End Of The Magic Era Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Secrets


Wh-what What is happening?

Seeing this strange scene, the whole group stared foolishly. Especially Delson, he couldnt help stopping midway through his incantation.

This was really too strange The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was only palm-sized while the Armored Devil Tiger looked like a small mountain, it was many times bigger.

Not to mention that in terms of power, even if the Mana Shackles were lifted, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf wouldnt even reach the Archmage realm. It was like an ant in front of the Armored Devil Tiger.

But the Armored Devil Tigers eyes were filled with fear, and it was shivering while crawling on the ground.

This felt as if the Armored Devil Tiger was prey that had encountered a predator.

How could this be

Even Lin Yun couldnt make sense of this. Even in the future, he had never heard that Three-Eyed Secret Wolves could pressure other magic beasts like that.

Just what is going on here?

Lin Yun was blinking while staring at the small wolf.


This time, its howl was long and dragged on, the Armored Devil Tiger shivering the whole time. When the howl ended, the Armored Devil Tiger didnt wait, and it fled into the depths of the forest, a lot faster than when it attacked them.

It fled

Everyone looked at each other in dismay before letting out relieved sighs. With a Mana Hand, Lin Yun instantly caught the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf and examined it. He couldnt see any changes in the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. Although it had stayed in the Demiplane for a few months and its strength had increased to the point of being able to contend with level 27 and 28 magic beasts, it shouldnt be able to act against an Armored Devil Tiger.

He clearly remembered that in the Aurij Mountain Range, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was hiding within multiple Frost Wolves, and when the Frost Wolves saw it, they werent trembling like the Armored Devil Tiger.


The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf let out a dissatisfied howl as it slid a small claw against Lin Yuns palm before rubbing its belly, its eyes staring at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun wasnt stingy this time. He directly grabbed a dozen mana crystals over level twenty and rewarded the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. If the magic beasts of the 8th Floor were all like that Armored Devil Tiger, then their group would be able to leave the 8th Floor safely.

At first, Lin Yun had some doubts, wondering if it was reasonable to trust that little guy.

But their way forward was unexpectedly smooth. Magic beasts over level twenty would immediately turn to run once they met that little guy, they didnt hesitate at all.

Lin Yuns group was a bit depressed. They couldnt help wondering how that little thing could be so powerful.

For a few days, Lin Yun did treat the wolf very well. He would supply a large amount of mana crystals every day and did everything to keep it happy. If it decided to hide in his pocket and go on strike, then even if Lin Yun took it out, it surely would just watch them be devoured instead of helping.

Almost no magic beasts dared to harass them on the way, so their rate of travel was a lot faster. They reached the depths of the 8th Floor in a short few days. That place was very dangerous. The previous day, they met five magic beasts that were level 35 or higher. There was even a level 37 and a level 38 magic beast. If not for the intimidation of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, their group would have already been annihilated.

The group effortlessly climbed to the peak of the mountain range, where they hastened their pace to take advantage of the sunlight. The 8th floor of the magic tower was a world of magic beasts, this was an extremely dangerous place and they didnt want to remain there too long. After all, they would be in a dire situation if they lost the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs intimidation.

"Dont you think its strange?" Delson who was at the front suddenly stopped, he turned to everyone and continued, "This is the deepest part of the 8th Floor, they should be many magic beasts, right? But we have been walking for a few hours and havent met any magic beast. This is very strange"

"It is a bit weird"

Lin Yun frowned and stopped, he then proceeded to look at his surroundings.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar resounded throughout every corner of the mountain range.

This roar seemed to be coming from a very far place, yet it also felt close. More importantly, it contained an irresistible power.

"What is this

Lin Yun felt his ears buzzing and his power fading, followed by an aura bringing terrifying pressure to him.

"That Thats a magic beast!" Delson shockingly looked towards a white silhouette in front of them.

That silhouette was the source of the pressure, it was a magic beast who couldnt be considered big, it was only two meters tall, but the aura it emitted made everyone unable to breath.

"It is" Lin Yun nodded.

