End Of The Magic Era Chapter 418

Chapter 418 8th Floor



Lin Yun looked at William in disbelief. Back then, in the Heaven Enlightening Plane, William obtained a crest of the Merlin Family with a soul inheritance in it. If what William said was true, then the Dark Sage was most likely the ancestor of the Merlin Family.

After a while, Lin Yun gradually calmed down. That was only a conjecture, after all, and William was busy studying the Well of Stars. Lin Yun didnt want to bother him so he quietly retreated to the side.

He went to a secluded corner of the room and fused the Element Chapter with the Book of Death. As he was about to put it away, Lin Yun thought about the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in the Demiplane. He had taken a trip to the Demiplane not long ago and planted the Mana Vine, but he hadnt seen any traces of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

Although the Demiplane hardly seemed dangerous, he didnt feel at ease not having seen the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf for a few months.

Thinking of this, he didnt hesitate chanted a long incantation before appearing in the natural Demiplane. He cast a dozen Mage Eyes as he walked through the Demiplane. It took him a dozen minutes before he managed to notice a quick shadow.

"Awooo, awooo, awooo"

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had clearly noticed Lin Yuns existence, and it howled, completely unafraid of him.

"Come over." Lin Yun frowned. He could sense that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had greatly changed. Just its speed was a few times faster than before. Its power had undergone a transformation, and it now already had the power of a magic beast over level 20.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf stood there, indifferent, its small head swaying as it simply didnt listen to him.

Lin Yun resisted the urge to curse a few times before fishing out a few high-level mana crystals. He knew that the wolf had no resistance against mana crystals. And sure enough, a shadow flashed as the palm-sized Three-Eyed Secret Wolf ran to his palm and quickly took care of those mana crystals before impatiently looking at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun rolled his eyes. He ignored the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf and directly bound it with mana before casually putting it in his pocket. He then chanted the incantation to leave the Demiplane.

Lin Yun appeared in the study, but this time, everyone had already finished their preparations and they were all in high spirits. However the study room on the 9th Floor didnt seem to have a way down.

They looked for over ten minutes, but they couldnt find the way to the 8th Floor.

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning. When he first arrived at the study, he examined it and found that it was safe. Thus, everyone relaxed and no one paid attention to the passage. It felt troublesome now

Every floor he walked through so far had a passage onwards, so how could there not be one now? In fact, the 9th floor was quite small, only a few hundred meters wide. With the few of them, it would only take a few minutes to turn it upside down.

Lin Yun cast five Mage Eyes and then controlled them to check every corner of the study. Time slowly passed, and soon, ten minutes later, his Mages Eyes had scoured every corner of the study, but he had yet to find anything. By the 4th check, his forehead was covered in sweat.


He was a lot more relaxed now. Under the 1st bookshelf was an extremely faint mana fluctuation. Even with his acute perception, he still missed it the first three times. Only on the 4th try did he discover those faint mana fluctuations. Soon, the group lifted the bookshelf, exposing an array.

"A Teleportation Array"

Lin Yun frowned. He wasnt too fond of Teleportation Arrays. The Teleportation Arrays that Luo Ning had left in the hovering palace had almost trapped him.

Just where does this lead to? It wouldnt lead to the Heaven Enlightening Plane, would it? Unless Luo Ning was sick, he wouldnt put one in the hovering palace and one in his magic tower.

"The mana source has already dried up."

Olaro was a Master Alchemist, so with one glance he could see that the mana source of the Teleportation Array was empty. After all, what array could remain undamaged by the passage of time?

Lin Yun nodded. He fished out a mana crystal and put it on the position for the mana source. He guessed that this Teleportation Array was most likely leading to the 8th Floor. But he was a bit curious. The previous floors used staircases, so why did this one uses a Teleportation Array? Could it be that the 8th Floor is special?

Lin Yun shook his head. He tried to activate the Teleportation Array, but he discovered that the array was unresponsive. He immediately started frowning and carefully observed for a few minutes, only to find out that there was a miniature array embedded in this array. He needed to crack that miniature array before they could use the array properly.

Lin Yun took out a quill and half a bottle of Melting Snow Ink. But just as he was about to write with the Melting Snow Ink, Olaros voice echoed.

