End Of The Magic Era Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Armored Devil Tiger


Counting Weiss, who joined halfway, there were a total of eleven people in the group. Besides the three Merlin Cousins, the rest all had power in the Archmage realm. There was also Xiuban. He became a 9th Rank Expert Swordsman after taking that nap in the illusion. With Carnage in hand as well as the casting ability from his Draconic Bloodline and the terrifying strength from his Beastman Bloodline, a low-ranked Sword Saint might not necessarily be his opponent.

And this point was soon proven.

This powerful lineup kept walking forward through the Tulan Mountain Range, and the number of magic beasts they encountered kept rising. In these few hours, the Draconic Beastman had been the one in charge of dealing with them.

The Draconic Beastman looked like a slaughtering storm. The number of magic beasts that died under his hammer had already surpassed several hundred, and most of them were above level 20. There was no lack of level 28 and 29 magic beasts too. With each battle, Xiuban would have better control over his power. In the last battle, he even killed five level 29 magic beasts.

When running across a level 30 or higher magic beast, Lin Yun would send his three cousins to help the Draconic Beastman. William, Leon, and Ross had greatly increased their power. They could easily deal with level 27 and 28 magic beasts, and if they coordinated, they could also prevail over magic beasts around level 30. Not long ago, they spent over half an hour to get rid of a level 33 magic beast!

What Xiuban was facing now was a three-meter-tall Tranquil Wolf King, and this Wolf King had reached level 30. In strength alone, its power wasnt much weaker than a weak Sword Saints.

Even so, in ten minutes of battle against Xiuban, that Wolf King had yet to injure him.

"Roar!" Following a deep roar, Xiuban raised Carnage and heavily smashed it into the Wolf King, causing bones to rupture. The Wolf Kings battered body flew over a dozen meters, and with that thunderous hit, Xiuban finished this long battle.

After making sure that the Wolf King was dead, Xiuban let out a relieved sigh. He then looked at Lin Yun resentfully before running to the corpse to extract its spirit mana crystal.


But at this time, an earth-shattering sound echoed, and everyone felt an extremely frightening aura.

That was the aura of a magic beast

But that aura was comparable to the aura of the level 38 magic beast they had felt in the Line Canyon two months ago!


A tigers roar echoed as a shadow flashed over. A monster that was seven to eight meters tall appeared in front of their group. This was a magic beast whose whole body had turned metallic. Under the dazzling sunlight, that layer of metal had a flickering luster to it. A pair of silver eyes was staring at them.

This was the look that a beast would use for its prey.

Level 38

Armored Devil Tiger!

Everyone in Lin Yuns group was worried. They had encountered level 30 magic beasts everywhere since they entered the 8th Floor. Theyd originally thought that the floor wasnt that dangerous, but it looked like they were wrong. They hadnt expected their luck to be bad enough to encounter a level 38 magic beast.

It wouldnt have been that bad if it had been a level 37. With their combined power, even if they would suffer, they would eventually prevail.

But this was a level 38 Armored Devil Tiger.

The Armored Devil Tiger was one of the magic beasts at the top of the food chain in Noscent. Due to their armored bodies, they had extremely high physical and magical resistance. It was even said that the appearance of an Armored Devil Tiger signified disaster.

Armored Devil Tigers would have the power of a 37 or 38 level magic beast once they reached adulthood, and Armored Devil Tiger Kings would have the power of the Heaven Rank.

There had been a massacre once in Noscents history. It happened during the peak of the Magic Era, when an adult Armored Devil Tiger left its mountain to attack the surrounding villages. It used its formidable power to kill several hundred thousand people, and no one could handle such a powerful monster.

That Armored Devil Tiger followed the surrounding villages and came across a city. It waited until nightfall to charge in. Even in the peak of the Magic Era, a small border town could hardly resist an Armored Devil Tiger. The next day, corpses were found all over the city. At least thousands of people died in one night.

"High Mage Merlin, what should we do" Delsons face had long since turned white, beads of sweat covering his forehead. His robe was sticking to his body and it was very hard for him to even utter a sound.

"Run" Dean tightly grasped his one-handed sword, shivering.