"It must be a Heaven Rank magic beast!" Delson had some difficulties breathing, he was staring at the white silhouette ahead of him, struggling to make any sound. As a Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, Delson naturally had a lot of experience and knowledge. He once saw Star Sage Jouyi, that existence who touched the Extraordinary realm gave him similar pressure, but it was far from being able to compare with the silhouette ahead of them.

Thus, he knew that this was a Heaven Magic Beast.

"Ca-can Can that small wolf of yours subdue it?" Beads of sweat kept flowing down Delsons forehead, he didnt dare to wipe his forehead at such a time, just asking that question took all his energy.

"I dont know"

Lin Yun bitterly smiled, he really didnt expect to meet a Heaven Beast in the 8th Floor of the magic tower. This was the first time he saw a living Heaven Rank powerhouse since he came to this era.

And face to face at that

"Awooo, awooo, awooo"

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf who had been standing on Lin Yuns palm suddenly rushed towards that hazy white silhouette and howled a few times.

However, that Heaven Rank silhouette remained standing there.

Lin Yuns heart sank, he immediately knew that this Heaven Rank magic beast wasnt scared of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. The strongest magic beast they met a few days ago was level 39, its power was almost comparable to Star Sage Jouyi. But it still ended up scared of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

They all looked deathly pale, they realized the dire situation they had fallen into. If it had been a level 38 or 39 magic beast, they might have had a chance to live, but this was a Heaven Magic Beast.

At this time, that white silhouette looked Lin Yun. A frightening pressure drowned him, it was boundless.

The Heaven Magic Beast instantly arrived in front of him.

Only now was he able to see the appearance of that Heaven Magic Beast, and he froze after seeing it

This This was actually a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf!

Hold on

A thought suddenly flashed in Lin Yuns mind, The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf I captured. Shouldnt be this Heaven Magic Beasts pup, right?

Very few Three-Eyed Secret Wolves appeared in Noscent after all, so for two of them to appearat the same place After all, there was only two possible reasons behind the appearance of a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

First, it was a variation of a Secret Wolf.

Second, Bloodline heredity.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf he had obtained came from the Aurij Mountain Range

Lin Yun bitterly smiled, no wonder the magic beasts who came across them were afraid of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. It turned out he was using this Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs power.

"Human, you are actually Luo Nings inheritor"

An aged voice echoed in LinYuns mind, "In fact, I came here with Sengman back in the days. But Sengman left and had me remain here. Human, since you are Luo Nings inheritor, I feel that I should help you a bit"

Lin Yun looked at the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf in front of him, a startled expression flashing through his face. It had already been millennia since the era of Emperor Zhantui, in other words, this Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had stayed in the magic tower for a few millennia

"Help? Can you take us out of the magic tower" Lin Yun asked while looking at the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. If this Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was willing to help, they wouldnt meet any danger.

"I cant"

But he hadnt expected the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf to shake his head, "I cant leave this place, but I can tell you all about the magic tower. The 7th Floor is a reproduction of the Abyss, there are innumerable Hell lifeforms there, it is very dangerous, there is even a Great Overlord. The 6th Floor to the 3rd Floor are Earth, Water, Fire and Wind Elemental Worlds"

"What" Lin Yuns expression changed, Great Overlords were no joke, they were existences that could kill Heaven Rank powerhouses. Their group would be nothing more than an appetizer, "Why would Luo Ning build an abyssal floor in his magic tower"

"Its a bit more convenient for magic research"

Crazy, truly crazy

Lin Yun wanted to curse, It might be convenient for you, but did you even thought about those that would come after you? After pausing, Lin Yun asked, "Then, is there a way to bypass the 7th Floor?"

"There is"

The Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs answer shook Lin Yuns mind, "Where?"

"There is a Teleportation Array leading directly to the 2nd Floor, Ill take your there later. But the second floor isnt as simple as you imagine. There is a person buried there, Sengmans son, Baiers. Back then, Sengman personally killed Baiers and buried him in the 2nd Floor. After millennia, Baiers body had already turned into an undead. And after Sengman and Luo Ning left, I found out that Baiers soul was still there"