End Of The Magic Era Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Undead Sea


He truly didnt want to join in on that. What did the three mercenary groups getting the crown and obtaining extremely good rewards have to do with him?


Was Baiers undead body really that accommodating? If it awakened, it would have power comparable to Star Sage Jouyi. He wouldnt get anything if he helped, and he might even lose his life in the process. Any idiot would know that it wasnt worth it.

"High Mage Merlin, you, you Let me finish!" Delson panicked and rushed over.


Lin Yun looked at Delson expressionlessly.

"There was one more important piece of information I didnt have time to share. The 2nd Floor of the magic tower is actually sealed. There is no Teleportation Array. There is only one way to get to the bottom of the tower, and its that crown! In fact, the crown is the key to the lowest floor of the magic tower." Delson was anxious and nervously looked at Lin Yun.

After all, the forces of the three mercenary groups wouldnt be enough on this floor. It would become really bad for them if the young mage left.

Let alone getting the crown, it might be hard just to survive.

Thus, he had no other choice but to beg Lin Yun to stay. "This place is too dangerous, High Mage Merlin, I think everyone should remain together, itll be safer"

Lin Yuns expression slightly changed. As Delson was talking to him, Lin Yun tried to connect to the Bone Plane with his Book of Death, but ended up failing. It seemed that there was a formidable power in the 2nd Floor restricting his ability to open the Planar Path. He also tried the Demiplane, but found out that he couldnt open his Demiplane.

Through this, he knew that Delson hadnt lied to him.

It looked like he would have to get that crown to leave this place, so he nodded. "Okay."

Hearing Lin Yuns answer, everyone, excluding Lin Yuns group, had relieved expressions on their faces. Lin Yun was already the core of this exploration team, he was the one person they couldnt do without.

But, a few minutes after that short discussion, strange sounds echoed in the surroundings. Not far away, a skeleton started crawling out of the ground, muddied from the black soil. It was holding a broken sword that had lost its shine, two phosphorous fires flickering in its eye sockets.

It was followed by more digging sounds as Skeleton Warrior after Skeleton Warrior crawled out of the ground.

And the amount of skeletons increased at a steady pace.

It didnt take long for a few dozen skeletons holding broken, rusty swords to crawl out of the ground, the fires in their eyes flickering sinisterly as they surrounded Lin Yuns group.

But when they were ten meters away from Lin Yun, those Skeleton Warriors all stopped. The fires throbbed intensely once more before suddenly dimming. They withdrew a few dozen meters back before dispersing, not daring to get closer.

What happened?

They were all stunned, especially Weiss. He had been ready to cast high tier spells when those Skeleton Warriors approached, but before he could explode them, he saw that these skeletons were already running away, so he had no choice but to interrupt his cast to avoid drawing their ire.

He had observed these skeletons strange actions, and there were only two reasons for their soul fires to dim. One was if they were about to die, and the other was fear.

The first one could easily be eliminated. Those skeletons didnt seem to be on the verge of dying. If anything, they were already dead In any case, if they were on the verge of dying, they wouldnt have bothered to retreat a few dozen meters away.

Thus, only the second reason remained. But what could make those skeletons so afraid? After all, only a high-level undead lifeform could instill fear in these skeletons. In their group, there were only ten humans and one Beastman.

Weiss remained puzzled as he followed everyone onwards. After a few minutes, another group of skeletons surrounded them, but just as they were about to attack, those skeletons were once again scared away.

This made him want to curse.

He was even wondering if a high-level undead was hiding in the vicinity, secretly following them. Thinking of this, Weiss suddenly started looking around, noticing a vast sea of phosphorous lights flickering. There seemed to be at least five to six hundreds.

Weiss couldnt help wiping the sweat off his forehead. They hadnt been here for more than ten minutes! How could there be so many skeletons gathered together? Moreover, it looked like more and more were converging towards that sea of bones. But strangely, those skeletons didnt show any intent of approaching. Rather, they kept milling about a hundred meters or so away.

