End Of The Magic Era Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Imprint


Even if the undead lost limbs, it would only inconvenience their movements. Thus, destroying their soul fires was the fastest way.

Its just that a Higher Undead like the Undead Horseman had some wisdom and retained a portion of their memories, so they naturally knew how to protect their own souls.

The Undead Horseman let out a deep roar. The two Soul Fires in his eye sockets throbbed fiercely as he looked at the crazily burning flames ahead of him. The Nightmare sped up the moment the horsemans head had turned to Lin Yun, turning into a shadow, ready to collide with him.

The crazy Undead Horsman was trampling the ground with every step, making an area a few meters wide tremble with every step.

Moreover, the Undead Horsemans speed could only be described as frightening.

"This This"

Weiss, who was surrounded by skeletons, managed to see that scene by chance. His eyes opened wide as cold sweat started forming on his back.

With his eyesight, he could naturally see that the horseman riding this Nightmare had the power of a peak level 36 Undead. It would be equally matched with him, had he not been injured. Moreover, the Undead Horseman was only ten meters away from the young mage. With one dash, that young mage would be sent flying. Even a 6th Rank Sword Saint would be greatly injured.

As for a mage, with his weak body Under such a frightening attack, he might be crushed flat!


Weiss inwardly cursed.

Because he could see that the young mage was standing there, aloof, not even firing a defensive spell.

Sure enough, he is too young

Weiss couldnt help sighing. In his eyes, the young mage wasnt weak, but his battle experience was pitifully superficial. He had become scared stiff by the attack.

Had it been Weiss at his peak, even if he wasnt certain he could kill the Undead Horseman, there would definitely be no problem just saving himself.

But, the situation was a bit special; he had been burnt by the Withering Flames and could only display the power of a 5th Rank Archmage. If that young mage was killed by the Undead Horseman, then their team might possibly end up getting annihilated.

As he thought of this, Weiss couldnt help looking at the young mage with loathing.

"Quick, use Fire Elemental Incarnation!" Weiss back had long since been drenched in cold sweat. The young mages only way to escape right now was to use Fire Elemental Incarnation and use Flame Flash to quickly escape the Undead Horsemans attack range. Otherwise, he would surely die.

Unfortunately, even if he wanted to remind the young mage, he couldnt do anything about it

Because the Undead Horseman was already upon him.

The young mage suddenly raised his right hand and the ring on it flickered with hidden light. Weiss then saw a pitch-black beam of light suddenly rush out from the ring, bursting out with extremely powerful momentum and an extremely evil aura.


Only that heavy vibration could be felt as the Undead Horseman who was about to collide with the young mage was directly hit by the black beam. He let out a mournful shout as he flew ten meters back, like a kite which had its string cut. Even that Higher Undead ended up defeated by that black beam.

That scene completely shocked Weiss. He couldnt help but shudder. That black beams power was truly frightening. Even at his peak, Weiss would have been seriously hurt.

Earth Rending Hand!

Lin Yun chanted an incantation and a pitch-back palm silently appeared in midair before quickly smashing against that Undead Horsemans body.

A crack could be heard as the Undead Horseman, who was still suffering from the aftereffects of Evil Dragon Gaze, was smashed by that palm, its entire body caving in the ground as a deep crack spread from the body of the Undead Horseman, looking somewhat shocking. The Soul Fires in the Undead Horsemans eye sockets were burning crazily.

"Human, I must have made you waste a lot of energy Ah!" The Undead Horseman didnt have time to say more before a flame rose up and covered his body. At the center of the flame, the Undead Horseman screamed, but it only took a few seconds before its bones were burnt pitch-black.

Undeads had innate fear towards flames. Now that it was trapped in a sea of fire, the Undead Horsemans screams greatly weakened.

Lin Yun, whose entire body was wrapped in flames, instantly rushed into the sea of fire and took advantage of the Undead Horseman being unable to react to cast another Earth Rending Hand. This time, the Earth Rending Hand shattered the bones of the Undead Horseman, and its Soul Fires thoroughly darkened.