"There is no time" Lin Yun frowned, a pale expression on his face. The appearance of a level 38 magic beast had exceeded his expectations. "Running wont work, itll only disperse us and make it more dangerous for us. Moreover, with the speed of a level 38 magic beast, catching us one by one is only a matter of time. Also, this is the 8th Floor of the magic tower. Even if we run, where can we even run to?"

"High Mage Merlin is right, we can only stake it all" Weiss nodded with a pale expression, a feeling of powerlessness rising from the bottom of his heart. If he hadnt been weakened, he might have had the power to handle that magic beast with the help of the group. But now, he only had the strength of a 5th Rank Archmage

Weiss had lived in the Black Tower for many years and was naturally experienced and knowledgeable. He had also met his fair share of crises, so he quickly figured out the situation and cast his Wind Elemental Incarnation after a short warning. Just as he disappeared, four or five Wind Blasts exploded on the side of the Armored Devil Tiger. Countless wind spells kept falling down from the sky.

During that time, Lin Yun and Solan also got on the move. They cast constantly, forming a flood of spells which crashed down on the Armored Devil Tigers body.

But those spells only let out explosive sounds, they didnt seem to damage the Armored Devil Tiger at all!

This was frightening

If the defenses of the Armored Devil Tiger couldnt be broken, how could they win?

"Roar!" The Armored Devil Tiger roared in anger. It flashed over with lightning-fast speed and arrived two meters away from Solan, a sharp, metallic claw suddenly slashing at Solans head. When that sharp claw fell, Solan was scared witless. He instantly cast an Elemental Shield, and thinking that it wasnt enough, he added a Runic Shield.

But from the cracking sound that followed, everyone could see that an Archmages strongest defense was no different from paper in front of the Armored Devil Tiger and disappeared in an instant, followed soon after by the Runic Shield.

The darkened Runic Shield shook lightly before being destroyed. The tall Armored Devil Tiger instantly arrived in front of Solan.

But at this moment, a frightening Dragon Breath appeared, repelling that Armored Devil Tiger a dozen meters back and making it crash into the ground.

"What do we do? We arent strong enough to fight it, and if we keep consuming our mana, itll sooner or later kill everyone" Solan, who barely managed to dodge the attack, was very pale, his heart was beating extremely quickly. If it hadnt been for the Dragon Breath he had roused just on time, he might have died.

Although the difference in ranks between them and the Armored Devil Tiger was only three ranks, the gap in strength was hard to describe

Dazzling spells came flying over one after the other, as Lin Yun kept incanting with a serious face. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel also flew out, and hundreds to thousands of low-tier spells flew towards the Armored Devil Tiger. Lin Yuns Magic Array was roused to its peak, accurately calculating. If he used the soul fragments of the Ancient God, he might have a chance to kill that Armored Devil Tiger.

But if he did so, his cousin William might not be able to escape.


At this time, a howl echoed from his pocket. Before he could even react, the palm-sized Three-Eyed Secret Wolf leapt out of his pocket and turned into a shadow as it dashed towards the Armored Devil Tiger

Lin Yuns face turned dark. He might have already cursed out loud if they werent in peril. Brat, I just got you back and you are already causing trouble!

He was a bit regretful; if he had known earlier, he would have let the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf stay in the Demiplane.

The Three-Eyed Hidden Wolf with Mana Shackles was nothing more than a level 5 minion. The Armored Devil Tiger could just wave a paw and turn it into minced meat.

This was quite unfortunate

Lin Yun watched as the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was only five meters away from the Armored Devil Tiger, and the most frightening part was that it was only standing there, seemingly provoking the Armored Devil Tiger with its howls.

Damn, you really are asking for death

Lin Yun was startled. Even he would be scared of being heavily injured by standing in such proximity to the Armored Devil Tiger, let alone a weak Three-Eyed Secret Wolf doing that.

No more than half a dozen Three-Eyed Secret Wolves appeared in Noscents history, but no one would expect that one of them would die such a pitiful death.

Lin Yun was about to close his eyes.

"Awooo, awooo, awooo"

But after a few seconds, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf still had yet to be attacked by Armored Devil Tiger.

No, that wasnt the most important part. Everyone, including Lin Yun, was shocked by the scene playing out in front of them. That tyrannical Armored Devil Tiger was actually trembling in front of the palm-sized wolf. Its silver eyes were filled with fear while its huge body kept drawing back.