"High Mage Merlin, lets stop. There are a lot of Skeletons behind us. Shouldnt we deal with that first?" Weiss looked at Lin Yun, who was walking at the forefront and anxiously added, "Moreover, they keep gathering. Im afraid that we might come across some troubles soon."

"Sir Weiss, there is no need to take care of them since they arent attacking. Lets look for the Teleportation Array leading towards the bottom first" Lin Yun didnt even turn back.

As the cause of all this, how could he not know what was happening?

It was all because of his Undead Predator passive skill.

It was the skill he had obtained in the Death garden and had noticed in the Bone Plane.

But the fewer people that knew this ability, the better.

Thus, he didnt plan to say anything.


Weiss looked at Lin Yun strangely. He wanted to say something, but he ended up remaining silent.

He felt that this young mage wasnt mature enough. That group of undead behind them was a potential crisis. How could he remain at ease without dealing with them?

He is too young

Weiss inwardly shook his head. Although he was a bit dissatisfied with the young mage, his strength had already dropped to the level of a 5th Rank Archmage and he had no other choice but to yield.

Moreover, he felt guilty when facing the young mage. What happened a few months ago in the Line Canyon kept appearing in his mind. At that time, in order to protect Solan, he even attacked the young mage.

When the Desolate Overlords Incarnation appeared, he even cast a few Wind Blasts to send the young mage to his death.

Cold sweat trickled down his back as he thought about it.

Fortunately, the young mage didnt seem interested in bickering over it.

Lin Yun faintly looked at Weiss, but didnt say anything. He then turned back and led everyone. With Undead Predator, these few low-level Skeleton Warriors wouldnt dare to attack them. Thus, the way was very smooth. They would occasionally meet a few undead creatures comparable to High Mages, but Xiuban would run forth with his Carnage and turn them to dust.

As the hours passed, Lin Yun slowly discovered that this undead world was far larger than he had imagined. It was comparable to the entire Bone Plane. His Magic Array was revolving at maximum speed all along, taking in information about the surroundings. If Baiers tomb appeared, he would definitely detect it.

But he couldnt find anything.

Looking for something in such a large undead world was no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.

In these few hours, although they hadnt been attacked by the undead, the aura of death was straining their minds and bodies. They also didnt dare to relax and only kept walking, until a small black hill appeared in front of them. It was only a dozen meters high, and was made up of countless bones and crushed rocks.


When they approached the black hill, Lin Yun clearly noticed flickering phosphorous lights in the distance, and the number of them kept increasing. He suddenly felt apprehensive and waved the Doom Staff, casting a dozen Mage Eyes and sending them over to look around that area. He discovered that numerous undead were approaching them.

Lin Yun was stunned. With the help of a Mage Eye, he could see that those Skeleton Warriors were covered with a black aura. Skeleton Warriors were the most inferior undead lifeforms. Normally, they simply wouldnt dare to approach Lin Yun. But for some reason, under the control of that black aura, those Skeleton Warriors didnt seem affected by Undead Predator.

The amount of undead was too high to count. They were too packed together, but Lin Yun knew that there were at least a few thousand of them, maybe close to ten thousand. Also, more and more kept crawling out of the ground.

Lin Yun wouldnt be stunned with only that, but several hundred Bone Devils were also mixed in the army of the undead!

Bone Devils were comparable to High Mages! One might not be much, but several hundreds This was a bit frightening. It was comparable to a legion made up of several hundred High Mages. Such tyrannical power wasnt something an Archmage could deal with.


Lin Yuns heart sank and his expression changed. After coming to this undead world, he knew that Undead Predator was his greatest advantage.

But he now found out that this undead world was far from being as simple as hed thought.

He hadnt expected a mysterious force to manipulate a large swarm of the undead to attack them.


Skeleton Warriors covered their horizon, raising rusted and broken swords as they uniformly trampled the pitch-black soil, letting out rattling sounds. The earth was trembling as an endless aura of death was emitted from their bodies, condensing into a malevolent face in the air made of black mist.

They were all startled. They could see several hundred Skeleton Warriors under that malevolent face, and that black aura looked very strange, coving all the undead within a kilometer.