End Of The Magic Era Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Undead Horseman


Loud sounds suddenly echoed, shaking everyones eardrums as these several hundred Bone Devils fired Dark Fire Bullets covered in a thick aura of death.

The Bone Devils a hundred meters away were the first to attack them.

No good!

Just as that sound echoed, everyone knew that the situation had become dire. Dark Fire Bullets were the strongest attacks of Bone Devils. Each Dark Fire Bullet was equivalent to a typical High Mages most powerful spell. If one Dark Fire Bullet was shot, they wouldnt care about it, but it wasnt that simple. There were hundreds of them!

That was equivalent to a wave of spells from the mid-rank True Spirit Magic Tool, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel!

Needless to say, the Dark Fire Bullets were carrying the unique corpse poison of the undead. It was frighteningly corrosive, and even Archmages were forced to protect themselves against that corpse poison.


The momentum of these several hundred Dark Fire Bullets was shocking. In a flash, a few dozen Ice Wall were raised, blocking the Dark Fire Bullets. Cracking noises could be heard as those few dozen Ice Walls became riddled with holes, mostly melting.

At this time, the tireless Skeleton Warriors raised their rusted and broken scimitars and rushed forward like a tide. Delsons group felt their hearts stop, but they managed to quickly react and raise their staves. Following a burst of light, one spell after the other was cast towards that sea.


Lin Yun suddenly discovered something wrong. Lesser Undead beings like Skeleton Warriors had a chance of having their Soul Fires turn into Undead Essence, but he hadnt managed to collect any after killing a few dozen. He then noticed a handful of flickering fluorescent things flying up and rushing in a certain direction.

Those were Undead Essences!

But, why would they suddenly fly away? Could it be

Lin Yun felt worried. He looked in the direction that the Undead Essences were flying to He had a faint inkling as to what was happening. Baiers tomb might be in that location.

Naturally, this was only a conjecture.

Higher Undead had the ability to collect death energy, and Undead Essences contained the purest death energy, so it could all be explained. The Undead Essences were collected by a higher undead lifeform, and that lifeform was most likely Baiers body!

This saved him a lot of trouble, now that he had confirmed the location of Baiers tomb

They only need to use low tier spells to deal with the Skeleton Warriors. After all, the weakest among them was a 7th Rank High Mage, so destroying them was as easy as blowing aside dust.

But they then discovered that even though they killed many Skeleton Warriors, they just kept coming and coming, and a few Bone Devils would also appear alongside them.

It only took a handful of seconds for them to be submerged by the undead army.

And at this time, that black hill suddenly shook as a loud sound echoed, the rocks and bones shaking as if they had been hit by something.


A black sword suddenly appeared and engulfed everything. A huge crack appeared on that huge hill, a dazzling red light leaking out of it. A two-meter-tall Nightmare covered in a terrifying aura and twisting flames slowly stepped out of the crack before roaring towards the sky.

At that time, the Skeleton Warriors seemed to have gained a boost and attacked even more fiercely.

"Heavens Its actually a Nightmare, a Higher Hellish Lifeform, its at least level 30"

The group trapped in the sea of skeletons discovered its existence when it roared, and they were almost shocked speechless. They could also see a skeleton riding that Nightmare.

That skeleton looked ordinary, it was no different from the other Skeleton Warriors. The only difference was the damaged black armor it was wearing and the rusted longsword it carried.

"Undead Horseman"

Besieged by countless skeletons, Lin Yun only needed one glance to know that it was a troublesome opponent. The sword light that had cleaved the hill had been done by the skeleton rider

Lin Yun couldnt believe that this place actually had an Undead Horseman! After all, Undead Horsemen were true Higher Undead. The weakest ones would be at least level 30, and by sensing that sword aura, Lin Yun could guess that this Undead Horseman had most likely reached level 36.

Moreover, that Nightmare wasnt weak.

His Magic Array had been roused to its peak, yet he hadnt discovered the existence of the Undead Horseman before. The undead sea was already enough to pressure them, but when that hill was cleaved open, he finally realized that there was also an Undead Horseman.

That Undead Horseman had most likely been slumbering before they came here.

The Soul Fire of the slumbering Undead Horseman was pathetically faint. When Lin Yun had been in the Bone Plane, he had also been able to detect the Bone Devil after it awakened.

It was the same now

The Undead Horseman in front of them had mostly likely been slumbering for a few centuries, or even millennia. During his slumber, his Soul Fire had dimmed greatly, and the fluctuations he emitted simply couldnt be sensed.

A Higher Undead appearing in this place at such a time was a very dangerous matter for Lin Yuns group. And if there was one, there might be a second.

Lin Yun didnt say anything and only cast Fire Elemental Incarnation, followed by a Flame Flash, to charge towards the advancing Undead Horseman.

"Who are you?! You dare to disturb Lord Lagulins slumber"

The Undead Horseman let out an angry roar, but when he saw Lin Yun wrapped in countless flames, the two flickering Soul Fires suddenly shrank, and the throbbing reduced in frequency.

He had some doubts He couldnt understand why that mage made him fearful. He waved his sword, sending death aura towards Lin Yun.

"Lagulin? You are called Lagulin? Who are you? How did you become an undead here?"

Lin Yun naturally knew that Undead Predator had some effect, but a Higher Undead like the Undead Horseman wouldnt be affected too much.

But when the Undead Horseman fought while affected by his Undead Predator, he would end up weakened.

Lin Yun was very curious about how Higher Undead could appear here

After all, this was the 2nd Floor of the magic tower. Unless something special happened, it would be impossible for Higher Undead to appear.

Lin Yun withdrew after Hasting himself. He then chanted a profound incantation, matched with continuous gestures, causing all the surrounding fire elements to rise to their peak.

"Hateful Human, dont you know where this is? For you to charge in without permission, His Highness Baiers will definitely not forgive you"

The fire spells exploded on the corpse of the undead, scattering countless sparks into the surroundings. There were three large completely burnt areas behind the Undead Horseman. This kind of attack could seriously injure many kinds of Higher Undead, but it looked like it only tickled that Undead Horseman.

The Undead Horseman looked at Lin Yun, and the Nightmare under it let out a loud roar before turning into a fiery silhouette pouncing towards Lin Yun. At this time, the rich fire elements burst out once again, making the Undead Horseman issue an angry roar

"His Highness Baiers?"

Lin Yun suddenly smiled. He had already figured out the answer. In the magic tower, the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had told him that Baiers had taken people to the Tulan Mountain Range to try to kill Emperor Zhantui. They naturally failed, so this Undead Horseman should be one of the men Baiers had taken with him.

Moreover, the Undead Horseman probably wasnt weak while he was alive. He should have been a Sword Saint. It was just that Lin Yun couldnt understand why he had become undead after his death.

Was it done by Baiers?

Lin Yun raised his Runic Shield and kept attacking the Undead Horseman, the Doom Staff bursting out with bright lights. At the same time, mana was poured into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and countless low-tier spells rained out.


The numerous spells tore through the air before exploding on the Undead Horseman. Even with the Undead Horsemans astonishing defenses, his powerful magic resistance was standing up to that flood of spells, up until one spell created a very small crack on the Undead Horsemans head.

The Undead were very difficult to kill. If the one attacked had been a magic beast, they would have already been seriously injured.