Lin Yun secretly sighed in relief. This level 36 Undead Horseman was truly hard to handle. Moreover, it had recovered a part of its memories and possessed all kinds of knowledge and battle experience. As for its true strength, that level 36 Sand Beast he had battled in the illusion might not be its match.

Moreover, the Undead Horsemans defensive power was truly astonishing. It was really hard to kill. If Lin Yun hadnt poured the mana from his Alchemic Mana Whirlpool into the Soul Walker to let out an Evil Dragon Gaze, seriously injuring the Undead Horseman in the process, it might have taken a lot of effort.

He estimated that this Undead Horseman called Lagulin was at least an 8th Rank Sword Saint when he was alive. After dying and turning into an undead, his strength had greatly decreased.

8th Rank Sword Saint

Let alone in the 3rd Dynasty, even in the current Okland, 8th Rank Sword Saints had extremely high status. Even in terms of strength, they were just slightly inferior to Jouyi and Harren.

Lin Yun was almost certain that Lagulin was definitely an influential person during his era. He was just an unfortunate man who ended up on the wrong side and followed Baiers.

Now that he thought about the history, Lin Yun suddenly found out that everyone who was related to Baiers had been somewhat implicated. Baiers descendants were the most gravely implicated. After Baiers went missing, they were immediately pushed aside before being exiled to some desolate areas, and Baiers was no longer recognized as a member of the royal family of the 3rd Dynasty.

Lin Yun had been very curious about this part of history when reading about it in the decaying library. What mistake did Baiers descendants make to actually receive such punishment?

And now, he clearly understood that Baiers was simply a disgrace. He actually tried to kill his own father, Emperor Zhantui, to seize the throne. Not having his descendants wiped out but only exiled was already very kind.

As time passed, the 3rd Dynasty headed towards its demise, and the descendants of the 3rd Dynasty suffered from a calamity. Now, the purest bloodline of the 3rd Dynastys royal family was in the Odin Kingdom. Coincidentally, it was Baiers descendants.

Lin Yun crouched down and rummaged through the pile of bones. Usually, when the Soul Fire of a level 36 Undead Horseman stopped burning, it would turn into an Undead Essence, and that Undead Essence could even compare to a level 36 mana crystal.

A faint light rose up from that pile of bones, as if pulled by a force. It then proceeded to rush in a certain direction.

Sure enough

Lin Yuns expression sank. He wouldnt care about an ordinary Undead Essence, but this was different. It wasnt excessive to say that this one was priceless.

That mysterious force wanted to steal it, but it didnt ask if Lin Yun agreed first.

In a flash, a pitch-black mana hand ruthlessly grabbed that Undead Essence. But Lin Yun couldnt help frowning when confronting that mysterious power.


The Undead Essence he was grabbing started heating up and almost burnt his palm. He could feel the energy within the Undead Essence starting to turn chaotic. It might explode if he didnt let go.

He thought about how huge the energy left behind by a level 36 Undead Horseman was and how large of an explosion it could create. Perhaps even a 7th Rank Sword Saints Aura Protection might not be able to defend against it.


Lin Yuns expression was extremely gloomy. With his other hand, he took out the Book of Death from his pocket and heavily slammed the Undead Essence onto the Book of Death.

"If I cant get it, dont even think of getting it" Lin Yun could only give up on the Undead Essence.

Rather than having it snatched by the mysterious power, he would let the Book of Death absorb it.

Just as it came into contact with the Book of Death, a formidable power rose up from the Book of Death. At the same time, the Undead Essence disappeared without any trace.

But Lin Yun found out something abnormal.

The Undead Essence indeed disappeared, but the Death Power within wasnt absorbed by the Book of Death. Whats going on? Lin Yun frowned and looked at the Book of Death in his hand. It looked like something had changed. There was a fingernail-sized imprint in the center.

Damn! Lin Yun was startled on the spot, his heart fiercely throbbing. Although that imprint was dim, he could still make out the image of the Undead Horseman.