaven Mage by relying on the power of the Heaven Mage Ruins secret.

Barus life could be described as glorious. In a span of thirty years, from having just broken through the Archmage realm, he reached the Heaven Mage realm.

In the end, the Ivory Tower decided to dispatch Heaven Mage Bane, the holder of the Book of Death. At the time, Bane was only a newly advanced Heaven Mage who had just risen up through the ranks of the Ivory Tower.

It wasnt an exaggeration to describe that battle as world-shaking. Heaven Mage Bane was seriously injured when he returned to the Ivory Tower, where he later revealed Barus secret. It turned out that Barus was controlling one of the Augments of the Book of Death, the Element Chapter. With the help of the Element Chapter, he became a Great Master of four elements, making him incredibly powerful. It was because of this that the exploration team had been destroyed the decade before.

At that time, the Element Chapter was in Banes hands. He had just advanced to become a Heaven Mage, and the Book of Death was only a True Spirit Magic Tool, but after merging with the Element Chapter Augment, the Book of Death immediately became an Extraordinary Magic Tool and gradually pushed Bane to be the top mage of that era.

Although Lin Yun obtained the Element Chapter, the Book of Death wouldnt be able to reach the Extraordinary realm. After all, when Bane obtained the Element Chapter, the Book of Death had close to ten Augments, but Lin Yuns Book of Death only had two Augments. The addition of the Element Chapter would inevitably bring some transformation to the Book of Death.

After the Element Chapter was added in, Lin Yun cleared up the mess on the desk and put those four books back. He turned around and noticed that William was holding a magic staff emitting faint mana fluctuations. He was standing there, not moving, a strange expression on his face.

"Cousin William, whats going on?" Lin Yun walked over.

"Eh, Cousin Mafa"

William seemed to have been pondering over something before Lin Yun arrived. He was awakened by Lin Yun and when he saw it was his cousin, he smiled, before continuing to frown at the staff.

This was a staff he had found in the study.

Out of curiosity, William had taken the staff to take a look.

There seemed to be nothing special about the staff, and embedded at the top wasnt a mana crystal, but a crystal emitting a very faint mana fluctuation. Unless one got close, they wouldnt be able to sense it.


Looking at the crystal at the top, Williams eyes suddenly shone. After all, in Noscent, crystals were used by mages to record important information. Thus, William wondered what was hidden in this crystal.

Thinking of this, Williams heart throbbed. He poured mana into the crystal and some information was transmitted into his brain.

But, that thing

Transmitted in his mind was a dark rune that was difficult to understand. He actually couldnt comprehend that thing.

Thus, he spent a few hours ruminating on it.

Williams eyes shone when they fell on Lin Yun.

Thats right, Cousin Mafa can help. After all, Cousin Mafa could even figure out those profound Meditation Law Sets, his knowledge far surpasses my own.

"Cousin Mafa, can you help me take a look at this?" William smiled before telling Lin Yun everything. When he finished recounting what had happened, he stopped and waited for a reply.

At that time, he found out that his younger cousin was frowning.

This was a bit strange.

"Cousin, what happened?"

"Nothing, Cousin William. Try pouring mana into the crystal. With just that rune, I cant figure out what it is"


William nodded and poured mana into the crystal. In a flash, another rune entered his mind, which he reported to Lin Yun.

But Lin Yun was still frowning.

William was unwilling to give up and poured yet more mana in, learning the 3rd rune. But after saying it, he suddenly discovered that his cousins expression had become very strange. He couldnt help asking, "Cousin, what is it?"

Lin Yun shook his head but didnt say anything. From the three runes, Lin Yun could guess that it was a Magic Conducting Rune, and an extremely profound one.

Even Lin Yun himself was shocked by that Magic Conducting Rune. A mage that learned such a Magic Conducting Rune could actually use the power of stars

Well of Stars

It was the only Magic Conducting Rune Lin Yun could associate it with, the only one that could use the power of stars.

But the Well of Stars had been lost a long time ago.

This wouldnt be the Well of Stars Right?

Lin Yuns expression became strange because that Magic Conducting Rune was above even most peak Magic Conducting Runes. It was only a bit inferior to the Magic Array.

The Well of Stars last appeared in Noscent at the end of the Nesser Dynasty. During the Dragon War, hundreds of Dragons flew in the sky, attacking the humans underneath. And among the human powerhouses, there was someone with the Well of Stars. During the final clash, that person used the special ability of the Well of Stars and made countless meteorites fall. At that time, starlight filled the sky and took the lives of hundreds of Dragons.

Thus, the Well of Stars was also known as the Dragon Requiem.

And the one who owned the Well of Stars was the gravedigger of the Silver Era, the Saint Alchemist who used puppets, the Dark Sage!

"Cousin William, this is a Magic Conducting Rune. It is known as the Well of Stars, which allows one to borrow the power of the stars. It is even stronger than some top Magic Conducting Runes. Cousin, you should use this Well of Stars as your Magic Conducting Rune" Lin Yun briefly introduced the Well of Stars to William.

"Borrow the power of the stars"

William was greatly startled and almost let go of the magic staff in his hand. "Cousin, you gave me that Lava Heart, and Ill be done studying it within a month. At that time, Ill be able to destroy my Magic Conducting Runes. How about I replace them with the Well of Stars"

LinYun nodded. He felt that apart from the Magic Array, the Well of Stars was the strongest Magic Conducting Rune. "Cousin William, you should first check whether that Well of Stars is complete."


William kept pouring mana into the crystal and spent a few minutes before he stopped with an odd look on his face. He then looked at Lin Yun and said, "Cousin Mafa, the Well of Stars is complete, its just that Its just that it has a few similarities with the soul inheritance from the Merlin Ancestor"