"High Mage Merlin, please wait" Olaros voice was gentle and carried a hint of fear towards Lin Yun. After saying those words, everyone, including Solan, looked at him strangely. Especially the Draconic Beastman, who was already looking at him with mirth.

Olaro was startled when he saw the young mage frowning. Thus, he quickly explained, "High Mage Merlin, dont misunderstand I dont want to trouble you, but that array is very strange. It is embedded in the Teleportation Array. A small mistake would lead to the entire Teleportation Array being crippled, and once crippled, it would be unrepairable"

Hearing Olaro, everyone couldnt help worrying.

If the Teleportation Array was crippled, they would never be able to leave this place. After all, the 10th Floor was overrun with puppets, so they didnt have a way back.

But as if he hadnt heard Olaro, Lin Yun dipped his quill into the Melting Snow Ink and quickly started writing on the miniature array.

Seeing this scene, everyone trembled with fear, especially Olaro. Cold sweat was already trickling down his back. This is too frightening, could it be that he doesnt plan on performing any calculations first? Hes just going to write? Isnt that suicide?

As a Master Alchemist, I would need at least three to five days of calculations before I would even dare to start. This young mage is too reckless Shit, my life will be over because of him!


Lin Yun had already put down his quill while Olaro was panicking. The way Olaro looked at Lin Yun greatly changed. He was looking at him with fear before due to the other side being too powerful. But now he was actually looking at him with shock and reverence. Cracking a miniature array without making any calculations proved that the young mage was a few times better than him in the field of alchemy. He was at least a peak Master Alchemist!

Lin Yun activated the Teleportation Array and felt as if he was being transported. It only took an instant before he could feel the ground under his feet again and a rich aura of life in his surroundings.

He was surrounded by trees, grass under his feet, and warm sunshine shining on top of his head. He could smell a flowery fragrance around him.

"Where are we Did we already return to the Tulan Mountain Range?"

Everyone looked at their surroundings, but Delson was the first to react, looking at his surroundings with excitement. The Teleportation Array they thought would lead them to the 8th Floor had now directly transported them to the Tulan Mountain Range.

"It looks like its really the Tulan Mountain Range!" Dean massaged his eyes before saying in disbelief.

"This is the 8th Floor of the magic tower" At this time, Lin Yuns voice felt like cold water suddenly being poured on their heads. He looked around and said, "This is a copy of the Tulan Mountain Range, but this isnt the real place. Try feeling the four elemental Laws here"

As Lin Yun said that, several people, including Weiss and Solan, suddenly felt their mood take a plunge. The few of them were Archmages and had already come into contact with Laws. Hearing Lin Yuns words, they gave it a try, and just as Lin Yun said, it really wasnt the Tulan Mountain Range!

"Mafa High Mage Mafa, what do you think is going on here?" Weiss expression was complicated as he looked at Lin Yun.

"This place uses extremely profound Spatial Expansion Arrays alongside a copy of a part of the Tulan Mountain Range"

Lin Yun looked at the surroundings in amazement. The manpower and resources needed to build this place was hard to describe. Only now did he finally understand why Luo Ning described the magic tower as a war fort.

In this group, the one who understood Luo Ning and Emperor Zhantui the most was Lin Yun. He knew that the two were existences that surpassed Heaven Rank, and thus, he was very suspicious when he arrived there and saw that it was the Tulan Mountain Range. He then figured out that this was actually just the 8th Floor of the magic tower.

And there was a very easy explanation as to why the 9th Floor didnt use a staircase to lead to the 8th Floor, but instead used a Teleportation Array.

Although the Spatial Expansion Arrays were quite complex, they could easily be affected by external forces, so they were designed to be fully enclosed, with Teleportation Arrays being the only ways to enter or exit. If a staircase led to here from the 9th Floor, then the speed at which those arrays would degrade would accelerate.

"High mage Merlin, how do we get to the next floor?" Delson looked around, embarrassment on his face. He originally thought they had returned to the Tulan Mountain Range, but he hadnt expected to immediately be proven wrong.

"We can try going through that mountain range to see if we can find another Teleportation Array," Lin Yun said with a frown. To be honest, he wasnt quite sure either.

But that was the only thing they could do for now.